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CUSU Council: Everything you need to know

CUSU Council isn’t renowned for being entertaining. This Monday, however, may prove an exception: Council will be debating whether to hold a referendum on CUSU’s National Union of Students (NUS) membership, laying out plans for the election of Cambridge’s first officer for disabled students, and voting on a budget which would see the Coordinator sabbatical role be abolished, and The Cambridge Student (TCS) go out of print.

It’s a lot to take in, so Varsity have prepared a guide to explain exactly what’s going on – what has happened, what is being proposed, and who the big figures[Read full story]


You’re being anti-Semitic, but you don’t mean it

“I am anti-Israeli government policy”. “I am anti-Israel”.  “I am anti-Zionist”. “I am anti-Semitic”. Are these statements, so often confused and conflated, the slippery slope toward racism and hate crime?

Universities across the United Kingdom are awash with reports of an increase in ‘anti-Semitic behaviour,’ as a Daily Telegraph study suggests that over 35 per cent of Jewish students feel ‘unsafe’ at their universities. However, in what form does this anti-Semitic behaviour come? An unfortunate minority is in the form of unacceptable violence, comments about the Holocaust, and the perpetuation of stereotypes. However, the forms of anti-Semitism I have experienced at[Read full story]


Put your pens away: the V&A bans sketching

The decision to ban sketching at the V&A’s ‘Undressed: a brief history of underwear’ exhibition is sheer pantaloonacy. It might even be more provocative than some of the garments on display.

The museum has justified the ban partly by suggesting that sketchers create unnecessary congestion, apparently upsetting the metronomic pace the V&A has set for the masses. But, surely, if you’re going to make a point of exposing something which would otherwise be private, intimate, and ever so slightly naughty, it seems contrary to enforce an all too brief encounter.

But what really gets my knickers in a twist is[Read full story]


Shambolic science policy-making hurts everyone

There has been a considerable amount of hand-wringing among the scientific community over the last few weeks, as a rather significant deadline approached. The implementation of new rules prohibiting lobbying by individuals or organisations who receive government funding was set for Sunday 1st May – until a rather sharp, late U-turn came through.

The reason for such a dramatic turn was the outcry at one particular implication of this ineptly worded new policy: academics whose research is publicly funded would be prevented from speaking out on its implications – such as those on current government policy. This would have included a[Read full story]


Film: The Jungle Book

It’s the hyperreal CGI, in all its warmth and ferocity, which is the crowning glory of Jon Favreau’s wondrous remake of The Jungle Book. The sweeping savannahs and steamy jungle floors are beautifully rendered, creating a fully immersive (and at times oppressive and frightening) experience. There are stunning set-pieces galore: a particularly impressive shot sees an intrepid Mowgli and his wise protector Bagheera framed perfectly against a dwarfing jungle waterfall. Another sees a terrifying Lion King-esque buffalo stampede, and an eerie river scene (an oblique reference to Conrad?), representing the film’s occasional darker turns.

The animals are breathtaking.[Read full story]


Bye Bitch: the beginning…

So, you think Cambridge is ‘all that’, do you?

No, me neither. So, let us get together and say ‘Bye, Bitch’ to those things in Cam that give it a little je ne sai quoi, not in a good way, but in a why-do-you-get-so-aggressive-when-state-school-students-say-it-was-harder-for-them-to-get-in way? There are so many great things about not being here that you can look forward to after you’ve left this place – which some people refer to as Hell – for example: 

1) No more ‘BNOCS’ – This self-congratulatory mark of being able to talk to people without being insufferably awkward isn’t actually an[Read full story]


An American Perspective: Going to the Merseyside derby

Before I ever set foot in Cambridge, the one thing I knew I was going to do in my brief time in the UK was go to a Liverpool game. I didn’t know when I would go, but I was going to go, come hell or high water. Then a few weeks ago I found out that I might be able to get tickets to a Liverpool vs. Everton match, the Merseyside derby. And, with that, I promptly left Cambridge for Merseyside.

I have been a diehard Liverpool supporter ever since I laid my hands on FIFA 10. It was[Read full story]


Review: Constellations

“A physicist and a beekeeper walk into a multiverse…” I couldn’t think of a better way to explain Constellations, which follows Roland (Ed Limb) and Marianne (Ella Duffy) through innumerable scenes spread across parallel universes (a point thankfully explained at one stage by physicist Marianne). Key moments are repeated with subtle differences: they meet multiple times, their first date has numerous endings, and reunions conclude in varying degrees of awkwardness. Flitting back and forth between an upsetting future and an unclear present starts off slightly confusing but is soon entirely engrossing, any repetitiveness made humorous rather than tedious. The non-linear plot inspired[Read full story]


Cambridge JSoc endorses NUS disaffiliation

Cambridge JSoc endorses NUS disaffiliation

Cambridge University Jewish Society comes out in support of disaffiliating from NUS following election of Malia Bouattia

“Crass, stupid and offensive”: Clegg slams Brexit campaign

Nick Clegg did not hold back in his criticisms of the Brexit campaign in a wide ranging discussion at the Cambridge Union

Cambridge tops UK university rankings for sixth year

Cambridge tops UK university rankings for sixth year

The Complete University Guide’s new league table shows little change from last year, as Cambridge achieves a perfect score.

University launches student alcohol survey

In the lead-up to Caesarian Sunday, Cambridge will question students on attitudes to alcohol consumption

VC to become Chairman of Cancer Research UK

Vice-Chancellor Lezsek Borysiewicz, a former researcher, will take up the charity position this year


Put your pens away: the V&A bans sketching

Put your pens away: the V&A bans sketching

Why should ‘Undressed’ remain undrawn?

In tune with lunch

In tune with lunch

Helen McKeown explains why lunchtime concerts are worth tuning in to.

Diane Von Furstenberg comes to Cambridge

Diane Von Furstenberg comes to Cambridge

She conceived the idea of wrap dresses, in which people are now … conceived …

Politics and Art: worlds apart?

Springsteen’s North Carolina boycott is a rare example of when it’s right for cultural figures to intervene in politics, argues Theo Demolder

Rebuilding Palmyra

Bea Hannay-Young argues that we shouldn’t 3D print our way out of history


Rowan Williams: Cambridge must divest from fossil fuels

Rowan Williams: Cambridge must divest from fossil fuels

The former Archbishop of Canterbury responds to a report by the Cambridge Zero Carbon Society that calls for divestment by the University

You’re being anti-Semitic, but you don’t mean it

The confusion of anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism contributes to racism, argues Jonah Surkes

School uniform policies: an outdated perpetuation of misogyny?

Strict school uniform rules do not protect girls, but rather encourage a society which tells women they must dress modestly, argues Maheen Behrana

In defence of Prelims

Tabby Adams argues Prelims have a useful function in helping students adjust to university study

CUSU should not disaffiliate from NUS

We should not risk being judgemental of Malia Bouattia’s views at the expense of losing our national voice as a student body, argues Beth Jamal


An American Perspective: Going to the Merseyside derby

An American Perspective: Going to the Merseyside derby

With another Premier League season winding down, it may be some international students’ last chance to visit many of the best football grounds in Great Britain.

Why Men in Lycra is a sport to savour

Why Men in Lycra is a sport to savour

As the cycling season gets properly underway, Felix Schlichter asks why more Brits don’t enjoy such a great sport

Time for the losers to write history as well

Time for the losers to write history as well

Even if they lose, Leciester should be remembered as the champions, and not the chokers, of the 2016 Premier League season

A clash of cultures…on ice

It seems that only the ice is cold when it comes to Russian and American ice hockey. Sophie Penney investigates this unusual fusion

Varsity Football: Cambridge 0-2 Oxford

CUAFC fail to avenge last year’s defeat in a stormy encounter against their Oxford rivals at Craven Cottage


Bye Bitch: the beginning...

Bye Bitch: the beginning…

The place to vent about all the Cambridge things you can’t wait to leave behind

What I wanted to say: to the boy who broke my heart

What I wanted to say: to the boy who broke my heart

As part of a new regular feature, one student lets us know what they’ve never told their first love

Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

Aditya Basrur explores the difficulty in learning to love yourself

Dropping off your dissertation

“It’s a lot like giving birth, were your brain a uterus and your dissertation a living human child”

Interviewing the Cambridge Brexit Campaign

Ian Johnston speaks to Ben O’Neill, the Communications Officer of the Cambridge Brexit Campaign, which hopes to persuade students to vote to leave the EU


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