Gleaming star
through the window, there comes a
reminder of past -
a past we never witnessed
and the past we all caress.

The one we never witnessed
is ablaze and morbid.
Burning gases, explosions,
galactic events, black holes,
and things swirling around.
Galaxies forming, ageing,
traveling, merging, and dying.

Life and death were in unity.

After million years, we evolved -
moved, conquered, and thought.
We thought, spoke, and debated -
ideas of life and death were created.
We shaped meanings for life -
study well, get job, and find a wife.
A world was bred to give life a worth -
we embraced and abused our mother Earth.
We even made-up cycles of life and death-
soul, God, to not be afraid of holding our breath.

That star teases you
and tells you all this.
It says to you to accept
unity of life and death.
You reject it outright.
But you won’t stop
glancing fondly over star.
You look at it
to see another past-
a past that’s true
within realms of life
yet parochial since
all it has is life.

This past, we all caress,
is wistful and recurring.
Big dreams, hard efforts,
buses, taxis, trains, flights
to go somewhere you belong.
These journeys set you fleeting,
maturing, finishing, and repeating.

All journeys share a common thing: a window.

A window, beside you, made of glass
which you didn’t open to listen to star.
You saw something else in that star -
your dreams, greed, and your scar.
You fancied success while touring in cars -
you abused trees, animals, and flowers.
O Lord! Now you want to travel galaxies-
find and start living with alien species.
Some of you might travel across space-
age slower, become star, and an advanced race.


Mountain View

Recollections: A Sketch in Six Notes

Now you as a star
tease us.
You ask us
to sit beside window.
We reject it outright.
But we won’t stop
glancing fondly over you.
We look at you,
to see a past -
a past that’s true
in realms of spacetime
not parochial since
it’s beyond life.

We were all stars,
morbid and ablaze.
We got life
and we traveled space.
We became stars
and we shall always remain.