It’s that time of the year again; whether you’re an enthusiast for red roses, chocolates and love letters, or prefer to drop the festivities altogether, the season of love is upon us. For weeks now, supermarkets have been stocking their shelves with Valentine’s-themed sweets and cards, as people hurriedly look for the perfect gifts for their loved ones to show them that they care.

"Romeo, oh Romeo!"Adam Choudhury for Varsity

Yet the season also brings up the immensely complicated issue of what to wear on Valentine’s Day. For those who have a romantic date planned for the evening, the panic inevitably begins to set in – “do I go for the jeans or wear the dress instead?” The dilemmas continue, “should I do the red lip, or is that too much?”, “hair up or hair down?” – getting the balance right is tricky.

"Focusing on what we’re wearing misses the point of Valentine’s Day entirely"

Adam Choudhury for Varsity

We’ve all read plenty of self-help articles promising to give us excellent what-to-wear advice and outfit ideas for all kinds of plans. But perhaps focusing on what we’re wearing misses the point of Valentine’s Day entirely.

Valentine's Day can be all about appreciating your friends too!Adam Choudhury for Varsity

Valentine’s Day is also a time for reflecting on why we love the people in our lives so much. Undeniably, this often comes down to their unique and quirky personality traits that make them special to us. This notion also translates to clothing; why adhere to what you should wear when being yourself will attract the people who love you for who you really are anyway?

Why not host a tea party this Valentine's?Adam Choudhury for Varsity

In the spirit of this, what better way to honour individuality than by organising a tea party in a garden shed, inviting some Cambridge students, and dressing them up in some funky outfits?

Adam Choudhury for Varsity

Whilst the pieces exhibited here from designers Sophie Wheeler, Charlotte Mcgregor, and Rebecca Cennini all have different stories behind them, they are married together by their large silhouettes, vibrant colours, and playful patterns.

“After all, perhaps the greatest accessory to any outfit is personality”

Adam Choudhury for Varsity

Zara, (above centre), tells us how she sees Valentine’s Day as more about “a celebration of love” rather than a day for couples - a notion that encapsulates the essence behind our Valentine's photoshoot. For Zara, unexpectedly, our extremely authentic and candid tea party turned out to foster those feelings of togetherness that epitomise Valentine’s season. She reflects, “the shoot was so much fun and really embodied how love is multifaceted – whether that be platonic, familial, or romantic”. Jamie, (above right), candidly noted that “the cake aspect” was the best part. We don’t blame him.

Adam Choudhury for Varsity

So if you’re celebrating Valentine’s with friends this year why not follow suit? Make plans together and enjoy each other’s company.

Whilst deciding on what to wear for certain occasions can be hard, it can also be a fun and expressive process. Be true to yourself, and don’t put too much pressure on the exterior. After all, perhaps the greatest accessory to any outfit is personality; if someone is beaming with smiles and laughter, what they’re wearing is probably the last thing you'll notice.


Mountain View

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Creative director: Emily McDonagh

Photographer: Adam Choudhury

Designers: Sophie Wheeler, Charlotte Mcgregor, Rebecca Cennini

Models: Patrick Dolan, Alicia McDowell, Esther Arthurson, Jamie Martin, Aimee Hobley, Zara Salaria, Hannah Drayton, Emily McDonagh