Image: Jordan Nix on Unsplash

So, we all come to that moment in life where we land the perfect new job and it lies as the perfect opportunity to reinvent our work wardrobes and extend our personality by the way we dress. Dress sense has always been a reflection of the inner fashion goddess we all are, but does dress sense stop at actual clothing? No, absolutely not. It is expressed in the accessories we include within our outfits, yes you got it, our handbags! The bag you carry will reflect who you are, more than you think. So, we are here to help you put your best foot forward, and select that bag that will elevate your overall look massively! 

While sometimes bags can be quite expensive and do need a budget, for the luxurious key pieces we have our eye on, currently there are £10 free no deposit casino UK bonuses which you can check out and hope fate will award you with some nice cash to splash on your go-to wish list bag. If not, we have some alternatives which suit all budgets. So, stay with us right here and let’s complete your wardrobe!

Formal or fun?

First of all, when it comes to selecting a bag for work, you need to think about the style you are willing to work with. Usually, work bags often are quite neutral, so that they can work with a series of outfits, no problem. However, some style icons love to vibe up their outfit with vibrant and funky bags, so that the bag is the main focus of the outfit and essentially brings the outfit to life. This works exceptionally well, because first it makes you seen for all the right reasons; second you will make a neutral suit of black for example, just amplify!

Some people think that bags should complement the outfit, while others think that the bag is the opportunity to really jazz up the entire outfit and create a unique dynamic for yourself. What we are here to say is, there are no right or wrong answers at all here. Just you and your style.

Complementary colours 

By approaching the idea of using complementary colours first for example, the best colours to work with for a work bag, are of course fellow neutrals, such as beiges, browns, nudes, black, white etc. will most definitely go with every outfit that you have in your wardrobe too. So, if you want to play it safe, you can do it, no problem. 

Mustard has become a vibrant colour that has worked its way into everyday office wear, why? Because the tone is so attractive and really can complement the main neutrals that are work wear. For example, say you have a grey suit, with white tones for your blouse and shoes. If you added white as the bag colour, sure it would work in harmony, but if you add mustard, let’s just say it really turns it all up a notch and makes things far more exciting. Use your bag as a way to express the wild side in you. We all have one…

For brand goals, we have seen Gucci and Fendi pull off this work wear with block colours for accessories very well indeed. Yet the belts, tote bags and shoes were minimalist in the way they carried themselves off. All the attention was purely on the cut and style, and not on details. Minimalism really is the future. On a budget for bags, we would say that The Bridge Online is a great new upcoming Italian brand that makes amazing custom totes for a fraction of the designer price. Yet you will still find that designer quality in the pieces.

Function is everything too

You heard that right. Function is essential as you want to make sure you can fit the lunch in, your heavy Filofax, your laptop and all the extras and in between. Most high street bags will not really be able to handle the load and for that reason you may see yourself buying a new one, sooner rather than later, if you are not careful about your options. By opting for the bag filled with multiple compartments, zips, laptop holder/wallet integrated in the bag and more, you will find that the bag has been designed for the heavier side of things. Meaning you can stay organised and carry everything you need to within your bag, without having to opt for a backpack, which might we add, does not look good with your Reiss suit, not at all.

Many people often opt for the tote because they believe it has the most function for work wear and yet also provide great simplicity to be coordinated with your everyday style, due to the minimalism that it provides.

We hope after reading that small summary, it makes it seem so much easier to get a bag for yourself and your new working environment. Wherever you decide to buy your new bag from, just remember its function most importantly, is to heighten your style and express that inner fashion guru of yours. So, do not be shy!

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