Image: Surface on Unplash

People today have a hard time even remembering how life was before the internet took over the world. The younger generation has no idea what it was like to not have a mobile device in their pocket or a laptop in their backpack. So many things have changed through the years because of the web that it would take a book to cover them all. For now, this article will cover some of the basic things that we all assume are normal living today.

1. Down Time-Time that we used to spent waiting in lines for our food or to get up to the bank teller, or even the yearly trip to the courthouse to renew license plates, is no longer a thing that society must deal with. Faces immediately get attached to a mobile device. Scrolling through social platforms, watching videos, or checking in with family and friends. What was once a time to gather your thoughts, or patiently wait for a line to move, has been replaced with technological devices and impatience due to always thinking on the go.

2. Medical-Most of us no longer rush to the doctor’s office at the first sign of a cough, or when our head is pounding. A web search allows us to self-diagnose, and fix, many of our own problems. Now, this is not to say that doctor’s visits are a thing of the past. In truth, it is more important now, more than ever, because society relies on the internet for everything. Some health care professionals are allowing patients to go online for their appointments, via a live meeting room, which allows those of us that use our internet for everything a chance for a real doctor or nurse to evaluate any medical issues that are going on. People that have a hard time getting around, or that are sick, find these online visits a great way to connect with their provider, and to keep them informed of their problems and concerns.

3. Television-Cable and local channels used to be the way of life for those that wanted to watch shows or the news. With the internet being available in almost every area of the country you can now have web access and watch streaming TV and shows from online companies. You can have different NBN plans for faster service for uploading videos and games. You can subscribe to movies and music through an application. No longer do you go to the corner movie rental business, or to the closest music store for a record. Online access gives it all to you at the touch of a button.

4. Work-For most of us when we went home from work for the day we were done. Now, with mobile devices and internet access available anywhere, people work more and relax less. Managers can access their sales numbers, expense reports, call-in lists, and every other aspect of work that they need. It is basically a way to work from home when you are not onsite. Basic employees even spend more time working, without getting compensated for it. Reading about their company in the news, typing, and reading in private group threads, and even chatting in online rooms about their days, all consist of work. You may not actually be doing things for work, but you are discussing work. Everyone spends more time with work-related tasks and less time relaxing and enjoying the time off.

5. Shopping-Walking through a retail, or grocery, store for hours to get all the items that you need. Then standing in line for another 30 minutes to pay for everything is becoming less of a reality. Online shopping has changed the way many people get items. Even grocery items can be ordered and either delivered to your home, or you can drive to a designated parking spot and have it brought out to you. Anything that you could possibly ever want can be found online now.

There are many more changes that the internet has brought to our lives. Some of them you may remember or may have been told about, while others are lost in the history books. Society today is mobile, on the go, and rushing through life without taking the time to sit down and relax.