Thursday 29th January 2015, 04:14 GMT | Cambridge,UK


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Germaine Greer: transgender women don't know what it's like to 'have a big hairy smelly vagina'

Germaine Greer steered debate away from the 'side issues' of her past transphobia in a Q&A at the Union

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CUSU LGBT+ host alternative event to Germaine Greer

Trans feminist activist Roz Kaveney condemns Greer's 'vicious personal attacks' and looks to the future of a more trans positive feminism

Union drinks go on without CUSU LGBT+

Despite CUSU LGBT+ dropping their support for the Union's weekly drinks, the Union will continue to host the event

Jobs soar in city as Cambridge drives national growth

Cambridge has topped tables for job and population growth over the last decade, a recent report has found

Padman appeals for calm in Greer outcry

Dr Rachael Padman, whose Newnham fellowship was protested by Germaine Greer in 1996, has asked for her to be given a 'fair hearing' amid demands for disinvitation from the Union


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