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CUSU BME Campaign holds Ferguson solidarity rally

Update 27/11/2014:

The CUSU BME Campaign has set up a fundraising page in response to the Michael Brown solidarity protests. In conjunction with the photo campaign, the BME campaign are raising money for two charities: the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which works to combat UK police brutality, and and the St Louis Area Foodbank, which works in Ferguson, Missouri. They have also released further photos from this week’s campaign, a few of which can be seen here.

The CUSU Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Campaign organised a protest in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, after a grand[Read full story]


Stop talking about gender

In a recent article for Varsity, Micha Frazer-Carroll rightfully pointed out that women are underrepresented in academia, politics and the media. Whilst that is regrettably true, I would still question some points in her argument.

Women are underrepresented in professorship, filling a disappointing 15.6 per cent of places in Cambridge and 20.8 per cent nationally. Distasteful as it is, I disagree with Micha’s attack on reading lists as “sexist”. Martin Luther King said we should judge individuals based on the content of their character rather than their skin, and the same applies to academia about gender. Judge based on content[Read full story]


The Cambridge Literary Festival returns

You might have noticed posters for the Cambridge Literary Festival cropping up around town – I certainly have, and every year I’m more determined to pull myself out of the end-of-term mire and seize this fantastic literary opportunity. The event, which has Winter and a Spring incarnations, began in 2003 as ‘Wordfest’, after author Ali Smith and Cathy Moore realised Cambridge was the perfect place for such a forum on literature. It has grown every year since, and played host to an astonishing array of this generation’s great minds. This year the festival takes place on Sunday 30th November and[Read full story]


Cambridge scientists to grow 3D lung

Two Cambridge cancer researchers, Dr Michaela Frye and Dr Ferda Oeztuerk-Winder, are developing a game-changing solution to tackle lung cancer: growing 3D lungs.

They are planning to develop stem cells into lung tissue in a bioreactor – “a smart piece of kit that creates the perfect conditions for growth”. Stem cells have the ability to develop into the many different types of cell found in a lung. The bioreactor will provide ideal conditions for human lung tissue growth, and a more realistic environment for developing lung tissue than a Petri dish.

“The lung is a complex organ and we struggle to see the full picture. Lung[Read full story]


Gig: The Kooks

I can’t help but picture The Kooks through a haze of nostalgia for my early teenage years. They were the band for those who affected musical snobbery without listening to much beyond the charts. Festival cool, but your mum would probably recognise a couple of their songs. The portion of my mental space which they occupied was firmly anchored to the past. Their September album, ‘Listen’, changed all this. Whatever its detractors have to say, it constituted a bold attempt to crack the shackles of public pigeonholing, and remind us all that they have a place in the musical landscape[Read full story]


Do you consume?

The word ‘consume’ is really driving me nuts at the moment. On the one hand, I can see how useful it is to have a word which refers, in one fell swoop, to the purchasing, eating, listening, experiencing, using, and (frequently) discarding of a product, without too much specificity on what that thing may be. This must be why we find ourselves listening (or not listening) to Radio 4′s consumer programme and being asked, rather obnoxiously, how we consume music, art and so on.

But it’s the all-pervasive marketing mentality that accompanies the word, casting us all as 24/7 consumers,[Read full story]


The College Football Review: Week 7

The age-old nemesis that is the weather plagued this weekend’s fixture list, with waterlogged pitches wreaking havoc across Cambridge, much to the dismay of the travelling collegiate contingents. Nonetheless, a few braver (and perhaps foolhardy) colleges managed to ensure their games went ahead, with notable results in both the Premier League and the Second Division, the latter of which sees two games featured this week, including Queens’ vs Emma.

The most eagerly anticipated game of the weekend pitted joint Premier League leaders St John’s against Downing. Despite being buoyed on by a bumper crowd of 50, both sides seemed to[Read full story]


The Bald Prima Donna

The Bald Prima Donna, performed almost entirely in French, is unreservedly bold. It is all the subtext of dinner parties rooted out, upturned and slapped onto your auntie’s best tablecloth bum in the air. Performed vivaciously by a cast of six characters – two couples, a maid and a fireman – what starts out as a banal conversation between husband and wife is vamped up steadily into farce over the course of… an hour? Who knows – as the clock on stage appears to be going anti-clockwise.

Eugene Ionesco’s universe is ruled by chance and illogicality; a play that stands next to[Read full story]


Sixteen Days: new project to fight gender violence in Cambridge

Sixteen Days: new project to fight gender violence in Cambridge

A new online project, Sixteen Days in Cambridge, aims to highlight the ubiquity of gender violence

Dr James Watson to auction Nobel Prize

Dr James Watson to auction Nobel Prize

Clare College will receive a portion of the estimated $3.5 million dollars from the sale

Laura Bates at the Union

Laura Bates at the Union

Speak up against sexism, Bates urged students

CUSU counselling survey launched

The survey aims to gather information on students’ experience of talk therapy provision at Cambridge to inform future changes

Interview: Pussy Riot

Kenza Bryan talks Putin, protest and the West with Pussy Riot at the Union


The Cambridge Literary Festival returns

The Cambridge Literary Festival returns

Ahead of the 30th November festival, Isabel Adomakoh Young takes us through this year’s highlights

Queers in Shorts

Queers in Shorts

Jessica Barnes goes along to the monthly Picturehouse event celebrating LGBT short films

Professor Rae Langton: the world's 'fourth most influential woman thinker'

Professor Rae Langton: the world’s ‘fourth most influential woman thinker’

Jack Harding talks Philosophy, pornography and consent with world-famous Newnham fellow

Can hip-hop ever be feminist?

Despite some deeply-engrained misogyny, hip-hop chimes with feminist themes, argues Gabrielle McGuinness

The Law of Kanun

Aurelien Gueroult discusses the dark inspiration behind his upcoming radioplay


Stop talking about gender

Stop talking about gender

Gender is not our only identity

Confessions of a Fresher: The Cambridge Personality Crisis

As first term draws to a close, Luke Heppenstall-West reflects on the fall of his fresher facade

It’s not easy being Green

Luke Heppenstall-West takes a fresh look at party politics, and whether or not to vote for the underdog.

The students society forgot

State-school only colleges are not the answer: if Cambridge really wanted the brightest, it would start campaigning against inequality

The Education Gap nobody is talking about

With expensive tuition fees, we should be guaranteed a certain quality of education, right? Jenny Steinitz argues that this isn’t always the case.


The College Football Review: Week 7

The College Football Review: Week 7

Catch up on all last weekend’s action in the college league

Match Report: Pythons 58 - 0 Chargers

Match Report: Pythons 58 – 0 Chargers

The rookies reign as the Pythons sweep aside the Chargers

The College Football Review: Week 6

The College Football Review: Week 6

Peter Rutzler looks back at last week’s action in the college football league

Match Report: Pythons 0 – 10 Oxford Brookes

The Pythons go down fighting against Oxford Brookes

Women’s tennis teams travel to Bristol and Leicester

The 1sts lost a tight encounter with Bristol, while the 2nds eased to victory over Leicester


Do you consume?

Do you consume?

Isabel Adomakoh-Young considers the expanding reach of the consumer

Honestly, love... breaking up

Honestly, love… breaking up

Ella Waters considers the difficulties involved with ending a relationship

Celebrity and the female form

Celebrity and the female form

Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s latest photo shoot, Millie Paine and Amy Clark look at the depiction of the female body in the media

Changing faces

Growing his hair has a surprisingly profound impact on Andrew Rumbol

Dealing with stress

Raisa Ostapenko shares her personal methods for stress-relief


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