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Student life can be a lot of fun, but finding time to make healthy food can prove challenging. Most students have a lot of coursework, hobbies, and some work part-time to help fund their education. However, this doesn’t mean they have to maintain an unhealthy diet.

Preparing finger-licking food is a lot easier than it once was, thanks to instant pots. These multifunctional modern pressure cookers make cooking great-tasting meals in a short space of time possible. It seems like every American has an instant pot today, so students should follow in their footsteps.

It can help Students Save Time

Very few students create a meal plan, which is one of the reasons they can benefit from owning an instant pot. Meal planning will be a thing of the past due to the pressure cooker feature. All the student has to do is place the ingredients into the pot, put the lid firmly on the top, press a few buttons on the display on the instant pot, and go back to their busy schedule. Once the ingredients are ready, the student will hear the alert to notify them their meal is done.

Cleaning the instant pot won’t consume a lot of the students’ valuable time either. The stainless steel pot only needs a quick rinse with warm water and dishwasher liquid. The entire device can be cleaned within a couple of minutes.

They can also take advantage of the slow cooking feature. When this mode is turned on, the student can add the ingredients to the pot in the morning, set the timer and when they arrive home, the ingredients will be freshly-cooked. After a long day studying, students will look forward to coming home to a delicious warm meal.

Instant Pots are Affordable

Although a lot of countries provide free education, students in the UK and the US have to pay a lot of money for third-level education. To make matters worse, the cost of studying in these countries seems to be rising. Most students have to be very careful with money, which is another reason they should invest in an instant pot.

You can pick up a top-notch instant pot for less than $150 from your local appliance store, or you can find a wide range of instant pots for sale online. Most well-known online marketplaces advertise a long list of modern instant pots. If you are on a tight budget, you should be able to purchase a basic instant pot for less than $100.


Save Energy

Most students are concerned about the environment, so they are often in the market for cooking appliances that don’t consume a lot of energy. Surprisingly, instant pots are one of the greenest cooking appliances available today. With the cost of electricity rising, the device can help students cut the cost of their utility bills, and minimize their carbon footprint.

Because instant pots allow you to cook food quickly, they don’t require a lot of energy. For example, if you are using a conventional cooking appliance, like a stove to cook a stew, you can expect it to take around six to seven hours. You can cook the same ingredients with an instant pot in less than one hour! Not only will this modern device help you save time, but it will help save you a lot of money too.

Easy to Use

Very few students want to spend their college days trying to figure out how to use complicated cooking appliances. Of course, students want to eat tasty food, but they don’t have the time nor the patience to spend all day in the kitchen.

Learning how to operate an instant pot is easy. Each device comes with a manufacturer’s instruction manual, which will have lots of information on how to use the device. There are tons of recipes available online, so the student will never run out of things to cook. They will learn how to cook different meats, tasty treats like this healthy snack, and even desserts. Once they get the hang of the buttons and the LED screen, they will be able to cook thousands of new and exciting meals.

There are several instant pot tutorials uploaded to online streaming services worth checking out, and students should consider joining one of the many instant pot groups on social media platforms. Instant pots are loved all over the globe, and one group on Facebook dedicated to the multifunctional cooker has over two million members. Each day, lots of members post recipes, images, and videos of meals they have made with instant pots.

They don’t take up a lot of Space

If you are living in student accommodation, such as a student dorm room, it’s likely that you don’t have a lot of space. Unlike other conventional cooking appliances, instant pots are small, so you should have no problems putting them on your kitchen top counter.

Although some instant pots are large, there are smaller models out there that will suit students who only have a limited amount of space in their kitchen. These tiny pots are just over ten inches tall, and seven inches in diameter, so you should easily be able to store them in your cupboard or on your kitchen counter.

Lots of Safety Features

The last thing a student will want is to cook food with unsafe cooking appliances. A lot can go wrong with traditional pressure cookers, and lots of people have sustained serious injuries from a pressure cooker exploding when opening it.

Instant pots come with a wide range of safety features to ensure the person operating the device doesn’t get hurt. When the pressure builds up inside the appliance, the lid will be firmly locked so the person using it won’t be able to open it when it’s not safe to do so. You won’t have to worry about it exploding because opening it won’t be possible.

However, instant pot owners are encouraged to clean the device after using it to avoid mold growing inside. If you forget to clean the inner pot, or don’t bother drying it, mold can start to form inside the pot, making it dangerous to cook food. Examine the rubber ring that connects to the lid, and if you notice a foul odor after cleaning it, then you might want to consider replacing it. 

You can cook Almost Anything with it

Cooking a big meal can consume a lot of time, which is why most students opt to cook quick meals. However, an instant pot allows you to cook all sorts of great-tasting meals in a short space of time. If you only have a limited amount of time to spend in the kitchen, and a hectic college schedule, then an instant pot might prove to be a fantastic investment.

Although you can use it to cook meats, did you know you can also use instant pots to make the following?

  • Yogurt maker: Some come with a yogurt-making feature that allows you to easily make homemade yogurt.
  • Desserts: From cheesecakes to chocolate pudding. Students who enjoy eating and making desserts from scratch will love their instant pots.
  • Steamed vegetables: If you are in the market for a gift for a student, you might be worried that they are not eating enough vegetables. Instant pots make cooking vegetables easy!