Image: Riot Games

Are you hard stuck in Silver? Can’t get out of Bronze even though your aim is cracked? Chances are, you’re making mistakes unrelated to your aiming ability that are preventing you from moving up the ranks. Here are some of the most common ones:

Attack Side Mistakes

  • Grouping up too much – one of the biggest advantages of attack side is the ability to overwhelm the enemy defense, your 5 attackers vs 2 or 3 defenders. However, at low levels attacking teams often group up too early in the round. This allows defenders to take map control, and then quickly rotate. Suddenly that 5v2 has become a 5v4 because the B Defenders know that no one is there. As a rule of thumb there should be at least one player at each site when the round starts unless you are explicitly rushing one site.
  • Making too much noise – Again, this is specific to the start of the round. With Valorant Attacker and Defender spawns so close to each other, defenders can often hear attacker movement as soon as the round starts. Far too often to players run out of the gates, giving defenders valuable information.
  • Not rotating – As we’ll get to in a minute, Defenders in low level Valorant rotate early and often. Attackers who get delayed by Defender utility for even 15 or 20 seconds often end up pushing into a site that has 4+ enemies on it. If you instead rotate, you can easily take a weakly defended site. But please don’t make another common mistake in rotating, which is to run. Walk away from the original site, at least until you’re far enough that Defenders won’t hear you running, and ideally leave 1 player behind to make noise and hold the enemy there.

Defender Side Mistakes

  • Over-rotating – Defenders rotate far too quickly on Defense. 1 or 2 attacking players will make noise at A and suddenly the B defenders sprint there and leave B completely open for the taking only seconds into the round. At least one defender should remain on each site until there is an actual commitment onto the site by the attacking team.
  • Retaking one-by-one – Once the attacking team has planted the spike, the Defenders become “attackers” in the sense that they need to retake the area has been lost. Too often, defenders that are closer to the site don’t wait for their teammates before going in. Instead, they go in as soon as they get there, and the defending team ends up in a series of 1v3 fights even in a 3v3 retake. Wait for your teammates to get there before attempting to retake.

General Mistakes

  • Utility – At low levels, Valorant players try to use their utility at the “perfect” time. The problem is, the perfect time often never comes, or it comes and goes without the players even realizing. Don’t be shy about using utility, including ultimates. It’s better to waste a flash on a corner that is empty than die because you didn’t use it.
  • Communication – Valorant is ultimately a team game, and the better you can communicate with your teammates the more successful you will find yourself. Even if you don’t have a mic or aren’t comfortable speaking, you can use the tools built into the game to ping where enemies are or otherwise communicate. Far too often players and teams are silent at low levels.

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