Image: Jacob Owens on Unsplash

Liking someone is easy. That usually happens unintentionally. People fall for people they would never expect to like. That happens all the time. However, liking someone is just a first step. It depends only on you. You can like 1000 people simultaneously, but if none of them likes you back – you won’t be happy with your love life. That’s why this article will give you advice on what to do when you like someone.

Be on a Wire 24/7

Most couples nowadays meet online; that’s how the world works. Even when two singles meet in person first, they continue chatting online. Having a conversation online is a convenient way to stay in touch with people; you can do it 24/7 on all social media or dating sites. You’re probably scratching your head, wondering why that is important for your situation. Imagine this:

You’re talking to your friends about your crush that sits a couple of tables away. She’s alone, reading something on her phone. Friends are trying to make you talk to her. Since you aren’t a great talker, you’re having second thoughts. Then out of nowhere… One of your friends mentions he saw her on a flirtini dating app right when you get the courage to approach her. You look at him like he’s crazy for bringing a dating app up, but he smiles like he knows something you don’t. While another round of drinks is on the way, he starts explaining. Soon you have to use duct tape to keep your jaw from hitting the floor. Why? Because he opened your eyes:

  • when you know where someone you like spends time online, you can start a conversation there
  • you can learn a lot about a person from its social media or dating accounts
  • by being online and chatting with your crush, you’ll make a bond much quicker than by just going on a date once a week (or by daydreaming about having a conversation in person)

But don’t chop the branch you’re sitting on; follow the advice from the next paragraph to avoid starting a friendship instead of a relationship.

Flirting Online

Being on the wire 24/7 isn’t enough to get attention from your crush. Chatting is one step closer, but if you speak about the weather and that vanilla stuff, you’ll fall into the friend zone. That happens all the time to men and women around the world. People are afraid to say what they feel. They’re satisfied just by the fact they’re having a conversation with someone they like. And that’s a rookie mistake.

You have to let your crush know you like her. Of course, you won’t go promising your eternal love after 2 days of chatting. A well-placed compliment or a suggestion of an activity two of you could do together are great ways to test how she feels about you. That works for social media, but you have to take a more direct approach if you meet on a dating app. Don’t be afraid to flirt. Even if you fail, that will be a great lesson for the next time. And with the rising popularity of Android and IOS apps, you won’t have to wait long before the next chance occurs.

Ask More Question

Conversations are like fire. They’ll keep burning only if you throw wood into the flames. Questions keep the conversation alive, so don’t hesitate. When you think you’ve asked everything you need to know – ask more questions. That will show you’re a good listener who pays attention to her words, and it will keep her interested. And no, don’t ask questions like:” What are you doing?” Ask that more than once, and you’ll look desperate. Also, don’t be afraid to touch flirty topics such as sex. Talking about sex isn’t taboo. It’s exciting; try it out sometimes.

Be More Attentive

When you like someone, you have to let them know how you feel by your words and actions, if you keep promising, you’ll be attentive in the chat, but you act like you don’t care in person – she’ll get mixed signals and walk away. Show that you care. Combined with moderately flirting, is one of the best recipes for starting a relationship with someone you like.

Spend Time Together

All the chat you have online won’t mind a lot if you don’t spend any time together. Chatting is good for making a connection, but to capitalize on that, you have to go on dates (or hang out with the same group of people). That will give you a chance to flirt, show affection by being considerate, and ask all the questions you want.

Now you have 5 fresh tips on getting and preserving the attention of the special person you like. Put your new knowledge to good use, and get your crush. Good luck.