Snooker, billiards, or pool, whatever you call it, is an extreme stress buster sport. A sport seemingly entitled to the posh community of our richly diverse society. But what if we were to tell you not only is it an effective anti-stress game, but it pays really well.

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Many snooker players manage to earn money that makes them lucky as a lottery winner. Below we assorted the list of the world’s richest snooker players who managed to bag a fortune out of games of snooker.

Steve Davis: A Player Lucky As A Lottery Winner

Net Worth: $33.7 million

Steve Davis seems to top the chart when it comes to being the richest in games of snooker. However, this list does not guarantee if this price is what they scored altogether out of a snooker. It could be of various other side businesses, but the list is perfectly organized in ascending order in accordance with the player’s net worth.

Steve Davis is an English professional snooker player or, to be precise, a former professional snooker player. He was a ruling player in the 80s era. A player to sincerely bag the world championship titles six times in a row. Moreover, he topped the best professional snooker player chart for seven straight years.

Not only did he win international championships, but he also scored the national leagues like the UK Championship and state masters three times.  He earned a net cash prize of 26,000,000 pounds in each of his winning games.

Stephen Hendry

Net Worth: $32.4 million

Steve Davis may be a snooker icon in his era, but Hendry was a young, bold hero of the professional snooker team. He emerged as the professional snooker whiz when he was only 16. Moreover, he was the only player to bag the world championship title at the tender sporty age of 21.

He did not stop over here; he had an adventurous sporting career. His career took major turns, and he was able to carve out some significant milestones, most essential being the seven world championship titles he won. He eminently topped the chart of being the best professional snooker player for eight long seasons and along with 775-century breaks.

Dennis Tyler

Net Worth: $23.3 million

Dennis Taylor belonged to Ireland and is regarded as the best Irish player till date even after years of his retirement. His popularity has witnessed no signs of decrement, and so has his love for his game. He wanted to be engaged in this game somehow even after retirement, and so he decided to serve as the game’s commentator on BBC. Viewing and reviewing what he used to do in his plating eras is what he defines as nostalgic and fun.

In his days, he was a great professional snooker player who secured victory in over two ranking events, including the World Championship tournament of 1985. Moreover, he carved several other minor victories and some major ones like the 1987 Masters and 1984 Grand Prix.

Jimmy White

Net Worth: $19.4 million

Yet another English professional snooker player who managed to secure a prominent position in the history of snooker. Well, Jimmy White was a world championship winner, but he was famously referred to as the People’s Champion, a player immensely adored by the audience.

He was a two-time world championship winner and also a two-time winner of the British Open.Other than that, he had some tremendous victories in the non-world championship tournaments like the UK Championship, the Masters, and the Nations Cup. He was the first left-handed snooker player and the second left-handed sports player overall to break a record at the international championship.

Cliff Thorburn

Net Worth: $15.5 million

Cliff Thorburn was a Canadian heartthrob, a ruling Canadian professional snooker player in the 80s. He bagged his first international world championship title in 1985. Also, he was the first non-British snooker player to score a victory in the world snooker championship. His career was blazing up until he played, a meticulous international player with a heart of gold.

His significant contributions to the professional snooker team were looked out, and in 2001 he was honored with being included in the Canadian Hall of fame.

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Net Worth: $14.2 million

Ronnie O’Sullivan is regarded as the best snooker player in England. He was an excellent English snooker player who turned a professional in 1992. He was an amazing player who continuously scored a record of winning seven world championship titles in a row and seven UK championship leagues, altogether setting a record of 19 title victories along with triple crown tournaments.

John Parrott

Net Worth: $11.6 million

John Parrott was not only a former snooker player, but he was also a great TV personality. A ruling and the only English professional snooker player who set the record for winning the World Championship title and the UK Championship title in the same year. He was therefore considered the best player of his time; he ruled the 90s and a more significant share of the early millennium.

His record-setting achievements and the face popularity are what led him to bag a net worth of £9 000,000 in prize money.

Therefore, snooker has beheld some fantastic players who have, in their time, sealed the games with their achievements. These players were not only lucky as a lottery winner but meticulous people who put in their efforts in the right direction, thereby earning the admiration of many.

Please gamble responsibly.