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Every day, we see new technologies come to market and immediately change the way people live their lives. This is not a new phenomenon, being it is something that has being going on since the beginning of mankind. Remember, the creation of fire was a new “technology” in the eyes of prehistoric man.

Some of the most interesting changes we have seen over the last 20 years have come in the online entertainment arena. Today, people can shop online, watch movies online, play games online and even gamble for real cash prizes online. It is the latter item that gives relevance to what online gambling sites like William Hill 2020 have to offer new online gambling customers.

To be clear, online gambling has been around for over 20 years now. It unto itself is not a new technology. However, like everything else that survives and thrives online, there has been a constant technological evolution within the online gambling industry.

How Changes Have Led to A Growing Population of Online Gamblers

Back in the day, the appeal of online casino and sports gambling was confined to hardcore gamblers who were looking for alternatives to visiting their favorite land based casinos and bet shops. The earliest online gambling sites provided these alternatives. What the industry soon came to realize was changes were needed to expand the appeal of online gambling for the masses.

The first material change came in the form of better and more sophisticated game choices. Eventually, the evolution of online fruit machines into video slots with fun and exciting bonus features increased the appeal of online casinos for slot players. This effectively opened the online casino door for female gamblers who have not historically been interested in sports gambling, preferring casino games instead.  

The next big evolutionary step came as online operators began offering customers mobile access to their gambling sites. Today, online gambling enthusiasts can easily access online gambling sites with their favorite mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) from anywhere they can get a data connection. Arguably, mobile access to online gambling sites, including lotteries, has been responsible for driving millions of people into online gambling community. Convenience is always a motivating factor for people who are looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained.

The above changes would certainly account for the more recent increases in the popularity of online gambling. Still, the gambling industry has been looking for ways to appeal to younger adults. It looks like they have found it with the innovation of live dealer games and Virtual Reality (VR) for online gamblers. It is important to remember millennials have been raised on video games that eventually involved into a robust VR gaming phenomenon. It makes sense they would be interested in other forms of adult entertainment that included the same VR technology.

In the UK, more than 24 million residents gamble on a regular basis. Of that number, 10 million or more people gamble online. Flash: this is not a fad. Innovation is leading to an increased interest in online gambling across the UK and the world. 

Please gamble responsibly.