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CUSU hope to put past exam papers on their website, as several faculties take theirs offline

An e-mail sent out to King’s students by the college’s assistant librarian, Gareth Burgess, has revealed that History of Art papers are not the only ones that will remain unavailable over the internet.

However, the Cambridge University Students’ Union have responded to this news via Twitter, stating that they hope they can resolve this issue by hosting the past papers on their website.

Tweeting Varsity, Jemma Steward, CUSU Coordinator, said: “we’re gonna be looking into getting the papers hosted on our website/alternative arrangements for links to depts asap (Jemma)”.

Burgess’s e-mail to King’s students drew attention to the fact[Read full story]


Reflections on Jeremy Clarkson

Imagine that I had punched my colleague. Imagine if I were to punch my boss. It would be perfectly reasonable to expect that I would be suspended from my job. Now imagine, if you will, a petition delivered by tank, signed by over one million people, being delivered to my employers demanding my immediate reinstatement. If you think that seems a little bizarre, I agree with you.

I do appreciate that Jeremy Clarkson’s profile is significantly higher than that of the hypothetical me in this situation. Undeniably his work presenting Top Gear has created a genuine connection with the millions[Read full story]


Star Wars Strikes Back

­­­If I said ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ to the average person on the street, they would probably think I was talking about a famous French general. If I said ‘Darth Vader,’ however, 99.9 per cent of people would probably start having (apparent) breathing difficulties and telling me or Luke that they were my father. Star Wars is universal. It is riven into modern culture as much as Coca Cola and James Bond. And this evening a trailer for the latest iteration, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, arrived. It blew me, and apparently most of Twitter, back to a galaxy far, far[Read full story]


Green space: plants in zero gravity

NASA is looking to increase the production of crop-plant gardens on the International Space Station (ISS) in order to investigate possibilities for both future station management and missions that delve further into space than man has ever gone before. It is well established that a green environment gives us a more favourable mental state, but do we really know the extent to which plants enhance our health?

The first seed-to-seed cultivation of plants in space was achieved on the Russian space station Mir in 1997, and ever since there has existed a space garden in which crop experiments have been[Read full story]


Restaurant: Butch Annie’s

Located smack in the centre of Cambridge only a few yards from the market square, even at first glance, this basement burger joint has a lot going for it. The overall appearance and décor doesn’t try too hard and so manages to exude a certain easy, urban underground chic; it’s just a relaxed, not overthought, comfortable place to enjoy a burger and few beers. The staff are friendly too!

Butch Annie’s is a new, independent burger restaurant that is quickly earning a reputation for the quality and provenance of its ingredients, sourced from small scale independent suppliers. The menu is[Read full story]


An evening with the President of Peterhouse May Ball

Stepping into the set of Matty, President of Peterhouse May Ball, is a leap out of the Cambridge grind. Less student digs and more Brooklyn studio apartment, everything is meticulously yet effortlessly curated within this 1920s, wood-panelled room. The smell of lavender wafts down the low-lit hallway alongside what he later tells us is a ‘cannabis extract candle’. Meanwhile, ambient electronic music hums from a record player.

As people elsewhere in the town queue up for Sunday night Life, Matty greets us with an air of ease and good humour. Dressed in leather trousers and a crisp white shirt, he[Read full story]


Cambridge crushed as Dark Blues dominate in Boat Races

History was made on the Tideway on Saturday afternoon as the Oxford and Cambridge Women contested the four and a quarter mile course for the first time, on the same day as their male counterparts, bringing an end to years of inequality in a move that was long overdue.

Yet, despite the historic occasion, the races themselves will certainly not be ones that the Cambridge crews will remember fondly as they were outclassed by dominant Oxford eights, raising questions over whether Cambridge can continue to compete under the university’s current approach to sport.

But the main story of the afternoon[Read full story]



Cymbeline is by all accounts a difficult play. Samuel Johnson famously said “To remark the folly of the fiction, the absurdity of the conduct, the confusion of the names, and manners of different times, and the impossibility of the events in any system of life, were to waste criticism upon unresisting imbecility, upon faults too evident for detection, and too gross for aggravation”.

Emma Wilkinson is brave in her new adaptation of this troublesome but canonical work. She shifts the action to modern day Britain where King Cymbeline (Hugh Stubbins) has just enacted the Marriage Equality Act. The problem is[Read full story]


History of Art past papers taken offline 'for lack of funding'

History of Art past papers taken offline ‘for lack of funding’

Art historians have been sent an email saying that online access to past exam papers has been removed after a Jisc-funded pilot was discontinued

Fernando hits back after wristband controversy

Fernando hits back after wristband controversy

Tory PPC for Cambridge denies allegations she proposed that the mentally ill “ought to” wear identifying wristbands

Caius win University Challenge

Caius win University Challenge

Gonville and Caius College beat Magdalen College, Oxford, in a landslide victory in the popular TV quiz

Tory PPC suggests mental health wristbands

Chamali Fernando, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, suggests mentally ill people should wear wristbands to indicate their condition

University-wide consent campaign launched

‘Cambridge for Consent’ intend to host consent-themed club nights and run a ribbon campaign for Cambridge drinking societies


Star Wars Strikes Back

Star Wars Strikes Back

Alex Izza loves the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer, and so should you

Literary feminism: Economics and role models

Literary feminism: Economics and role models

Sriya Varadharajan on Caroline Criado-Perez and Katrine Marçal’s insightful discussion at the Cambridge Literary Festival

The Art of the Binge Watch

The Art of the Binge Watch

Tom Wheeldon on the series to fill your next few guilt-free days and what makes them so addictive

Why I miss Terry Pratchett

A week on from the author’s death, Hazel Lawrence makes sense of its effect on her

Disturbing the Past: The Legacy of David Foster Wallace

The forthcoming film End of the Tour has put David Foster Wallace back in the spotlight, but is that a good thing?


Reflections on Jeremy Clarkson

Reflections on Jeremy Clarkson

Emily Page asks why a petition to reinstate Clarkson got over ten times as much support as the one to give John Lewis workers the living wage

Tabloid press: The last laugh is on you

The manipulative power of tabloid journalism is not restricted to gospel or outrage, argues Sarah Sheard

Purvi Patel and the violation of women’s rights

This is happening today, right now, in wealthy countries that the international community deem representative of free societies

Is private dispute inhibiting change?

When the personal becomes political: Richard Nicholl asks whether private dispute is holding back our discussions

Another article about Feminism

The Women’s Campaign needs to support the voices of all women, not drown them out


Cambridge crushed as Dark Blues dominate in Boat Races

Cambridge crushed as Dark Blues dominate in Boat Races

With Oxford’s clean sweep of victories on an historic day on the Tideway, Peter Rutzler questions the future of Cambridge sport

Plain sailing for Lightweight rowers at Henley

Plain sailing for Lightweight rowers at Henley

The Cambridge University Lightweight Men and Women boat crews record double blow to Oxford at the Henley Boat Races

Historic Varsity Part II for the Men's Ice Hockey Blues

Historic Varsity Part II for the Men’s Ice Hockey Blues

As if one wasn’t enough, the Cambridge Men’s Ice Hockey Blues beat two Oxford sides in Varsity double triumph

Ice Hockey Varsity: Cambridge ‘Ordinary Heroes’ dismantle Oxford

Jaason Geerts reports as the Cambridge Men’s Ice Hockey Blues smash Oxford to reclaim the Patton Cup

Alonso given Cambridge all-clear

Formula 1 race driver assessed by Cambridge doctors following pre-season crash


An evening with the President of Peterhouse May Ball

An evening with the President of Peterhouse May Ball

More than Guardian sponsorship: the man behind this year’s Peterhouse May Ball

The ultimate Facebook purge

The ultimate Facebook purge

Forget going through your friend list one by one: Bret Cameron deleted his whole account and started again from scratch

Getting to know your parents

Getting to know your parents

Julia Attwood reminds us that getting to know your parents is part of growing up

How to: survive a zombie apocalypse in Cambridge

Varsity wants to make sure you’re prepared for when it finally happens

My body hair and me

I have hairy armpits and I don’t care too much what you think about it


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