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Asia has many territories to explore, and Vietnam is one of them. Plan your vacations in this country and live one of the best moments of your life!

Vietnam is a beautiful country with lots of natural beauties, historical monuments, interesting cities, amazing beaches, delicious food, friendly people, etc. If you are preparing a trip to Vietnam, then it’s time to create your itinerary. This article will help you plan your perfect vacation in Vietnam.

Where to stay in Vietnam?

There are several options when traveling to Vietnam. You can choose from budget hotels or luxury resorts. The main thing you should consider before deciding where to stay in Vietnam is location. It depends on what part of Vietnam you want to visit. Do you prefer beach destinations or mountains?

How long should I stay?

Of course, the answer to this question varies depending on how much you want to travel around Vietnam. A week would be enough if you just want to experience Vietnam as a tourist, but if you have 6 months to travel around the world, then 2-3 weeks might not be enough.

How much does it cost?

As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of accommodation, so the price also differs. Luxury accommodations usually cost more than cheap ones. Don’t forget to compare prices before booking because sometimes they offer discounts.

What should I bring?

When visiting Vietnam, you may get some questions about what to bring. Well, here is an easy checklist that will ensure you don’t forget anything important.

1. Passport – Always carry your passport with you at all times. Also, keep photocopies of your visa and plane tickets in case something happens to your originals.

2. Money – Bring cash in order to pay for things like souvenirs, tipping, local transportation, etc.

3. Phone – Make sure that you charge your phone while traveling. Don’t rely on the hotel charging service, since it could take up to 24 hours to fully charge your phone.

4. Camera – Take pictures during your trip and use them as mementos. Some tourists who visited Vietnam said that their favorite photo was taken by using their camera.

##What to visit?

Now that you know everything about traveling to Vietnam, we can give you our top recommendations. These places were chosen based on thousands of reviews from travelers worldwide. So let’s go…

Top 7:  Things To See In Vietnam

1) Hanoi Old Quarter (Ha Noi Thanh Tien Hoa):

One of the most popular attractions in Hanoi is its old quarter, known as Ha Noi Thanh Tieu Hoa. Many travelers recommend going here, especially at night. The street market is very lively and full of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc.

2) Halong Bay (Quang Ninh Hai Lang Quoc Gia Nai):

Located between Hanoi and Saigon, this bay has become one of the new hotspots of Vietnam. Those who love water activities such as kayaking, swimming, diving, snorkeling, etc., definitely enjoy Halong Bay.

3) Hue Imperial City (Ho Chi Minh Thanh Pho Chu Tu):

This city attracts many tourists due to its imperial architecture and cultural background. Many well-known historical events happened here, such as the Vietnam War, Paris Peace Conference, etc. If you thought these historical sites only appeared in history books, think again! They still exist today, although they now serve other purposes!

4) Mekong Delta (Thanh Phu Viet Nam Xe Tam Ky):

Besides the beauty of its landscapes, another reason why this region attracts millions of tourists per year is its delicious food. Visitors can try tropical fruits, fresh herbs, seafood, etc.

5) Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

With its modern skyscrapers or high-rise buildings, luxurious shopping malls, and fast-food chains, this city provides a blend of both ancient culture and modern lifestyle.

6) Cuc Phuong National Park (Cung Phuong Quoc Giao Biosphere Reserve):

This park sits right next to Ho Chi Minh City. It’s home to various species of animals and plants.

7) Da Lat (Da Lat Ly Thai Nguyen):

Located just south of Huế, this charming town is famous for its beautiful scenery. But don’t forget to taste some Vietnamese cuisine when visiting this place.

Do you need a visa to enter Vietnam?

Yes, most countries require an e-visa for Vietnam. If you need an e-visa, you can check this document and get your [Vietnam eVisa] by applying easily in just 15 minutes. So feel worry-free because an exceptional team is ready to help you throughout the process.