As Andrew Wheeler took to the Union stage around 50 people protested outside. The loud music they played could be heard from the chamber, with one audience member questioning whether Wheeler always spoke with this background music. Hassan Raja
There was high security at the Union, with private security as well as Wheeler's Secret Service team on hand.Hassan Raja
Inside the Union protesters unfurled a banner and held up blood red hands in silent protest.Joe Cook
Joe Cook
Despite the ongoing protests, the Q&A continued, with Wheeler grilled for over an hour by the audience and Union Speakers Officer.Philipp Köhler
Protesters sat on the floor outside the back gate of the Union to stop Wheeler's car from leaving.Hassan Raja
Hassan Raja
Union audience members were initially held outside for around 20 minutes as the security situation was assessed.Joe Cook
The Union speakers officer was spotted running out of a side door.Joe Cook
Extinction Rebellion activists hit drums outside the closed front entrance.Joe Cook
Behind the gate Wheeler's press officer looked out at the protesters.Joe Cook
Protesters banged on the gate before finally deciding to leave.Hassan Raja
Wheeler's car left the Union flanked by security who quickly shut the gate behind them.Joe Cook
The car left as protesters looked on.Joe Cook