No ergs in sight as students prepared their vesselsSarah Dees
Some students sought advantage through use of a sailLucas Boden
The Brexit boat added a political flavour to proceedingsRaphael Korber Hoffman
'Boat Leave' was one of the speediest competitorsRaphael Korber Hoffman
A bullish effort from this creative teamRaphael Korber Hoffman
'HMS Cheesy Ship' evoked the favourite late-night food of many spectatorsRaphael Korber Hoffman
The fan favourite found stern competition from Clarion, the two boats engaged in a close raceRaphael Korber Hoffman
No caution necessary as the race was certainly wetRaphael Korber Hoffman
The 'QE3' was by far the largest boat, with a crew of 18.Raphael Korber Hoffman
Wishful thinking in a British summer, as this palm-adorned boat braved the rainRaphael Korber Hoffman
The afternoon ended the same way for most competitors, with a dip in the waters of Jesus Lock.Raphael Korber Hoffman