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Nowadays, it is not possible to make a difference and draw attention in a market where there are many players without focusing on PR and advertising. Have you developed a new application? Do you have an online casino site? Or do you want to promote a specific game like Reactoonz online slots? Regardless of your goal, you have to hire an advertising agency to outdo your competitors, and finding the best agency can be quite difficult. You can find hundreds of PR and advertising agencies in Europe: Whatever your product or service is, they will all claim to promote it in the best way possible. Well, which ones are telling the truth? Which are the best PR and advertising agencies in Europe? We’ll list them below: Now you know who you should work with to promote a new product or service.


Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) is a company with a 35-year history that has been the largest advertising agency in the UK for the past 16 years. If you want the biggest and the best, AMV BBDO should be your default choice. The company won 10 “agency of the year” awards from different organizations between 2010 and 2013. AMV is now part of the BBDO group, but we can safely say that it hasn’t lost anything from its creativity. The agency’s customer portfolio includes brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BBC, Doritos, Pepsi, Snickers, and YouTube.


Second on our list is an agency that is not very big, but it is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to innovation. Founded in 2020, the agency is based in London but also has offices in Madrid, Singapore, and the USA. VCCP’s area of ​​expertise is brand transformation. So instead of promoting a new brand, it focuses on changing the identity of an existing brand. The best example of this is the London Public Transport services. VCCP encouraged people to use public transport and bicycles instead of cars by running the advertisement called “Transport for London”. The campaign is still ongoing, and it’s aim is that 80% of the population of London will start using public transport in 2041.


If you have visited Munich Airport, you must have seen the slogan “Enter The Match” almost everywhere. This slogan belongs to a campaign run by Mediaplus for Eurosport. Eurosport signed a deal with Mediaplus to promote its mobile application, and with this campaign, the number of app users increased by 141%. Mediaplus is currently the largest independent advertising agency in Europe, and its portfolio includes brands such as Linkedin, Caprisun, BMW, and Mini Cooper.

THE & Partnership

You may know this agency under the name “CHI & Partners”. Founded in 2001 by Simon Clemmow, Johnny Hornby and Charles Inge, the company changed its name in 2018. THE & Partnership, the second-largest advertising agency based in London, works with very big names. Toyota, Lexus, Google, Samsung, GODIVA, and The SUN are some of the companies the agency works with. THE & Partnership is also the most awarded advertising agency at the Cannes Lions festival.

BBH London

The Far East market is an attractive opportunity for all Western brands, but this market has its own rules. For example, you cannot see anyone running on the street in Bangkok: People prefer gyms to exercise. Wanting to enter this market and change the rules, Nike made a deal with BBH London and gave it a big task: change Asian people’s exercise habits and convince them to go out. BBH London achieved an impressive success by organizing a real-time running game called “GO BKK”. In just 15 days, 15,362 runners started running through the streets of Bangkok in Nike brand shoes. Nike has achieved incredible success in the Asian market, thanks to this campaign. Founded in 1982, BBH London is also one of the oldest advertising agencies in Europe.

Saatchi & Saatchi

The specialty of this agency is to prepare advertisements that last short but leave a lasting effect. The company’s motto is “You only have 7 seconds to make a lasting impression.” In other words, almost none of its ads take longer than 7 seconds. The campaign they organized for the Italian race car Abarth was, therefore, very impressive. Abarth’s 0-100 km acceleration time is only 6.7 seconds, and this fact was used in the advertising campaign called “Love At First Sight”. This ad, which lasted only 7 seconds, showed both Abarth’s unique qualities and emphasized how fast it really is. Founded in 1970, the agency also runs the advertising campaigns of Unicef ​​and the London Film Academy.

VMLY&R London

How would you promote a new product in a new market? How do you make it stand out from its competitors and attract attention? This was the problem VMLY & R London agency faced with the product called Mayochup, produced by Heinz. This product, a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, was new and no one knew if it would be successful. VMLY & R London created a social media-only ad campaign and turned it into a voting game: In each ad, users were humorously asked whether they would like to see Mayochup on the market. Thanks to this campaign, brand awareness increased by 27% and Heinz decided to launch this new product. VMLY & R London is one of the agencies that use social media most effectively and runs Ford’s advertising campaigns too.


Founded in 1997, Mindshare is considered the most effective advertising agency using digital media. KFC wanted to get involved in esports games in some way to increase brand awareness, but couldn’t find an agency that offered a sensible proposition. Mindshare made a very interesting proposal: Let’s create a robot version of the Colonel, let it predict League of Legends match results, and increase brand exposure. They really did it: They created an algorithm that can predict the winner using historical and real-time data and made it a part of the LoL game. The KFC prediction robot managed to reach 203 million players, more than 25 times what was planned. Reaching 203 million potential consumers with a single ad was a real success.

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