Get your arts fix before Easter term traps you in the library!Emily Lawson-Todd with permission for Varsity

After what feels like an eternity, Lent term is finally over, and summer is (somewhat) coming in despite the rain. In this post-term ecstasy, what better way to re-romanticise the city you’ve just spent nine weeks lowkey loathing, or overlooking because you have yet another supo/seminar/library session to dash off to than checking out the various events happening in the Cambridge arts scene? Though the world of Cambridge arts can feel never-ending and impossible to navigate, fear not. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best things going on in Cambridge at the moment that are (mostly) entirely free so you can get your culture fix without breaking the bank.

‘Picturing the Invisible’ at the Heong Gallery: Described in Varsity as a “refreshing take on tragedy”, this new exhibition at Downing College’s Heong gallery curated by Dr Makoto Takahashi is a poignant and creative exploration of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Using an innovative blend of photography and short essays, “Picturing the Invisible” is an experience that will stay with you long after leaving. Perhaps not the most light-hearted thing to go to straight after eight weeks of gruelling work, but a complete must-see that will leave you completely changed.

“It’s as much a staple of Cambridge life as punting, Jack’s, and work-related stress, and far more enjoyable”

‘Radium Dreams’ at Murray Edwards College: Murray Edwards College’s latest exhibition is a stunning homage to the physicist Marie Curie featuring poetry by Sue Hubbard and artwork by Eileen Cooper. The exhibition, which opened 2 March and will be running until 3 September 2023, explores the idea of creative support, examining the relationship between Curie and her sister, and Curie and her husband. The exhibition works perfectly alongside “The Women’s Art Collection”, Murray Edwards’ long standing exhibition of women’s artwork, which celebrates women in the world of art and can be found interspersed throughout the hallways of the College.

The Fitzwilliam Museum: The Fitzwilliam – a year-round haunt for any Cambridge student looking to get their culture fix (and feel as if they doing something productive while they procrastinate their weekly essay) – is popular for a reason. Instead of just doing your regular route around its halls and galleries, why not check out “Fitzwilliam Favourites” in gallery 3, a new exhibition starting this Friday (17/03) featuring work from Monet and Woolf displayed in a new light? Alternatively, if you’ve never been to the Fitzwilliam before, take the plunge and go! It’s as much a staple of Cambridge life as punting, Jack’s, and work-related stress, and far more enjoyable and cheaper.


Mountain View

Fukushima through the lens: ‘Picturing the Invisible’ at the Heong Gallery

Gallerie V: Located on St John’s street, this friendly and eclectic gallery is a hidden gem on the bustling street. Having exhibited 117 artists, an impressive number for a gallery of its size , this place will provide some much-needed respite from the chaotic main streets of Cambridge. You may even find a new favourite artist!

The Haunted Bookshop: A sharp turn down St. Edward’s passage off of King’s Parade will find you in this quirky and charming little bookshop that specialises in children’s and illustrated second-hand books. You may not see a ghost, but you will certainly come out with a unique antique book (or two!). Its proximity to independent coffee shops and market square also make it perfect for a chill day out, or a bit of pre-exam escapism.