Image: Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Technological advances have inspired the gaming industry into what it is currently. For example, before the internet, gamers had to visit a physical casino to play their favorite games. However, the internet gave birth to online casinos that increased the availability of casino services. If you are in Canada, you can check out the Spin Casino, which is an online casino Canada gamers visit a lot. Besides the internet, several other technological advances have helped the gaming industry to grow. Read on to discover these technologies.

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have taken the gaming sector to unprecedented heights. When smartphones hit the market, no one would have thought they would transform human life the way they have. Thanks to mobile gaming, players can enjoy their favorite games on the go. 

Moreover, mobile gaming has also forced game developers to change their game designs. For instance, since it is gaming on the go, it requires the games to be less tasking and more casual. This gaming mode has led to the birth of numerous casual games. 

Cloud Gaming

Although it is still a new concept, cloud gaming will have unbelievable effects on the gaming industry. This gaming concept is based on cloud computing technology. With this concept, game developers intend to eliminate gaming systems that require robust hardware. Instead, they want to make the load lighter using cloud computing technology. 

As a result, gamers are no longer limited by the memory of their devices. By using the cloud gaming concept, games use massive server size limits. So, when you play games based on the cloud, you stream images to your screen through the internet. 

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology is not a new phenomenon. However, the potential of the technology in the gaming industry has not been fully exploited. Nowadays, computers can effortlessly recognize voice commands from users. 

With this technology, you can turn your console on and off. Additionally, gamers can also use voice commands to control gameplay, search the web, interact on social media and play music from their media collection. 

Facial Recognition

With 3D scanning and facial recognition technology enables systems to create your likeness in the gaming sector. This means that you can create a tailor-made avatar that looks like you. Moreover, you can use the technology to transfer your expressions to other digital creations.

Besides that, game developers can use technologies such as Intel RealSense 3D cameras to develop games that can adapt to the gamer’s emotions. The camera can scan up to 78 different points on the gamer’s face. For example, when the gamer grimaces at the screen, it communicates to the system to dial down the game’s difficulty. 

Gesture Control

How would you love to get rid of your controller? Well, Intel RealSense technology enables gamers to enjoy first-person shooter games. To put it another way, you can interact with your device using hand waves. 

This technology uses a 3D camera that tracks up to 22 different points in your hand. So, gesture control technology lets you connect to your gaming experience by using your natural body movements. 

Please gamble responsibly.