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CUSU election results in

Election results have just come in for this year’s CUSU elections.

After a long night of counting, with the result announced almost an hour after it was originally scheduled to be released, it was revealed that CUSU President for the year 2015-16 will be Priscilla Mensah.

Though early indications in the evening indicated a very tight race, Mensah won the online vote, with the final combined total of online and paper results giving her 2077 votes to Edwards’ 1520.

4,005 ballots were cast, a significant improvement on last year’s result.

In a recent interview with Varsity, Mensah summarised her candidacy by stating: ”If CUSU is not[Read full story]


Pop music and the Middle East

A couple of days ago I was scrolling through the BBC news webpage when I came across a mini video series entitled ‘Middle East Beats’. The title had all the right words to make me click: it sounded edgy, I like music and, well, I like the Middle East. So I did, and I found it was a series devoted to exploring the music scene in different Arab countries. As an Arabic student, this may come as fairly unsurprising news, but there was another reason for my interest. Too often people in this region are reduced either to extremists or[Read full story]


In Conversation with Desiree Akhavan

“Why the f*ck not” was the response I was given by Desiree Akhavan when I asked her why she wanted to make Appropriate Behaviour, an indie favourite at last years Sundance Film Festival and due for release in the UK this week. Akhavan wrote, directed and starred in the film about a young Brooklynite, Shirin (played by Akhavan) navigating New York after a serious break up with her girlfriend/house mate Maxine (played by Rebecca Henderson).

Akhavan told me: “I wanted to make a film that spoke to me because I wasn’t seeing anything like that around.” As the daughter of[Read full story]


Green space: plants in zero gravity

NASA is looking to increase the production of crop-plant gardens on the International Space Station (ISS) in order to investigate possibilities for both future station management and missions that delve further into space than man has ever gone before. It is well established that a green environment gives us a more favourable mental state, but do we really know the extent to which plants enhance our health?

The first seed-to-seed cultivation of plants in space was achieved on the Russian space station Mir in 1997, and ever since there has existed a space garden in which crop experiments have been[Read full story]


Documentary: Bitter Lake

Adam Curtis has been both praised and ridiculed for his innovative style, patching together short fragments of BBC archive footage, which he spends weeks trawling through, and compiling a collage of clips that range from the comic to the affecting; the bizarre and dream-like to the brutally real. It has been said that his technique obscures the facts; indeed, this blurred and flickering mass of footage amounts to something rather hypnotic.

Watching his newest documentary, released on iPlayer so as not to be restricted by the rigid schedules of television (it runs for an exhausting two hours and 20 minutes),[Read full story]


Up-and-coming: Sports Team

I met with Sports Team at the Peterborough Dog Tracks, as they refused to meet me anywhere else. I was curious to finally find the source of the “genius” that some have attributed to Homerton’s latest musical venture. We met at dusk, with the yelps of Yalla Yalla, a hotly tipped greyhound, faintly echoing through the tunnels. There was still enough light beneath the East stands to make out the figures of Jerry Cummins, Alex Greenwood, Rob Knaggs, Alex Rice and Henry Young as they nervously anticipated their first official interview. Jerry, with his bucket hat pulled firmly down over[Read full story]


The College Football Review: Week 15

After a title race that fluctuated more dramatically than the heart rate of a cow in a butchers, we now know that Downing are the 2014-15 College University Association Football League Champions.

At Varsity, we’re especially pleased, as our man Dan Hanna called it from the very start; once again showing why Varsity is the Chelsea of Cambridge newspapers, with TCS and that lively blog called ‘The Tab’ more reminiscent of Accrington Stanley and Blyth Spartans. (Apologies to Accrington and Blyth fans for any offence caused).

In what was the last weekend of fixtures for many colleges and others still[Read full story]


The Strip

“All our letters say the same thing, Ava – the weather is good, the weather is bad… I put pen to paper and I find myself saying the same things. Who knows why?”

This moving quote, taken from Tina’s quasi-philosophical letters to her daughter, Ava, cuts to the heart of Phyllis Nagy’s The Strip: the American Dream halts progress – we are left with a rabid desire for change, but society meets us with defiance. An abstract notion brought to life in a jam-packed ADC.

Yet, one is forced to find this pedagogical moral centre alone; it is buried in[Read full story]


Whose Democracy?

Whose Democracy?

When RON doesn’t work: CUSU appoints delegates behind closed doors and Welfare Officer election faces derailment

Talking to the CUSU presidential candidates

Talking to the CUSU presidential candidates

Katie Akers, Milo Edwards, Leonardo Kellaway and Priscilla Mensah give Varsity an insight into their views on CUSU and student politics

Cambridge flying high

Cambridge flying high

“I have so much more fun on drugs than alcohol and it’s actually terrifying”

CUSU manifesto booklets printed inside out

Thousands of manifesto booklets have been printed inside out, giving an unfair advantage to the candidate on the cover

Joke candidate runs for CUSU President

An uncontested position in 2014, this year’s presidential election sees Footlights performer Milo Edwards running as a joke


In Conversation with Desiree Akhavan

In Conversation with Desiree Akhavan

Will Hutton talks to the actor, writer, director about bisexuality and her new film Appropriate Behaviour

Interview: Clean Bandit

Interview: Clean Bandit

Ciara Nugent chats to the Grammy-winning Cantabs after their breakout success

Little Comets: The Potentialities of Song

Little Comets: The Potentialities of Song

Ahead of their visit to Cambridge, Young Sun Park discusses the creative genius of indie rock trio Little Comets

A Michelangelo Discovery

Isabelle Kent gets the story on the Fitzwilliam Museum’s recent discovery from Professor Paul Joannides

Fifty shades of erotica

Sarah-Jane Tollan explores the colourful history of erotica


Pop music and the Middle East

Pop music and the Middle East

Political and cultural change don’t have to go hand in hand

Millie Brierley: The vitality of reading

Never forget that reading is one of the most vital things that you can do with your mind

The price-tag on our fun in May Week

You can’t talk about elitism in Cambridge when you’re selling on your May Ball ticket for double the price

Dangers of the Cambridge dream

Cambridge isn’t utopia, but we love it all the same

Follow your own path, not others’

We don’t always have to fulfil the demands and expectations of others, argues Anna Rowan


Ice Hockey: Cambridge continue to impress ahead of Varsity fixture

Ice Hockey: Cambridge continue to impress ahead of Varsity fixture

Cambridge 8-8 London Dragons: Cambridge match an unbeaten London side who had previously dismantled Oxford

The College Football Review: Week 15

The College Football Review: Week 15

The titles have been decided, with Downing securing the Premier League and Churchill doing likewise in Division Two

Dwain Chambers visits the Union

Dwain Chambers visits the Union

Dwain Chambers talks candidly to the Union about his career

Pythons secure East Conference Championship

The Cambridge Pythons win the East Conference Championship and earn a shot at the playoffs thanks to a comfortable 17-0 win over Kent Falcons

Ireland: a test nation?

After their fine World Cup start, should Ireland be a full test nation?


Up-and-coming: Sports Team

Up-and-coming: Sports Team

Mikael Åstrand talks to promising talents on the Cambridge music scene, Sports Team

The solution to Cambridge clubbing

The solution to Cambridge clubbing

Bored of Cindies and Life, we spoke to Backtracks’ Mischa Frankl-Duval about creating new student nights and Saturday’s upcoming event

Interview: Joss Stone

Interview: Joss Stone

Joss Stone talks to Jack Benda about her career, image and the guys who “tried to chop my fucking head off!”

Books I Lie and Say I’ve Read

It’s about more than just bluffing your way through supervisions

Cocktails on a shoestring

Why should the size of your maintenance loan dictate what you drink?


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