Abi has done a variety of shows in her time here, many of them with the Footlights, including 'Anything But (A One-Woman Play)' last term and recently played Nurse in 'Romeo and Juliet'. This summer, she will play the First Witch/Porter in the CAST touring production of 'Macbeth'.

What, and how, was your first experience of Cambridge theatre?

My first experience of performing in Cambridge was a Pembroke Smoker in my first week of university. It's rather a long time ago, I should arguably have graduated and got a job by now. It was my very first attempt at stand-up comedy and I can't really get across to you how petrified I was. I was sick in my bin at Girton and then locked myself in a cupboard until the very moment I was manhandled by the organiser onto the stage. I can't imagine many things more nerve-wracking than your first stand-up gig but it went fine and, once you've done that, nothing really seems frightening ever again.

What has been your proudest theatrical moment?

The third night of 'Anything But (A One-Woman Play)'. It sold out, with my family, friends and Tim Key in the audience and was my proudest theatrical moment and genuinely one of the happiest and most exciting moments of my life.

Do you have theatre-themed plans for the future?

I will be a comedian. Somehow. My future plans are definitely theatre-themed - I've not as yet discovered anything better. It might take a while, there's a good chance I'll never make it, but I have nothing else going for me and I'd hate to have a job that involved using any of the skills I've gained from my degree.

Who is your biggest influence?

Hmm this is a hard question. I grew up listening to Tom Lehrer, Round the Horne, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, Joyce Grenfell etc and then went on to Eddie Izzard, Harry Hill, Brass Eye, Garth Marenghi etc. My biggest influences at the moment I suppose are comedians that I enjoy like Andrew Lawrence, Tim Key, Daniel Kitson, Ellen DeGeneres, the Pajama Men. I'm currently obsessed with Peter Ustinov - You-tube this man. Christ, he could tell a joke.

However, whether I deserve to call any of these performers "influences" I'm not so sure - my biggest influences have mostly come from the Cambridge performers I've worked with and there have been some truly astonishing performers at this university in the last four years. The Footlights President in 2009 Alastair Roberts is probably the funniest man I've ever seen on a stage and, throughout my time here, Footlights like Liam Williams, Mark Fiddaman, Ben Ashenden (among many others) have made me want to be a better comedian. They influence me every day.

What advice would you give to people getting into Cambridge theatre now?

If you want to get in to theatre at Cambridge - you can. Audition for everything. If you don't get cast, get over it and audition again; perform as much as you can, if the play is god-awful and you get a pile of bad reviews, get over it and perform again. If you genuinely can't get a part in anything, write your own show; somewhere will put it on. A lot of Cambridge venues will take any old shit. I would know - I've been in it.

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