Over 170 Hong Kong anti-government protesters called for Wolfson College to revoke Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s Honorary Fellowship.Joe Cook
They were met by around 110 pro-Beijing protesters calling to “Stop violence” and shouting “Take off your masks” and "Support the police".Joe Cook
The two sides shouted at each other across King’s Parade for around an hour, each trying to drown out the other. There were around 10 police in attendance to keep the two sides apart but no violence broke out.Joe Cook
The anti-government rally was organised and promoted by Cambridge Stands With Hong Kong, a community of students and citizens in Cambridge who are in solidarity with the protesters.Joe Cook
Most of the counter-protesters were not Cambridge students - many were older and worked in Cambridge or had commuted from elsewhere. Joe Cook
One anti-government Cambridge student sat in the middle of King’s Parade with headphones in, working on a problem set. Students sat doing their homework in the streets during the anti-government “umbrella protests” in 2014.Joe Cook
The two groups then walked slowly through Cambridge to Wolfson College. Joe Cook
Protesters spoke to the public along the way, with the anti-government protesters handing out a range of information leaflets.Joe Cook
At Wolfson the two sides faced off again. Counter-protesters shouted “Support Wolfson” and “terrorists”, while the anti-government group gave speeches.Joe Cook
One Wolfson student expressed his support for the anti-government protesters from his accomodation window, shouting “Shame on Wolfson”.Joe Cook
The protest ended with anti-government protesters singing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, a song created by the protesters in Hong Kong.Joe Cook