Instead of getting dressed, it’s playing dress-up. This year’s theme for the Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show is CHILDSPLAY: a spirit of experimentation in how we construct our identities that manifests in three life stages. The first life stage is surrealist and dreamlike, when identities are inchoate yet unrestrained by binaries in their naiveté. The second stage of young adulthood is rebellious in its neon garishness. The third and final stage brings maturity, but in no way a dampening of this experimental spirit: after phases of negotiation and renegotiation, identities blossom into their most dynamic and daring forms. The Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show is on Thursday 5th of May at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Creative Direction: CUCFS Fashion Director Lily Maguire. Photography: Nana Ama
Konadu Otuo and see 'CHILDSPLAY / Varsity X CUCFS' at for photography by Fin Scott. Styling and Assisting: CUCFS President Sana Khullar, CUCFS Creative Director Sayma Sultana, Anna Chan, Freya Beard, Giovanna Goulart, Madeleine Fisher, Matthew Cavallini. Modelling: Morgan Godden, Abbey Fawcett, Alex Levy, Charlotte Hodson, Danielle Wright, Edoardo Chidichimo, Georgia Hui, Henry Rocha, Imani Bailey, Izzi Denby-Jones, Jaden Tsui, Maisy Redmayme, Marisse Cato, Nabiha Ahmed, Olunibe Morgan, Savanna Patel, Sanah Kashyap. Makeup by Ruweyda Sheik-Ali. Designers: Zhenwei Wang, Xuejin Liu, Paloma Silversved, Zein NG, Amber Pickup, Redress Laboratory, Uliana Nekrasova, Yu You, Somin Park. 

Marisse wears Zein NG
Alex and Nabiha wear Xuejin and Zhenwei
Jaden wears Xuejin
Olunibe, Edoardo and Henry wear Xuejin
Imani wears Zhenwei
Danielle and Abbey wear Zhenwei
Marisse wears Zein NG


Olunibe and Edoardo wear Redress Laboratory
Jaden wears Yu You
Maisy and Izzy wear Amber Pickup
Nabiha wears Uliana Nekrasova
Georgia wears Uliana Nekrasova and Sanah wears Amber Pickup
Alex wears Zein NG
Morgan wears Uliana Nekrasova
Imani wears Redress Laboratory
Olunibe wears Redress Laboratory and Yu You trousers
Danielle and Savanna wear Uliana Nekrasova
Izzy (left) wears Somin Park, Abbey and Maisy wear Yu You
Maisy wears Yu You
Sanah wears Yu You
Jaden wears Somin Park and Charlotte wears Amber Pickup
Morgan wears Somin Park
Izzy wears Somin Park