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Cambridge flying high

“No one smokes weed because they don’t have time. It makes you so fucking lazy.”

Over the past few weeks, Varsity has been talking to students across the university from all undergraduate year groups in a series of anonymous interviews about drugs. Limited to certain friendship groups, club nights and drugs, these testimonies paint a remarkably consistent picture of drug-taking among Cambridge students.

Many we spoke to agreed that the scene was highly compartmentalised, mostly restricted to club nights at venues like Fez and The Junction, and events like Turf all-nighters, Boomslang and ArcSoc.

A wide range of drugs are[Read full story]


Millie Brierley: The vitality of reading

I’m four. Tucked up in bed, surrounded by teddy bears, I’m reading my first proper book by myself. Peter Rabbit is up to mischief; Mr McGregor is making me nervous; Beatrix Potter is drawing me in. Six years old, and I’m having to hide Harry Potter, Voldemort and the magic in my bedside cabinet, because it’s too scary and I can’t read on any further. Eight, and Roald Dahl is showing me the true depths of the human imagination, so much bigger and so much more exciting than I ever thought possible. Ten: I am queuing up outside Waterstones to[Read full story]


Interview: Clean Bandit

“We have played in Fez a couple of times. We kind of perched in front of the DJ booth and did a gig there.” If you’re going to measure a band’s success based on the floorspace of the venues they play, and I’m going to, then string player Milan Neil Amin-Smith’s words make it clear that Clean Bandit have come a long way since their beginnings in Cambridge six years ago. Their first gig was at a self-organised club night in the tiny and now closed Kambar but they’ll return next month to play the Corn Exchange as part of[Read full story]


Molecular guardian angel for Alzheimer’s patients discovered at Cambridge

A molecule that stops the development of Alzheimer’s disease has been identified by a research team from the Department of Chemistry.

Brichos, as the scientists named the molecule, attaches itself to malfunctioning proteins which cause the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. By doing so, it stops those proteins from coming together, which prevents them from forming highly toxic clusters which spread the disease around the brain.

The moment when damaged proteins form clusters is considered to be one of the crucial stages in the development of Alzheimer’s, without which the disease cannot appear. By finding a molecule that prevents the formation[Read full story]


Documentary: Bitter Lake

Adam Curtis has been both praised and ridiculed for his innovative style, patching together short fragments of BBC archive footage, which he spends weeks trawling through, and compiling a collage of clips that range from the comic to the affecting; the bizarre and dream-like to the brutally real. It has been said that his technique obscures the facts; indeed, this blurred and flickering mass of footage amounts to something rather hypnotic.

Watching his newest documentary, released on iPlayer so as not to be restricted by the rigid schedules of television (it runs for an exhausting two hours and 20 minutes),[Read full story]


Interview: Joss Stone

Joss Stone was thrust into fame when she was just 13, winning Star for a Night, a BBC television talent show. Since then she has won a sizeable cabinet of awards, appeared in a number of television programmes, toured all over the world and released 32 singles and six studio albums, with another on the way. Her career has spanned nearly 15 years and she still maintains her position as one of the most respected and popular singers in the music world. Despite being a super star celebrity, she is one of the most down-to-earth people that I have ever[Read full story]


Dwain Chambers visits the Union

Dwain Chambers is one of the fastest athletes of all time. That is no exaggeration. He is the fourth fastest British sprinter ever, he holds the European record for both the 60 metre and the 4×100 metre relays. He has won countless medals both indoor and on the track. But for many, he is notorious for one thing only: his use of performance enhancing drugs.

On Tuesday night Chambers gave a remarkably honest and open talk to the Cambridge Union, making plain his motivations, his decisions and ultimately, his regrets for those mistakes which cost him so much of his[Read full story]


Showcasing Talent

Cambridge has a never ending list of famous actors who have passed though its halls. Just this week, Trinity alumnus Eddie Redmayne walked away with a Best Actor Oscar and you only have to poke your head backstage at the ADC to see crowds of current students hoping to follow in his footsteps. But the path to fame is difficult and not every hopeful can make a career in this competitive world.

The first step is getting representation, and the annual Marlowe Showcase offers finalists the opportunity to perform for agents in what could mark the first step of their[Read full story]


CUSU manifesto booklets printed inside out

CUSU manifesto booklets printed inside out

Thousands of manifesto booklets have been printed inside out, giving an unfair advantage to the candidate on the cover

Joke candidate runs for CUSU President

Joke candidate runs for CUSU President

An uncontested position in 2014, this year’s presidential election sees Footlights performer Milo Edwards running as a joke

Amnesty launches annual Cage Campaign

Amnesty launches annual Cage Campaign

A cage holding students will be placed on King’s Parade until Sunday, aiming to raise awareness of the UK’s role in torture

The more the merrier?

Orgy societies have long been a part of Cambridge urban legend; but Sarah Sheard discovered a very different world to the one she’d anticipated

Election Profile: Chamali Fernando

In the latest of his series, Richard Nicholl meets the Conservative candidate for Cambridge, Chamali Fernando


Interview: Clean Bandit

Interview: Clean Bandit

Ciara Nugent chats to the Grammy-winning Cantabs after their breakout success

Little Comets: The Potentialities of Song

Little Comets: The Potentialities of Song

Ahead of their visit to Cambridge, Young Sun Park discusses the creative genius of indie rock trio Little Comets

A  Michelangelo  Discovery

A Michelangelo Discovery

Isabelle Kent gets the story on the Fitzwilliam Museum’s recent discovery from Professor Paul Joannides

Fifty shades of erotica

Sarah-Jane Tollan explores the colourful history of erotica

Silver Screen Revolution?

Will Roberts talks the differences in diversity between TV and film


Millie Brierley: The vitality of reading

Millie Brierley: The vitality of reading

Never forget that reading is one of the most vital things that you can do with your mind

Dangers of the Cambridge dream

Cambridge isn’t utopia, but we love it all the same

Follow your own path, not others’

We don’t always have to fulfil the demands and expectations of others, argues Anna Rowan

Are we losing sight of who we are?

Don’t communicate via a façade, but as your true self

We must hold the Union to account

Your ‘famous people club’ isn’t a game


Dwain Chambers visits the Union

Dwain Chambers visits the Union

Dwain Chambers talks candidly to the Union about his career

Ireland: a test nation?

Ireland: a test nation?

After their fine World Cup start, should Ireland be a full test nation?

Canoeing for success

Canoeing for success

GB hopeful Nathan Hammond talks about his up-and-coming sport

Trying to take on José Mourinho

Somebody needs to shut him up

The College Football Review: Week 13

Downing close in on the league title, whilst Churchill edge ever closer to securing promotion


Interview: Joss Stone

Interview: Joss Stone

Joss Stone talks to Jack Benda about her career, image and the guys who “tried to chop my fucking head off!”

Books I Lie and Say I’ve Read

Books I Lie and Say I’ve Read

It’s about more than just bluffing your way through supervisions

Cocktails on a shoestring

Cocktails on a shoestring

Why should the size of your maintenance loan dictate what you drink?

On Depression

Why the word ‘depression’ makes such a difference

Cambridge needs to lose its virginity

Rebecca Maggs on the V-word in Cambridge


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