The digital age has given rise to new industries that predominately use online platforms. So, here are some of the most successful internet-driven sectors.

Most businesses have shifted their operations online, as the internet has made it easier than ever before to run a company from your computer. This has paved the way for new online industries which have taken the commercial world by storm. So, in our article today, we are going to be discussing some of the fastest-growing online industries in the world right now. These business sectors have fully capitalised on the popularity of the internet, successfully delivering products and services to the consumers of the digital age. Keep reading to find out what these industries are and why they have grown so exponentially.

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E-commerce is short for electronic commerce. This industry is the digital version of the retail industry, except it’s actually starting to overtake the high street now. E-commerce has soared in popularity over the past few years because it suits the modern consumer’s behaviour. Our culture has become obsessed with instant gratification; we want everything to be quick, easy, and convenient. E-commerce can fulfil this need for instant gratification. We can simply go on our mobile phones and buy a new television or item of clothing, saving us from travelling to the high street for these things. As such, e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now.


The iGaming industry has also been rapidly growing over the past few years. iGaming is another word for online gambling, which usually consists of things like slot machines, card and table games, sports betting, fantasy sports, ectara. As governments across the world have started to legislate and create a regulated market for iGaming, this industry has been allowed to prosper. In Norway and Finland, for example, customers can now legally play in licenced online casinos like Veikkauskertoimet. As this industry is still relatively new, it is growing at an exponential rate. More and more companies are investing in iGaming start-ups to try and find a spot for themselves in this expanding market.

Digital Marketing

As the majority of businesses have now transitioned online, they need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. This has given rise to the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing is essentially marketing which is exclusively for the internet. The most common examples of this include social media advertising and search engine optimisation. Businesses will hire digital marketing agencies to improve their online visibility and generate traffic to their e-commerce website.

Cyber Security

Everyone knows the importance of protecting their physical assets. But now that we live in a digital age, our data is equally valuable. As such, the cyber security industry has seen a huge amount of growth in recent years. E-commerce businesses especially need cyber security to ensure their customers are able to safely conduct monetary transactions on their websites. Keeping your client’s personal information safe from cyber criminals is also a must.

These are some of the fastest-growing online industries in the world right now.