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Doubts raised over Gardies response



I think that I did what I had to do. I apologise for the things happen under my nose without me realise the potential of the problem.

Maybe I give you the dates wrong but as a tax payer I do not have the luxury to keep exact dates in my hard drive. As I have multiple tasks to perform to satisfy the current market and to deal with the competition of this capitalist world. I think I have done enough and the[Read full story]


The Ismist: Is Ed Miliband the new Angela Merkel?

If you ask people who they think the most powerful woman in the world is right now, I bet my dignity that they would either say Angela Merkel or Dawn French. Indeed, it’s a close one, but in the battle between the bratwurst-lover and the salad-dodger, I’d probably go for Angie. 

It is fair to say that Angela Merkel has had all sorts of abuse thrown at her: socially awkward, introverted, mouse-like, quiet, banal, mundane – the list is endless.

Yet, the physicist from East Germany, who quietly spent her night in a sauna as the rest of Berlin witnessed[Read full story]


The Art of the Binge Watch

Next week The Royals – a series about a fictional British royal family, starring Liz Hurley – will hit the UK. It’s broadcast on E!, an American channel specialising in “reality TV and Hollywood gossip” – that is to say: so trivial and superficial it will imbue some of the more doggedly intellectual of you with ardent dreams of an incinerated LA. But frankly most of us get tired of poring over dry academic prose in the library every day, and The Royals looks like the perfect antidote to all that. Its trailer opens by flashing images of stereotypically posh[Read full story]


Green space: plants in zero gravity

NASA is looking to increase the production of crop-plant gardens on the International Space Station (ISS) in order to investigate possibilities for both future station management and missions that delve further into space than man has ever gone before. It is well established that a green environment gives us a more favourable mental state, but do we really know the extent to which plants enhance our health?

The first seed-to-seed cultivation of plants in space was achieved on the Russian space station Mir in 1997, and ever since there has existed a space garden in which crop experiments have been[Read full story]


Concert: The Gesualdo Six

Cambridge is a city well known for its choral music. Visit evensong at any one of its many colleges and you will no doubt find music performed to an extremely high calibre. To stand out as a vocal ensemble from the well-rehearsed, famous choirs that dominate the sacred music scene is no mean feat, but the niche that The Gesualdo Six have carved for themselves is one that adds to the rich culture of church music in the city. 

As their name would suggest, The Gesualdo Six are a vocal sextet that specialise in the performance of Renaissance polyphony, under[Read full story]


How to: survive a zombie apocalypse in Cambridge

The Daily Mail was right after all, and Ebola has become a corpse-mobilising virus that’s hurtling furiously towards Cambridge along the M11. You could just kick back and accept that it’s the end of the human race – but you’re nothing less than an overachieving Cambridge student who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘defeat’, and, besides, today you don’t really feel like having your face eaten by blood-thirsty zombies. Here’s what you’re going to do.

First, select your team. Choose carefully, and don’t just pick your best mates. You want a bunch of medics (obviously); then some blues athletes who[Read full story]


Alonso given Cambridge all-clear

McLaren-Honda driver Fernando Alonso is expected to return to Formula 1 racing at this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, having undergone tests carried out by an independent panel of medical professionals at the University of Cambridge.

The former world champion, who returned this summer to McLaren after seven years away from the team, had suffered concussion following a crash during pre-season training in February. Alonso hit a wall after veering off the track at the Curcuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in his native Spain.

Doctors at Cambridge were consulted by the sport’s governing body, the FIA, last week because of the need for Alonso[Read full story]



Cymbeline is by all accounts a difficult play. Samuel Johnson famously said “To remark the folly of the fiction, the absurdity of the conduct, the confusion of the names, and manners of different times, and the impossibility of the events in any system of life, were to waste criticism upon unresisting imbecility, upon faults too evident for detection, and too gross for aggravation”.

Emma Wilkinson is brave in her new adaptation of this troublesome but canonical work. She shifts the action to modern day Britain where King Cymbeline (Hugh Stubbins) has just enacted the Marriage Equality Act. The problem is[Read full story]


Campaign continues to #RegAFriend to vote in the general election

Campaign continues to #RegAFriend to vote in the general election

The NUS has launched a viral photo campaign to raise awareness of the 30% of 18-24 year olds who are not registered to vote

Cambridge professor brands Oxbridge 'institutionally racist'

Cambridge professor brands Oxbridge ‘institutionally racist’

Diane Reay, professor at the Faculty of Education, has said that Oxbridge needs to be brought ‘into the 21st century’

Gardies boycott ends as campaign 'satisfied' by response

Gardies boycott ends as campaign ‘satisfied’ by response

A statement on the ‘Boycott Gardies’ Facebook page has transferred ownership to CUSU Women’s Campaign to investigate

Fears over privatisation hit Cambridge

Cambridge residents and library users oppose potential privatisation of the third floor of the Cambridge Central Library

Government U-turns on ban of extremist speakers at universities

New statutory rules, which excluded the Oxford and Cambridge Unions, have been dropped a week after being instated by the Home Secretary


The Art of the Binge Watch

The Art of the Binge Watch

Tom Wheeldon on the series to fill your next few guilt-free days and what makes them so addictive

Why I miss Terry Pratchett

Why I miss Terry Pratchett

A week on from the author’s death, Hazel Lawrence makes sense of its effect on her

Disturbing the Past: The Legacy of David Foster Wallace

Disturbing the Past: The Legacy of David Foster Wallace

The forthcoming film End of the Tour has put David Foster Wallace back in the spotlight, but is that a good thing?

Books to buy

Noa Lessof-Gendler leads you through the books to buy your friends. You’re welcome.

Interview: Jessica Raine

Jasmine Walter sits down with the Call the Midwife star to discuss the troubling lack of diversity in film and TV


The Ismist: Is Ed Miliband the new Angela Merkel?

The Ismist: Is Ed Miliband the new Angela Merkel?

Britain, Ed Miliband is substance over style – don’t be fooled by the same old Tory panache, argues Allan Hennessy

Was Owen Jones right about abolishing Oxbridge?

Pete Lennon argues that although a disproportionately large number of Oxbridge students are from private schools, this is the symptom of the problem rather than the disease

The beauty of atheism

Not believing in God can lead us to have more faith in the world we know, argues Alice Chilcott

The need for solidarity this International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day 2015, Sriya Varadharajan explores the reasons for infighting in the feminist movement

When ‘CUSU is a joke’ becomes a compliment

CUSU, once laughable for the wrong reasons, may now find that comedy is pointing it in the right direction


Alonso given Cambridge all-clear

Alonso given Cambridge all-clear

Formula 1 race driver assessed by Cambridge doctors following pre-season crash

Penalty pain for Cambridge's Blues

Penalty pain for Cambridge’s Blues

The Light Blues lose out to Oxford in 131st Varsity fixture at Cambridge United’s R Costings Abbey Stadium

Cambridge University vs Oxford University

The 131st Varsity football fixture, live from Cambridge United’s R Costings Abbey Stadium!

Light Blues confident ahead of Abbey Varsity fixture

With just a few days to go, Blues captain James May is confident the Light Blues will bring home the Varsity trophy for a fourth successive year

Ice Hockey: Cambridge continue to impress ahead of Varsity fixture

Cambridge 8-8 London Dragons: Cambridge match an unbeaten London side who had previously dismantled Oxford


How to: survive a zombie apocalypse in Cambridge

How to: survive a zombie apocalypse in Cambridge

Varsity wants to make sure you’re prepared for when it finally happens

My body hair and me

My body hair and me

I have hairy armpits and I don’t care too much what you think about it

Up-and-coming: Sports Team

Up-and-coming: Sports Team

Mikael Åstrand talks to promising talents on the Cambridge music scene, Sports Team

The solution to Cambridge clubbing

Bored of Cindies and Life, we spoke to Backtracks’ Mischa Frankl-Duval about creating new student nights and Saturday’s upcoming event

Interview: Joss Stone

Joss Stone talks to Jack Benda about her career, image and the guys who “tried to chop my fucking head off!”


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