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The state of windows is affected by external factors. Drops may often form on the glass. If the surface keeps fogging up, you may need timber windows restoration. If you take no preventive measures, mold and later rot may appear on the frame. The paint is damaged, and the double-glazed window loses its attractive look.

Humid air that gets into the house has a negative effect not only the window condition, but on the inhabitant’s health as well. Therefore, you should get rid of the defects that cause the problem as soon as possible. You can contact Chameleon-Decorators or study the basic principles of restoring a double-glazed window in the source.

What causes the problem of condensation?

The seals may have already worn out, thus destroying the air-tightness. Air flows don’t move around the apartment. If it’s freezing outside, and you don’t use an air extraction system when cooking, it gets very hot in the kitchen. This causes the windows to fog up. A similar trouble may happen in the bathroom. There, you should monitor the humidity level carefully – if an air extraction system doesn’t work well, condensation will appear on the windows, the frame will be damaged, and you will have to install a new double-glazed window.

In summertime, drops remain on the window from the outside. Dew appears outside, and the same moisture drops may be on the window. It’ll be difficult for you to wipe the glass, which will cause the frame to destroy gradually. The problem occurs in case of double glazing and is much more difficult to solve. You will need an urgent sash windows renovation.

Preventing window condensation

Not to replace the windows, you should reduce condensation problems. For this, follow one of the following tips:

  1. Control the humidity level. For this, make sure that there is an air extraction system in the rooms (kitchen, bathroom). Monitor the temperature in each room so that it isn’t too hot.
  2. Enhance the thermal insulation. It contributes not only to heat preservation, but to reducing utility bills (including heating) as well. For this, you can install a double glazing window. The glass won’t let warm air outside, and the room will lose less heat during the day.
  3. Ensure adequate ventilation level. The air flow will circulate inside the room and evenly distribute the air. Ventilation reduces the humidity level. When the air circulates through the rooms, you will see that the windows fog up less.
  4. Install a draft protection. Thus, the cool air from the outside won’t get into the room, and there will be a more pleasant microclimate inside.

If you fall ill often, you may turn on a humidifier in one of the rooms. Don’t use it if moisture drops appear on the windows. This means that there is already a sufficient level of humidity in the room. Because of this, you will not only remain ill, but will also worsen your health.

You can prevent condensation from forming on windows by using a water-repellent. This applies to the outer window part. Such liquids are applied to the car windshield. In the car, they improve visibility, and leave much less condensation on the window.

A single fogging of the glass won’t have a negative effect on the window. But if the condensate accumulates on a regular basis, you must solve the problem as soon as possible. Thus, you will keep the glass and frame, as well as your own health, in a perfect condition. The mold appeared because of high humidity in the house will lead to adverse consequences, so hurry up to restore the windows and create pleasant living conditions.