Sunday 24th May 2015, 18:07 BST | Cambridge,UK


Interview: Hesham Mashhour

Interview: Hesham Mashhour

Margot Speed talks to Hesham Mashhour about CUSU LGBT+, 'Get Real.' and this week's referendum

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'NO Exclusive & Sexist Societies' campaign reaches 150 signatures

Cambridge students have launched a campaign petitioning the university to ban so-called ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and drinking societies

CUSU LGBT+ civil war over Get Real.

Chair Jack Renshaw has announced that a referendum is being held to strip Mashhour of the editorship as Renshaw's predecessor wades in

Doing Business, the Autistic Way

A Cambridge based entrepreneur hopes to team up with Richard Branson to raise awareness of autism

Oxford to announce decision of fossil fuel divestment

Alumni threaten to return their degrees if the university does not divest


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