As students are slowly trickling back into Cambridge, the city is finally rejuvenating in its usual vibrancy and spirit; the streets, quiet for months, are now filled with people. Back in university accommodation and reunited with friends, there are so many occasions to go outside and revel in the sunshine. Whether that be a picnic on Jesus Green, a pint in a pub garden or the resolution that this term you will finally rent a punt – we are back outside and ready to show ourselves to the world.

With this shoot we want to encourage you to embrace all those looks that have been hiding in your closet for the past weeks, whether that be the new pair of trousers you impulsively bought to escape the lockdown dreariness or the fancy look you’ve been planning to wear for formals - the possibilities are endless. Recent years have shown fashion trends being recycled, allowing us to see 90s jeans next to 80s jumpers on the streets. Just as wide-leg trousers have made their come-back, film photography is experiencing some new-found appreciation. This shoot combines analogue with digital to reflect these cultural trends – rapid, digital photography alongside carefully crafted film prints.

We hope that the multitude of colours and combinations will offer inspiration for your looks, whether that be preppy chic or slick streetwear, opting for a striking monochrome look versus pops of clashing colours, or even flaunting that new frilled collar cardi. Why not grace the streets with what we would usually only preserve for special occasions?

Creative Directors: Georgina Buckle, Isabel Sebode


Mountain View

Dressing for the Roaring 2020s

Photographer: Tilda Butterworth

Models: Sawen Ali, Isobel Bruce, Simrhan Khetani, Lily Maguire, Ollie Miller, Henry Rocha, Joni Wildman

With special thanks to Scholar’s Punting for chauffeuring us on their brand-new punt model, ‘Typhoon’, for our shoot (@scholarspunting)