Around 60 students protested outside Senate House against J4MB. J4MB told Varsity they “wear [their] anti-feminism as a badge of pride”.Joe Cook
Protesters held up a large banner and shouted "say it once, say it again, no excuses for violent men".Hassan Raja
The protest was co-organised by a number of student groups including the CUSU Women's Campaign.Joe Cook
Graduating students walked past the protest in their gowns.Joe Cook
Meanwhile multiple students and sabbatical officers spoke at the protest.Joe Cook
A male student speaker spoke "on behalf of all the men in Cambridge and men in the audience today.” On J4MB he said: "We reject your claims to represent us and we utterly oppose your organisation."Joe Cook
Both dogs and protesters listened in.Joe Cook
Some speakers claimed that evidence of harassment by supporters of J4MB toward students on social media has been ignored by the Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope and the University Proctors. J4MB deny any harassment has happened and said they have "no right, reason or desire to harass individuals”.Hassan Raja
At multiple points members of the University came to speak to protesters to ask them to stop as they could be heard at the graduation.Joe Cook
Joe Cook
However tourists and onlookers appeared more impressed, with many taking photos.Joe Cook
Despite the protests, the event looks set to go ahead on Friday. A University spokesperson said: “Under the University’s room booking policy and in line with our commitment to freedom of speech, the lawful expression of controversial or unpopular views is not grounds for withholding permission for an event.”Joe Cook

Updated 19 May 2019: This article was updated to correct an error that stated the event was set to occur on Thursday rather than Friday the 24th of May.