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‘NO Exclusive & Sexist Societies’ campaign reaches 150 signatures

A student-run campaign is calling upon the university and its colleges to ban gender-exclusive societies, including those oriented around drinking. 

The ‘NO Exclusive & Sexist Societies’ organisation has set up a petition on which has over 150 signatures. The campaign focuses on the negative effects of drinking societies and gender-exclusive groups that engage in “archaic and patriarchal pastimes”, including the promotion of misogyny and the propagation of a culture of intimidation and exclusion.

The campaign claims that such societies, which they claim legitimise the domination over and humiliation of women, are the “very antithesis of the inclusivity Cambridge ought to[Read full story]


Why Labour needs a female leader

In February 1975, whilst standing in the Conservative party leadership election, Margaret Thatcher said, “Forget that I’m a woman”. Sadly, that has since been proven impossible: to this day, she is defined as much by her gender as her ideology, because we still are yet to see another woman elected leader of either major political party.

For many women who support the Labour party, this is particularly disappointing. Technically, Labour has had two female leaders: Margaret Beckett and Harriet Harman, the latter of whom is again Acting Leader following Ed Miliband’s resignation. However, neither has succeeded in becoming more than[Read full story]


Beauty and the Remake

From Roman and Greek myths and legends, to old-wives-tales and nursery-rhymes; from the Brothers Grimm and Perrault, to Chaucer, Spenser and Shakespeare; across continents, countries and overseas, the essence of the fairy-tale has translated from mouth to image, from text to screen.

For many of us, the most familiar memory of fairy-tales is from a childhood collage of Disney DVDs that featured our favourite heroes and heroines, our beloved side-kicks and nightmarish villains. The innocence of Disney’s animated classics has remained with us, through our troublesome teens to adulthood. Its simplistic portraitures of princesses and princes, talking animals and witty[Read full story]


Why are UK mothers dying during pregnancy and childbirth?

Despite its status as a developed country, women in the UK face an alarmingly high risk of dying during pregnancy or childbirth.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most maternal deaths occur in developing countries and are highest amongst low-income mothers, mothers under the age of 15, and mothers living in rural rather than urban areas. Nevertheless, Save the Children’s 16th annual Mothers’ Index, which assesses the well-being of mothers and children in 179 countries, reports that women in the UK face a one in 6,900 lifetime risk of dying during pregnancy or birth. This risk is more than[Read full story]


Film: The Tribe

The Ukrainian film The Tribe, directed by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky is an exercise in gut-wrenching physical, psychological and cinematographic violence.

The all-pervasive aggressiveness crescendos right from the protagonist Sergei’s (Hryhoriy Fesenko) arrival at a school for deaf pupils, when we discover with him the empty and menacing building. The film’s exploration of the school, a no-man’s land where older students rule like tyrants and pull the younger ones into their net of crime, suggests how the supposedly responsible adults actually facilitate this perverted education—some simply do not care or have lost hope, whereas others directly benefit from the prostitution of students.

Lord of the[Read full story]


Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Dear Agony Uncle,

Last summer I leant across to the woman sitting next to me on a flight to Australia and attempted to break the awkward silence when I saw she was reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, and leaned over with a conspiratorial wink and the line ‘ah, I see you share my interest in sadomasochistic pornography.’ The awkwardness of the ensuing 24 hours still haunts every living and sleeping second of my existence. Please help me find a way out of this torment.

Dear painter/decorator,

I share a similar enthusiasm for Farrow & Ball’s grey paint catalogue. F &[Read full story]


Women’s sport: inferior and justifiably so?

This summer, Canada will host the seventh women’s football World Cup and the tournament will mark something of a milestone in terms of media coverage. The BBC announced in November that they will be broadcasting every game across the BBC Two and BBC Three channels, as well as on their Red Button service and on the BBC Sport website.

Such an announcement indicated a clear step-change from the arrangements in place for the previous edition of the women’s World Cup, which was held in Germany in 2011. Over the course of that tournament, all but one of the 32 matches[Read full story]



The theatre was filled, and every seat within my sight was occupied with an anticipatory audience. But is this rendition truly worth such hype?

The short answer is yes. An absolutely incredible version of Shakespeare’s Othello, it entangles controversies of race, gender and sex into a complex rendition that compels the audience to re-evaluate the importance of gender and sex, love and war, comedy and tragedy within the updated technological Renaissance of Shakespeare’s Venice.

A lover of Shakespeare’s original Othello, I confess to have been a little uncertain and apprehensive about the regendering of central characters that would trigger new[Read full story]


'NO Exclusive & Sexist Societies' campaign reaches 150 signatures

‘NO Exclusive & Sexist Societies’ campaign reaches 150 signatures

Cambridge students have launched a campaign petitioning the university to ban so-called ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and drinking societies

Doing Business, the Autistic Way

Doing Business, the Autistic Way

A Cambridge based entrepreneur hopes to team up with Richard Branson to raise awareness of autism

Oxford to announce decision of fossil fuel divestment

Oxford to announce decision of fossil fuel divestment

Alumni threaten to return their degrees if the university does not divest

CUSU LGBT+ gets real with controversial magazine

CUSU LGBT+ plans to considerably limit the power of GetReal’s editors as Hesham Mashhour, founding editor, compares the Women’s Campaign to “Hitler”

Bassingbourn Libyan soldiers jailed for 12 years

The two men have been jailed after the rape of a man in Cambridge


Why does no one write poetry for kids anymore?

Why does no one write poetry for kids anymore?

Children’s poetry is too important to be so increasingly marginalised, argues Jeremy Wikeley

Beauty and the Remake

Beauty and the Remake

Genevieve Cox defends Disney’s latest productions

Bookshop: the Market Square bookstalls

Bookshop: the Market Square bookstalls

This week, Harry Cochrane stalls his revision and finds both value for money and some unexpected discoveries.

A Young Man’s Progress

Eddy Wax finds the exhibition confused and incoherent in its endeavour to translate sixteenth-century fashion into its current-day counterpart

Embracing the romantic

In response to Noa Gendler aricle, Bret Cameron argues that as readers we should not be scathing and cynical, but open to literature’s seductive effects.


Why Labour needs a female leader

Why Labour needs a female leader

In anticipation of the Labour party leadership elections in September, Imogen Shaw says its time for a female leader

The EU referendum: Cambridge’s Professor Abulafia has got it wrong

We should reject what is a narrow-minded view of history and a flawed attitude towards current affairs, argues Bret Cameron

Boring?: Musings from Jordan

Year Abroad student Katie Polglase found herself in a peaceful pocket in the Middle East.

The narrow minded failures of the Left

Wonder why the Left was defeated? Don’t blame the Tories, says Alastair Benn

My vote is as good as yours. And your vote is pointless

Democratic accountability is nothing but a fig leaf, says Allan Hennessy


Women's sport: inferior and justifiably so?

Women’s sport: inferior and justifiably so?

Harry Curtis explains why women’s sport is underwatched and undervalued

Splendid Isolation: English Clubs in Europe

Splendid Isolation: English Clubs in Europe

Yet another Champions League season has passed without due Premier League representation. Peter Ruzler explains why.

'Glory hunting', local teams and me

‘Glory hunting’, local teams and me

Zack Case has a moan about the psychology of football fans

Cricket: the sport of all sports?

Meggie Fairclough takes a close look at Britain’s most British sport

Being A Blue: Women’s Rowing

Fanny Belais talks boat race, training and her team


Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Weekly injection of ‘sort your life out’

Dentists: martyrs of the professional world

Dentists: martyrs of the professional world

Dentistry is one of the most honourable professions there is, says Bret Cameron

Exam term without exams: surprisingly shit

Exam term without exams: surprisingly shit

For fresher English student Isla Cowan, post-prelim life is, to quote Macbeth, ‘a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’

Cuties of the UL

Cambridge’s most dangerous dons talk fashion and politics

Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Weekly injection of ‘sort your life out’


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