A stainless steel wall shelf is used to optimize the working zones and get more additional storage space. Stainless steel shelves can serve as a stand for kitchen utensils, a microwave oven and other appliances, heavy-weight items, or even ingredients, spices, bulk products, etc. It all depends on what goals you want to achieve: free the workspace from items that interfere with cooking or solve the problem of lack of storage areas in cramped kitchens with the help of stainless steel floating shelves.

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It will be possible to correctly fit and install the stainless steel wall shelf into the existing commercial kitchen space if their design does not violate symmetry, match the overall design, and meets ergonomic criteria for ensuring the smooth performance of the staff. Experts do not recommend hanging shelves near the stove and sink. Otherwise, the contents will have to be constantly cleaned from splashes of grease, food particles, spills. Luckily, stainless steel is the type of material that is easy to care for. Thus, even in the event if a wall shelf will be exposed to contamination, dirt, or dust, you quickly can deal with it by wiping the surface with a soft cloth and a soapy, warm solution.  Mostly, a wall shelf is mounted above the work tables to manage the access to tools and utensils.

As for assembly and installation, attaching wall shelves is usually a straightforward and hassle-free task that will take a little time and effort. If you plan to keep weighty objects on the kitchen shelf, it itself must be strong and solid enough, and for its additional reliability, decorative brackets should be applied. For this reason, stainless steel is the best choice over other materials. In addition, you can choose not only wall shelves, but also stainless steel table with casters, drawers, upper or bottom shelves, sinks and faucets of various configurations, sheet pan racks with up to 20 levels, and entire shelving systems.

Things to know about restaurant equipment such as stainless steel wall shelf

The main distinguishing feature of stainless steel, which directly affects the safety of processes occurring in the kitchen, is its resistance to the effects of various chemical and food compounds (for example, detergents used in professional kitchens, carbonic, citric or phosphoric acids, or excessive moisture). For this reason, a stainless steel prep table with wheels, commercial sinks, or shelves are not subject to corrosion and other changes, guaranteeing no negative impact on the prepared meals. What other benefits you will obtain:

  • Long-lasting options. Depending on the operating conditions and the proper maintenance, the equipment can serve from 20 to 50 years.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs. The material will retain its shape and beauty and won’t deteriorate even with intensive daily use.
  • Compliance with hygiene requirements. Due to the fact that the surface of stainless steel materials is non-porous and smooth, microorganisms and dirt will not get into the cracks and will not multiply there, affecting the quality of the dishes.

Stainless steel is water-repellent and not a single ugly stain will appear on the surface due to the protective layer of the material.