Extinction Rebellion grandparents poured beetroot “blood” over their grandchildren outside the Guildhall. They called for “to end a murderous system” of “Nepocide” - grandchild murder.Joe Cook
“People need to sit up and take notice, we don’t have time... [Climate breakdown] covers all age groups from the newborn to retired people, it is one planet”, said one protesterJoe Cook
The crowd of onlookers went quiet as the ‘Red Rebels’ laid roses in front of the XR Youth protesters.Joe Cook
Joe Cook
A shivering Tilly (above), 20, said, “This a climate emergency, people are already dying, we already have climate refugees, this isn’t something we can wait for. We have known for decades, we should have acted. How could I live with myself if I didn’t act?”Joe Cook
Tony Booth (right), 74, said “The blood symbolises the death of the future of our children, the killing of the future. When I first thought about this I thought ‘well I don’t really want to pour blood over my grandchildren’, but it really is the truth. I think it was expressed beautifully today.”Joe Cook
The youth protesters kneeled for over an hour and were given hot water bottles at the end.Joe Cook
The ‘Red Rebels’ also took to the river on a punt to draw attention to water scarcity. Nathan Williams, a spokesperson for XR Cambridge said: “The River Cam is dying. The river is at its lowest level of flow since records began in 1949 and the unsustainable growth agenda in Cambridge will put even more pressure on this scarce resource.”Joe Cook
Joe Cook
A banner was also dropped on Magdelene Bridge referencing the group’s demand for net zero emissions in the UK by 2025. Joe Cook