I’m writing this late while extremely ill – absolutely, most definitely not due to C-Sunday-ing a tad too hard. In the style of a TikToker who chases after people to break down their outfits, here is a glimpse into the fashion on display at the infamous all-day revelry. Unkeen on interrupting any drinking soc initiations or pestering people who were, for want of a better term, absolutely w*nkered, I sought out students who looked at least partially clear-headed and were wearing cool outfits. There was no way I wasn’t documenting an iconic Cambridge tradition that I’d been eagerly awaiting since matriculation and the most wonderful, weird and whimsical version of Cambridge fashion that accompanies it.

Many students saw C-Sunday as an opportunity to dig out long-forgotten summer staplesAlice Frecheville for Varsity

Arriving at Jesus Green at 2pm, having been held hostage by a lengthy morning seminar, I failed to notice the sea of drinking soc group costumes – mainly because the field was more rammed than the second floor of an especially claustrophobic Lola’s night but also due to the sheer number of pink fluffy cowboy hats. Many students, however, chose less eccentric outfits, probably because the sun provided ample opportunity to dig out almost-forgotten summer staples. Lily (above) donned a dress from Urban Outfitters, jewellery from Camden Market and Casio, NYX makeup and Doc Martens.

Snazzy hats were a frequent statement accessoryAlice Frecheville for Varsity

Some students opted for a statement accessory like these snazzy hats, pairing them with sunglasses to give the outfit a playful boost. I love how these girls fittingly used C-Sunday to pay tribute to their local with merch from the Pickerel Inn. I’m already eyeing up their T-shirts. For the “chaps/chappettes” among you, I hear one can purchase Pickerel Inn-embellished cufflinks too. A far cry indeed from the hordes of Greggs’ Crocs I was visually assaulted by at Leeds Festival!

Some people really went all out with their outfitsAlice Frecheville for Varsity

These girls wore precisely the more exuberant, vibrant and funky costumes I was expecting. Fern sported parrot wings, M&S linens, a ZARA top and St Moriz tanning mousse, while Annie procured her corset from Amazon, dress from her closet and hat from a friend. Both bemoaned their shoes being covered in cowpat.

A note on sunscreen, especially as this C-Sunday was particularly hot and sunny: if you’re drinking outside in warmer weather, please take precautions against getting burned and dehydrated. Alcohol plus heat stroke (or even getting slightly burnt) can result in incredibly vile hangovers due to increased dehydration.

The cowgirl outfit has seen a resurgence in popular cultureAlice Frecheville for Varsity

As noted earlier, the cowgirl costume was clearly a popular choice, perhaps because the already well-beloved classic has increased in prevalence since Margot Robbie’s iconic western outfit in the Barbie movie and Beyoncé’s country album Cowgirl Carter – well, that and Bella Hadid’s new “rodeo look” since returning to her roots as a jockey and getting herself a cowboy boyfriend. Bea (above) purchased her skirt from Mango, top from John Lewis, boots from Steve Madden (bougie!) and hat from Amazon.

Just because it's C-Sunday doesn't mean you need to stop being a Sidge girlieAlice Frecheville for Varsity

At any rate, the return of proper summery weather heralded the defrosting of the infallible “tiny top, big pants” combo, beloved by any Sidge girlie worth her salt.

The chaos of C-Sunday was worth it for the CrushbridgeAlice Frecheville for Varsity


Mountain View

Are we seeing a cute culture revolution?

Finally, we come to my outfit, inspired by Alice in Wonderland; it’s been my nickname my whole life since I’m always daydreaming. My costume was courtesy of John’s Swish (their free clothes swap) with adverse consequences of impulsive drinking – of mysteriously labelled bottles (or alcohol) – included! What are the chances? It was meant to be. Meanwhile, my Alice band derived from H&M, earrings from Amazon, makeup from ELF and Mary Janes from Office.

While I’m still recuperating from the chaos that was C-Sunday, I finally made Crushbridge so the mess was definitely worth it! If you want to stand out next C-Sunday, wear something memorable, whether that be outlandishly ginormous accessories (the more camp and unhinged the better) or at least a less overdone costume. Maybe find something that playfully links to your identity like I did. Until next year!