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For prescription medications, most often, directions are clear to either take them with food or on an empty stomach. Some formulas will absorb much more effortlessly with food, and sometimes medications can irritate the stomach or create nausea if taken on an empty stomach.

CBD (cannabidiol) in its many forms, which you can check out at, with CBD capsules being among the most preferred methods for administration, is a natural alternative for overall wellness. There are no official guidelines on how to take the substance or recommended daily dosing, so many people wonder whether food is a requirement when consuming.

Some studies indicate that food could be beneficial, but which foods are better at enhancing the effects of the cannabinoid is still being taken into consideration. There are a few contenders thought to help maximize cannabidiol’s properties. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

Types Of Foods That Help Maximize The Effects Of CBD

Based on the bioavailability of CBD capsules and other formulas, scientists are researching ways to increase the efficacy. Capsules and tinctures are among the most popular consumables, but research indicates that these might be more effective with specific food intake.

Because CBD is fat-soluble instead of being water-soluble, the indication is that indulging in a high, healthy-fat snack might allow the cannabinoid to pass into the bloodstream more readily. Otherwise, the cells are not as readily accepting of the compound, making achieving the effects a much more complicated process for the system.

When you consume a meal or a snack rich in healthy fat while ingesting the capsule, it helps with absorption, helping the cells receive the capsules without much of a challenge. Some health options for high-fat snacks or meals when consuming CBD include:

  • Emulsified fat like you’ll find in mayonnaise or chocolate
  • Sesame or olive oils
  • Avocado
  • Coconut or MCT oils, both of which can improve absorption
  • Fish
  • Nuts

Fats can easily cross into the bloodstream orally, helping to speed up bioavailability. Since edibles are solids such as gummies or baked goods, some of these can create greater efficiency than liquid formulas. You can also add oil to foods and beverages like smoothies or oatmeal. One of the most preferred consumption methods is capsules.

Most often, when engaging in a wellness regimen, supplements and vitamins are taken in the morning before starting the day. That is an excellent time to take CBD capsules. These need consuming with a full glass of water and should be enjoyed with breakfast, ensuring that you indulge in healthy fats so that the cannabinoid absorbs into the system quickly.

If you prefer the tinctures, another popular delivery method, the oil version is much more versatile, with drops added to various foods and beverages. You can add this to your morning coffee or tea while eating your morning meal.

There are many ways to enhance the efficacy when using CBD in its varied forms by incorporating healthy, high-fat food and beverages. A good way to ensure that you’re doing so in the most healthful way is to collaborate with your primary care physician, who can help guide you through the process.

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Spices And Herbs That Add To Your Experience

There is a wide range of spices and herbs that are rich in terpenes meant to enhance the bioavailability of CBD. Some of the most prominent include:

  • Black pepper
  • Rosemary
  • Turmeric

These can be sprinkled on any dish, salad, or accouterments. Full-spectrum CBD oil products encompassing the whole hemp plant also comprise terpenes that help with the overall absorbability.

Caffeine is a compound that some dispute as harsh for health, and others contribute to health benefits. There are indications that the substance can increase CBD bioavailability because it moves swiftly past the digestive tract. If indulging in CBD capsules with the coffee (or alongside the coffee and a meal), the compound could ride along with the caffeine into the bloodstream faster than it normally would by going through the usual channels.

Final Thought

The different CBD formulas offer their own absorbability rates, with vaping and smoking being the fastest acting and edibles and capsule ingestion taking a bit longer. The suggestion is if you consume these products with healthy, high-fat foods, you might be able to increase the bioavailability making some of your chosen methods work faster for you than the suggested estimations for the products.

In saying that, CBD capsules note to take upwards of 90 minutes for a response. For example, the indication is that caffeine seems to surf its way through the digestive system quite rapidly, potentially enhancing CBD bioavailability. That would imply if you prefer capsules as many users do, you can consume the capsules alongside a cup of coffee and a high-fat breakfast with the potential for the capsules to react in a faster time frame than they would if you were to take them on an empty stomach. View this for details on everything you might want to know about CBD pills and capsules.

There are no official guidelines nor definitive feedback from research. This is all speculation from science but undoubtedly worth trying in an effort to see enhanced efficiency from a compound that already has witnesses testifying to generalized efficacy.