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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ public debut as a couple earlier this week rocked the boat for a number of reasons: 1) The pair were trending number one on Twitter, despite the news breaking at the same time as the coup at the US Capitol. A depressing denouement of our times, or an entirely justifiable response to the loss of the world’s most eligible bachelor? You decide. 2) Whilst rumours had been circling for a few days, they’d been quickly (clearly a little too quickly) dismissed as classic tabloid manipulation of the pair’s professional relationship, especially given the recent nature of Wilde’s split from fiancé Jason Sudeikis, 3) It was a masterclass in the often ick-inducing matchy fashion moment, with the couple both dressed in Gucci. Styles opted for a classic retro tux and Wilde wore what can only be described as the literal floral dress of dreams, looking straight out of Primavera and complementing – or even completing – Styles’ whimsical 70s chic. They also had matching face masks by The Vampire’s Wife (obviously).

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What made the look so striking was its ability to make a statement (that is: “we are not just together, we are wearing Gucci together, darling”) whilst also being somewhat (read: very) nice to look at. All too often, coordinated celebrity couples overstep the mark, turning a bold, slick gimmick into something messy and – quite frankly – entirely un-charming. But when it’s good, it’s good, and Harry and Olivia’s wedding attire is a testament to that. In the spirit of their resounding success, here are five of the most iconic celebrity fashion moments of the past few decades:

Gemma Chan and Dominic Cooper

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Every time Chan and Cooper opt for matching outfits, an angel gets its wings. The pair have a truly impeccable track record, from twin leather jackets to sailor stripes, but nothing comes close to this phenomenal all-white situation. Simple, classic, and yet ‘out-there’ enough to be exciting. It’s a big fat yes from me.

Victoria and David Beckham

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I can’t explain why this works but I just know it absolutely does. If politics is a horseshoe, then so is the ‘too little purple’/‘too much purple’ continuum. Also, some people can simply just get away with anything. Case closed.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

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New York and 80s movie royalty, Parker and Broderick are the ultimate Manhattan duo. When they’re not starring opposite each other on Broadway, they’re showcasing dreamy monochrome looks such as this vintage one, with Parker’s cut-out LBD cementing her fashion-forward status, in perfect harmony with Broderick’s classic suit and metal frames.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

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When Justin sang “We’re making two reflections into one”, I think he must’ve been reminiscing about this very moment. Yes, it doesn’t work on any level, on paper or in practise, but also, it was centuries ago and we are still talking about it. I have been looking at this picture for a good ten minutes and honestly can’t pretend to understand how (and more crucially, why) it happened, but then at the same time I have to pay my respects to this denim jungle where dreams go to die, because next to it, double denim is suddenly not so bad (tasteful, even?). Britney and Justin ran – or rather sat back and just let their stylists do this to them – so we could walk. In summary, not all heroes wear capes, some wear cowboy hats made out of jeans.


Mountain View

Street style: Seeing double

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

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Being just another couple dressed to the nines at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty? Broke. Wearing matching Adidas tracksuits instead? Woke.