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Women’s Campaign rail against “totally offensive” speaker

The CUSU Women’s Campaign has spoken out against the invitation of Caroline Criado-Perez to speak at the ‘Women of the World’ (WOW) Festival.

Criado-Perez, a British feminist activist and journalist, rose to prominence in 2013 when her efforts to have a woman depicted on English banknotes resulted in the announcement that Jane Austen would appear on the £10 note from 2017 onwards.

She was invited to speak at the WOW Festival, a part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, “a packed day of events that celebrate the incredible achievements of women and girls”, to be held at the Cambridge Junction on[Read full story]


Millie Brierley: Week 3

This week, David Cameron did his bit for the proverbial ‘Average Joe’ (not to mention the struggling Conservative election campaign – but then, I am a cynic) by looking about as out of place at the Dagenham Ford plant as Nick Clegg does in the streets of Whitehall. And all this while rocking the working class outfit of a hard hat and high-vis jacket, because, you know, THE PEOPLE! (Did I mention I was a cynic?)

When faced with the inevitable questions about the EU (this was also the week in which The Party Who Shall Not Be Named, for[Read full story]


What Woody Allen did for me

“I’d never want to be a part of any club that would have someone like me for a member.”

It was with this immortal witticism from Woody Allen, attributed to Groucho Marx, that a neurotic monster was unleashed within my head. Perhaps that’s not quite fair; the monster may have been there all along, and Allen’s words simply anchored the previously unspoken feeling.

Whichever the case, I soon became obsessed with the world as presented in Allen’s cinema. Aren’t we all just neurotic, nerdy, bumbling messes bumping around from love-affair to love-affair, wounded and desperately craving the unobtainable?

Perhaps there[Read full story]


Book: What if?

Have you ever had one of those questions flit flirtatiously through your mind? The sort of absurd question to which one of your more annoying mathmo friends would probably offer a flippant answer in a patronising tone. The sort of question that forms the subject of a long, poorly informed internet argument, which quickly descends into discussions of perpetual motion machines and people’s mothers, but that itself has a certain hysterical allure. Questions like: ‘What would happen if everyone on earth jumped in the same place at the same time?’, ‘What would happen if you fired a bullet with the[Read full story]


An Evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein

West Road Concert Hall. Nestled at the side of the Sidgwick Site, this dull, modern building hardly screams premier concert venue. But within the bland exterior was CUPO (Cambridge University Pop Orchestra), and that meant there was a chance for something special. After running a string of concerts with rave reviews, particularly their sell-out Disney concerts in Trinity chapel, CUPO’s evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein had a lot to live up to.

Thankfully, disappointment was not on the cards. From the first note till the last, CUPO held the audience in the palm of their hand. Opening with ‘Oklahoma!’ was[Read full story]


Coffee and Culture

Housed in the striking, red-brick Victorian Dales Brewery building on Gwydir Street, Hot Numbers Coffee Ltd describes itself as “an independent single origin coffee roaster”. This may sound like a rather grand and intimidating title, but this café, with its rustic oak tables and art-adorned walls, is particularly homely and comfortable. The café attracts a range of genuine coffee lovers, from students working on laptops to mothers with children, and older couples with dogs in tow.

What makes Hot Numbers special is their on-site coffee-roasting machine, which allows them to experiment with different types of roast, and get it to[Read full story]


Roy Hodgson: England must dare to dream

The Union chamber may not have been full, but Roy Hodgson probably welcomed the sight of an enthusiastic audience after recently witnessing a lifeless Wembley play host to his side’s uninspiring victories over minnows Norway and San Marino. Rather than head to Anfield to watch Liverpool’s England contingent take on the champions of Europe, Hodgson chose to discuss with Cambridge students his managerial outlook, England’s chances at Euro 2016 and the prospects of Gary Neville becoming the national team’s manager. “I had no idea who would be playing on this night in what game. I’d rather be here – I’ve[Read full story]


Where dem girls at?

‘All-male comedy show takes to the ADC stage!’ is not a headline you are likely to come across (unless the quality of Cambridge’s student press drops dramatically this year). Yet the same can’t quite be said for ‘All female comedy show takes to the ADC stage!’. It might not be the best headline, in fact I really hope we’ve come up with something better for this article, but it is still newsworthy. When Female Personality of the Year opens next week, its female creators won’t just be satirising the representation of women as ‘other’ in the media, they will also[Read full story]


Varsity Competition: like and win

Varsity Competition: like and win

Follow the instructions below for the chance to win a selection of prizes

Radio Varsity: Episode 3

Radio Varsity: Episode 3

This week, Joe talks living wage, student protest and meets the Female Personality of the Year

Activists offer money for personal details of vivisection students

Activists offer money for personal details of vivisection students

Activists offer money to students who report animal testing

Harriet Harman at Homerton

Today Harriet Harman appeared at Homerton College in order to lend her support to Labour by-election candidate Rahima Ahammed

Pussy Riot to speak at Union

The Russian feminist punk protest band is the latest surprise announcement from the Union


What Woody Allen did for me

What Woody Allen did for me

Jess Barnfield on the New York Legend’s neurotic and idealistic influence



David Bowie’s films are just as iconic as his music, and who could forget Labyrinth?

An Evening With Downey Jr (kind of)

An Evening With Downey Jr (kind of)

Will Hutton talks Robert Downey Jr ‘the brand’ with the Iron Man himself

Music: Mercury Prize Preview

Tom Bevan leads us through the music that matters and the artists that made it vying for the prestigious award

Cambridge Creatives

Lavinia Puccetti sits down with the Chair and directors of Cambridge Creatives, Rebekah-Miron Clayton, Jack Collier and Eliska Haskova, as well as some of the creative’s themselves, to discuss creation and Cambridge


Millie Brierley: Week 3

Millie Brierley: Week 3

In which Millie takes over as Prime Minister.

Underheard at Cambridge: Christian Union to swap with Jesus and Disciples

Resident news hound Peter Lloyd-Williams sniffs out the tales no other rag will publish

Freshers’ FOMO: Why you don’t need to worry

With freshers’ week well and truly over, Anna Rowan offers some advice on how to deal with some of the social pressure.

This House would abolish private education

Sam Dalton and Morwenna Jones fight it out to the death

The road to sobriety: being a ‘dry drunk’

In the third part of the series, our recovering alcoholic reflects on the importance of asking for help


Roy Hodgson: England must dare to dream

Roy Hodgson: England must dare to dream

Manager of the England football team, Roy Hodgson, tells Sam Dalton what the future holds

Early season netball round-up

Early season netball round-up

The Cambridge netball teams start their season with a win and a loss

Niche sport of the week: mixed lacrosse

Niche sport of the week: mixed lacrosse

Varsity investigates the ins and outs of this peculiar sport

Too cruel for school?

In light of the inaugural Varsity horse race, Toby Crisford has a look at some of the welfare issues associated with the sport

Worth his weight in Sterling

Why the Liverpool young gun deserves his break from international duty


Coffee and Culture

Coffee and Culture

Katie Cornish appreciates the fusion of good coffee, art and music at Hot Numbers Coffee

Susannah bakes: Sunday brunch

Susannah bakes: Sunday brunch

This week, Susannah Thraves offers us tasty ways to spice up our pancakes

The dreaded freshers' flu

The dreaded freshers’ flu

Manveer Badesha has the knowledge you need to beat the flu

A Cantabrigian abroad: la troisième semaine

In which our intrepid student deals with the French banking system


What do you get when you mix baking and procrastination? Daisy Hessenberger has the answer


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