Thursday 3rd September 2015, 13:50 BST | Cambridge,UK


CUSU Report reveals extent of gender divides

CUSU Report reveals extent of gender divides

Mind the Gap, a report commissioned by CUSU Women's Campaign, has shed light on the gender attainment gap and stark differences between student experiences of Cambridge

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Homeless student heading to Cambridge sets up hardship fund

Jacob Lewis believes his privileged education means he has an "obligation to make the world a better place"

Controversial Corbyn surges as Labour splits apart

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of anti-Semitism and has been dubbed "fucking awful" for connections to Islamists, but still leads the contest

Record numbers of students working to fund studies

Record numbers of university students are taking up work alongside their studies, a study has found

Top A-level grades fall as university places increase

A year of "stable results" as the pass rate rises by 0.1 per cent and over 600,000 seek university places


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