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Who rules the roost?

A Varsity investigation has revealed surprising patterns in the demographics of students obtaining positions of influence in university life. Looking at the backgrounds and genders of presidents of the Cambridge Union Society, JCR presidents and editors of the three student newspapers, Varsity found significant disparities between organisations.

To account for movement between schools, particularly at the age of 16, the establishments where students obtained their A-levels (or equivalent qualifications) were taken.

For organisations in which positions change every term, newspapers and the Union, data since and including Michaelmas 2012 was used. For JCRs, whose committees change yearly, we looked at[Read full story]


This House believes the government was wrong to ban BDSM porn

New legislation means UK-produced porn is now banned from showing certain acts. The new rules place online paid-for porn under the censorship of the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) alongside other DVDs. The full list of banned acts includes spanking, caning, aggressive whipping, penetration by any object “associated with violence”, female ejaculation, strangulation, face-sitting and fisting. 

AYE – Rowena Bermingham

I have to applaud the UK government for dealing with the biggest current threat to Britain; not the Ebola epidemic or the rise of ISIS, but the risk that an adult might pay for pornography and witness female ejaculation. It is wonderful to[Read full story]


For your consideration

Oscar season is always a frustrating time. For me, this is mainly because the famous Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science only ever give their famous 13 ½ inch statuettes to films that are released between October and December, that have spent millions of dollars on their ‘for your consideration’ campaign and that, sadly, are exclusively in English, thus often ignoring some of the most innovative and genuinely exciting film making of the year. However for the average film goer the frustration comes in sitting down to watch awards shows, and realising fairly quickly that they haven’t seen any[Read full story]


Medicine with Maddie: Capgras Syndrome

Let’s imagine Patient X: a 36-year-old man who has been seriously injured in a car accident. When he awoke from a coma, all seemed fine until he noticed his mother standing by his bedside. “Who is this woman? She looks exactly like my mother, but she’s an imposter! Get her out of here!” he exclaimed. Every time she visited, he would say she was a fake double, and despite her pleading with him, sharing old family stories and personal details only she could know, Patient X refused to believe otherwise. After months at home, he began to complain his pet[Read full story]


Film: Live Screening of The Crucible

I made no secret of the fact I was attending the live screening of The Crucible at the Picturehouse largely because of my admiration (read: adoration) of Richard Armitage. However, when he took a final ‘star’ bow at the end, I have to confess I wondered whether he deserved it. This is not to question Armitage’s talent: from bitter anger to resigned tenderness, he brought tears to my eyes in his final scenes with wife Elizabeth Proctor (Anna Madeley), while Madeley herself more than matched Armitage in her sensitive, subtle rendering of this brave and uncompromising character. Rather, Armitage did[Read full story]


All I want for Christmas: beauty edition

The beauty industry is, by its very nature, an indulgence. Of course, we can kid ourselves that it’s a case of ‘need, not want’, that a new makeup product will bring about a radical change in our lives. While I’d never deny the transformative power of, say, a pillar box red lipstick or a coquettish flick of eyeliner, fundamentally we’re really talking about coloured products that we rub onto our faces – wonderful, creative, and liberating as they’re, they are not life’s essentials.

So perhaps you, like me, are reluctant to shell out masses of money on extravagant beauty products when[Read full story]


The College Football Review: Week 8

It’s the final week of term and this can only mean one thing. I’m not talking about the end of studies for this year and no, I’m not talking about Christmas, nor the sudden appearance of countless garish Christmas jumpers. It’s much, much more important than that. It’s the Second Round of Cuppers. 

Cuppers truly lived up to its hype this weekend with thrillers galore. There were a staggering 46 goals in eight matches, a phenomenal stat, reflecting the glorious excitement of Cuppers and why we all love it, as well as the complete inability for any college to defend properly. [Read full story]


The Wives of Others

This term’s offering from one of Cambridge’s most prolific student writers, Tom Stuchfield, is far and away his best piece of writing yet. Whilst the show was a little long for an ADC late show, and could perhaps benefit from a touch of cutting, The Wives Of Others was thoroughly enjoyable. Stuchfield has a knack for snappy dialogue and it is this ability that helps the piece to capture, and maintain, the attention of the audience. The plot occasionally meanders but overall it is tightly written and, aided by some exceptional one-liners, the narrative flows well.

Amongst the strong cast,[Read full story]


Misogynist messages leak from Selwyn

Misogynist messages leak from Selwyn

Selwyn Templars rate students they have slept with in Facebook group

CUSU BME Campaign holds Ferguson solidarity rally

CUSU BME Campaign holds Ferguson solidarity rally

The decision of a grand jury not to press charges against Officer Darren Wilson, who shot unarmed Michael Brown, has sparked protests across the US and the world

Whose University?: New campaign for students' right to 'feel at home'

Whose University?: New campaign for students’ right to ‘feel at home’

A new campaign claims that colleges prioritise business interests over student well-being

Concern over ‘barking mad’ drones

Julian Huppert MP ‘concerned’ by possible dangers of Amazon testing drones in city

Interview: Baroness Warnock

Baroness Warnock talks to Elissa Foord about believing in absolute morality, the government, and how she learnt how to think


For your consideration

For your consideration

Will Roberts tells us the films we should be watching ahead of the Academy Awards in February

Paul Bahn: unmasking the Cambridge rapist

Paul Bahn: unmasking the Cambridge rapist

Dr Paul Bahn talks to Daniel Hepworth about his experience of researching the serial rapist who terrorised Cambridge in his time here

Virtual Vatican

Virtual Vatican

Is the democratisation of art doing more harm than good?

PEN: Human Rights and Writing in Iran

Ciara Nugent takes an enlightening look into the world of writer oppression in the middle east and the aims of PEN

The Cambridge Literary Festival returns

Ahead of the 30th November festival, Isabel Adomakoh Young takes us through this year’s highlights


This House believes the government was wrong to ban BDSM porn

This House believes the government was wrong to ban BDSM porn

Two liberal feminist PhD students debate the government’s recent ban of certain sex acts in British pornography

I know you want…gender equality

If we want economic equality, we have to start with the media

Whose university is it, anyway?

A new student campaign is querying who has ‘ownership’ over college spaces – Daisy Hughes explains why

This House believes gap years are a waste of time

A cultural learning curve or a preserve of the elite?

Stop talking about gender

Gender is not our only identity


The College Football Review: Week 8

The College Football Review: Week 8

Catch up on term’s final instalment on college football

Match Report: Pythons 16-0 Oxford

Match Report: Pythons 16-0 Oxford

The Pythons seal Varsity glory

Cross-Country Varsity

Cross-Country Varsity

Analysing our chances of beating Oxford this year

The College Football Review: Week 7

Catch up on all last weekend’s action in the college league

Match Report: Pythons 58 – 0 Chargers

The rookies reign as the Pythons sweep aside the Chargers


All I want for Christmas: beauty edition

All I want for Christmas: beauty edition

When asking for beauty-related Christmas gifts, think expensive

A crafty Christmas

A crafty Christmas

Nina Jones shows us how to win friends and influence people this Christmas

Celebrating Christmas Eve

Christmas comes early for the Brierleys

The foodie’s Christmas gift-guide

Katie Cornish’s tips on food-inspired Christmas gifts


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