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Gambling has existed since the beginning of humankind. It’s the oldest form of entertainment that later became the most profitable industry globally. People have always enjoyed testing their luck in casinos, and now with the development of technology, they get the casino thrill in their own homes. The iGaming industry is also blooming, and players can find the best payout casino sites with just one click.

While in the past, gambling was prohibited, today, people can bet on almost anything. People can gamble on literary prizes, elections, sports betting, and horse betting, not just casinos. You can probably place a bet on it if you can name it.

Gambling has managed to get incorporated into most people’s lives, and more than 26% of the global population are registered to be regular gamblers. This indicated that more than 1.9 billion people in the world are gamblers.

Most people think that the USA is the gambling industry’s center because of Las Vegas. The reality is that the gambling industry is thriving in Europe as well. Slowly but surely, Europe has become the most significant gambling market globally, topping the USA.

Gambling in Europe

Almost every European country allows land-based and online gambling. The European gambling market is massive, it takes up 49% of the global market, and it’s trendy among gamblers. European countries also love online gambling so much that online casinos in Europe account for 23% of the European gambling market. The gambling industry is so big that the gambling revenue in 2022 will reach more than $99 billion.

Why do people love it? Because Europe is a more liberal country for gambling, players can enjoy gambling legally. Online casinos are favorites because every European online casino is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the European Gaming and Betting Association, and the Malta Gaming Authority. All these organs are among the best and ensure players that their game will be 100% secure, fair, and regulated gambling sites. Online casinos are enormous hits among European players because they offer a wide range of casino games, such as roulette, slots, poker, etc. There are also licensed sites that enable players to bet on the most popular sports. The betting options are infinite; players have to pick their favorite. Europe has a massive sports betting market, attracting even sports betters.

Gambling in the USA

Gambling in the USA is not only happening in Las Vegas, but it’s also legal in 48 states. They only stated that they have a 100% ban on gambling are Utah and Hawaii.

Since the first legal casino opened in 1978, gambling has been in full bloom in the USA. Outside of Nevada, Why is gambling so popular in the US? Because players love the thrill of the game, the US has one of the most excellent casinos. However, there are some states where gambling is restricted, the states that legalized gambling provide full gambling entertainment, both in land-based and online casinos.

With the progress of technology and the appearance of many online casinos, the US also has legal online casinos. Players can gamble from anywhere, anytime, and have an Internet connection. Players from the US are primarily attracted to online casinos, sports betting, and fantasy sports. Gambling in the US is so popular that Americans wagered $57 billion on sports, and by the end of 2023 is expected to reach up to $92.9 billion.


The gambling industry is definitely on the rise, and it’s not going to slow down in the near future. With the development of technology, betting and gambling have become more accessible, so players don’t even have to leave their homes to place a bet.
The biggest gambling markets in the world are Europe and the USA, which have gambling revenues of billions of dollars. Europe is more accessible for players because gambling is legalized in most countries, so people can play without fearing they’ll break any law. In the USA, on the other hand, although it also has enormous revenues, gambling is not legalized in every state, so gambling is restricted for some Americans. Luckily, USA states are putting efforts to legalize gambling in their state because they’re aware of how beneficial and profitable this industry is.

Please gamble responsibly.