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CUSU counselling survey launched

CUSU has launched a survey into the experiences of students and staff who have used the counselling services at the university.

The Women’s Campaign, working with the Welfare and Rights Officer Jack Wright, are seeking to examine current and past users’ experiences with the present systems within colleges, and with the wider University Counselling Service.

The survey has a particular focus on the level and efficacy of support available, as well as the usual wait times. In conjunction with the liberation campaigns at the CUSU level, the survey also aims to find out to what extent the gender, race and/or[Read full story]


The Education Gap nobody is talking about

We are often told that the collegiate system at Cambridge is one of the best things about the university: it means your educational experience is unique to you. However, the flipside of that argument is largely ignored: namely, that your ‘unique’ educational experience could be inferior to that of your peers and that there is really no way to know if this is the case.

The supervision, especially within the arts and social science subjects, is an absolutely crucial aspect to learning in Cambridge, and constitutes a large proportion of the few contact hours we receive.

However, the content and[Read full story]


Professor Rae Langton: the world’s ‘fourth most influential woman thinker’

Professor Rae Langton seems a little bemused to be the subject of an interview. “Why me?” she asks, as we hurry across the chilly Newnham quad. I’m taken aback by her lack of self-importance.

Currently a philosophy fellow here in Cambridge, Langton’s worked at universities around the globe (MIT, Princeton, Sheffield and Edinburgh, to name but a few). She’s published over 60 articles, and two books. She’s written for the New York Times. She’s submitted evidence to the Leveson inquiry. Recently, Prospect magazine ranked her as one of its top fifty world thinkers of 2014. Her work, particularly that on pornography[Read full story]


Progress in Cambridge research into childhood cancers

Research published recently by a team from the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital has illustrated the potential of a non-invasive method of diagnosis for several childhood cancers. The team, led by Dr Matthew Murray and Professor Nicholas Coleman, used a change in the levels of a particular class of molecules in blood as a detection mechanism for tumours. These molecules – microRNAs (also known as miRNAs) – are produced within cells, but some escape and can be detected. MicroRNAs, discovered relatively recently, function to regulate gene expression within cells. This ultimately affects cellular function: their significance in cancer diagnosis[Read full story]


Album: pom pom

Given his newly shortened artist name, you might be tempted into thinking Ariel Pink was growing up, sobering up and becoming sensible. A quick look at how he’s made headlines recently would suggest otherwise: slagging off Madonna’s recent discography, calling 4AD labelmate Grimes “stupid and retarded”, labelling himself the “Jimmy Saville of Los Angeles”.

Similarly, as soon as album opener ‘Plastic Raincoats in the Pig Parade’ starts (there are worse titles later on), you don’t hear an artist willing to settle down. Instead the track is completely infantile, sounding like opening theme of a ‘70s morning cartoon show. About tripping[Read full story]


Celebrity and the female form

Millie Paine: let’s stop celebrating perfection

For anyone who brands themself a feminist (including myself), the latest controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian is a minefield of conflicting views and arguments and is part of a long-running debate surrounding the objectification of women in the media. Putting our knee-jerk reactions to Kim’s stark-naked, oil-covered body aside, it’s important to really consider what it is that we are reacting to so strongly. Female sexuality is always a double-edged sword: on the one hand, we could see the celebrity as a woman embracing her sexuality and displaying her body with pride. Or conversely, it[Read full story]


The College Football Review: Week 6

After last week’s highs, lows and embarrassments of the first round of Cuppers, it was back to league action for college sides across Cambridge. With the majority of teams now hitting the four games played mark, we can now begin to see who might just be pushing for the top spots come the end of the season, as well as those who are starting to look nervously over their shoulders at the possibility of facing the drop.

In the Premier League, despite two postponements, the pick of the action came from the bottom half the table, with Selwyn demolishing struggling[Read full story]



From the very beginning Road assaults the audience with a dizzying rush of emotions as it flickers between scenes, from house to house and room to room. The kaleidoscopic scenes are not incoherent though, for all are connected by the Road, an unidentified street in 80s Lancashire. The flood of impressions is almost overwhelming – the smell of perfume, of matches, of hot chips and cigarettes, the blaring punk music, the crashes of thrown chairs and bottles, screaming, swearing, and the eerie tinkling of a child’s musical box. 

The set reflected this, with jumbled piles of half broken furniture and[Read full story]


Interview: Pussy Riot

Interview: Pussy Riot

Kenza Bryan talks Putin, protest and the West with Pussy Riot at the Union

Woman charged with stealing £300,000 from Pembroke College

Woman charged with stealing £300,000 from Pembroke College

A former employee of the college has been charged with fraud by position in connection with £300,000 missing from college accounts

City council call for sex attacks inquiry

City council call for sex attacks inquiry

Councillors demand independent inquiry into recent sex attacks

Drones come to Cambridge

Amazon has announced that a trial of its new delivery drones will be held in Cambridge

CUSU join anti-fur boycott of Cambridge gown supplier

The boycott alleges that Ede and Ravenscroft bypass UK anti-fur laws by importing foreign fur


Professor Rae Langton: the world's 'fourth most influential woman thinker'

Professor Rae Langton: the world’s ‘fourth most influential woman thinker’

Jack Harding talks Philosophy, pornography and consent with world-famous Newnham fellow

Can hip-hop ever be feminist?

Can hip-hop ever be feminist?

Despite some deeply-engrained misogyny, hip-hop chimes with feminist themes, argues Gabrielle McGuinness

The Law of Kanun

The Law of Kanun

Aurelien Gueroult discusses the dark inspiration behind his upcoming radioplay

Release your inner child

Jacqueline Wilson’s visit to Cambridge prompts some literary nostaligia

The rise of clip culture

Millie Paine and Hana Gudelis discuss the pros and cons of the six-second video


The Education Gap nobody is talking about

The Education Gap nobody is talking about

With expensive tuition fees, we should be guaranteed a certain quality of education, right? Jenny Steinitz argues that this isn’t always the case.

Why our reading lists are sexist

Following the attention surrounding the English Tripos Tragedy paper, Micha Frazer-Carroll notices a worrying trend of sexism in other subjects

Why Tim Squirrell should be expelled

It is only through proper debate that we can be sure our own ideas stand up to scrutiny, argues Hugo Schmidt.

Underheard at Cambridge: A good day to be a White Man

Resident news hound Peter Lloyd-Williams sniffs out the tales no other rag will publish

Diary of a recovering alcoholic: apologies and secrets

How do you build relationships, when the most important part of your life is also the most private?


The College Football Review: Week 6

The College Football Review: Week 6

Peter Rutzler looks back at last week’s action in the college football league

Match Report: Pythons 0 - 10 Oxford Brookes

Match Report: Pythons 0 – 10 Oxford Brookes

The Pythons go down fighting against Oxford Brookes

Women's tennis teams travel to Bristol and Leicester

Women’s tennis teams travel to Bristol and Leicester

The 1sts lost a tight encounter with Bristol, while the 2nds eased to victory over Leicester

Double victories for the netball teams

The Blues were convincing victors over Bedford, while the Jays claimed success over Oxford

Your first foot forward

An insight into the fledgling career of a college football starlet


Celebrity and the female form

Celebrity and the female form

Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s latest photo shoot, Millie Paine and Amy Clark look at the depiction of the female body in the media

Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress

Raisa Ostapenko shares her personal methods for stress-relief

Afternoon tea at Harriet's

Afternoon tea at Harriet’s

Katie Cornish delights in the old-world charm of Harriet’s afternoon tea

The foodie’s hidden gems

This week, Katie Cornish visits some of the less well-known Cambridge eateries

Honestly, love… feeling the fear

Ella Waters considers the detrimental effect fear can have on a relationship


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