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Taylor Swift, the Eras tourist has been on a record-breaking spree since her emergence into the music industry back in 2006, and it became clearer that the 33-year-old, 12 times Grammy Award winner was made for greatness after the commencement of “Eras Tour,” earlier this year – since she has broken more records in 2023 than she ever did in previous years.

Recently, amidst her preparations for the second half of the Eras tour, Taylor Swift’s version of the “1989” album hit the no. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 album chart within 1 week of its release.

The “1989” album which was first released back on 27th October 2014 was re-recorded and re-released by the pop star just last month on the same day as its old version, 27th October 2023. Its hitting the No. 1 spot on Billboard 200 makes Taylor’s 13th Album to do so since the beginning of her career.

The Eras Tour is not close to ending, but it has already made its mark in history and everything about it is magical. We have lots of reasons to remember the Eras Tour for hundreds of years to come. Some of these are specifically the fun way Taylor Swift chooses to announce certain significant events during her concerts in the first leg of the tour, including the release date of her version of “1989.”

Delightfully, the second wave of Taylor’s Eras Tour will commence on the 9th of November, that is this Thursday and you can get Taylor Swift tickets from an attested marketplace at the comfort of your home.

Taylor Swift’s Newly Found Relationship

Speaking of relationships, Taylor Swift seems to have found the perfect man on the 24th of September since she has been inseparable from the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End player, Travis Kelce after their first meeting on that day.

Even though the two celebrities have refused to make public comments concerning their relationship, we see what they are doing for each other and we read the signs and gestures pretty well.

Recently, there were many speculations on whether their relationship will take a break since the Eras Tourist is set to begin the second leg of the tour by the 9th of November. Arguably, because Taylor Swift allegedly ended her relationship with Joe Alwyn earlier this year she could focus on the Eras Tour.

But all that seems not to be the case since we’ve received credible information that Travis Kelce is set to join Taylor Swift in South America for the second leg of the Eras Tour. Perhaps he isn’t much of a distraction to her compared to Joe Alwyn.

The solidity of this gossip came shortly after notes passed by Kansas City Chiefs highlighted some downtime that the team will be having in week 10 of the season and as fate would have it, this seemed to have lined up perfectly with Taylor Swift’s concerts in Buenos Aires starting on the 9th of November, to 11th of November.

Remember that Taylor Swift has been nothing, but supportive ever since her first attendance of Travis Kelce’s game back on September 24th. Her support to the 34-year-old Travis Kelce has been noticeable to the point where he is believed to not be at his best if Taylor Swift is not in the stands cheering him up.

The two seem to respect each other’s career path and are relentless in showing support even if it means changing locations once in a while to boost each other’s morale.

Latin America Welcomes Taylor Swift

There are fans, and then there are Swifties. Swifties from South America have raised the bar high for other fans in the world after they began camping 5 months ago outside the River Plate Stadium awaiting the opening show of Taylor Swift’s second leg of the Eras Tour.

There had been multiple reports of Swifties living in camps outside the concert venues of Taylor Swift, but none took the world by surprise when it concerns Taylor Swift, like that of the Swifties in Buenos Aires.

Hundreds of Swifties have shared responsibilities within themselves to clean the tents and keep track of everyone who spends a night in any tent. Reports have it that there are at least 60 people in 1 tent, with no one below 18 allowed in the tents.

The administrative Swifties there created some sets of rules to keep the place organized when the camp started in June this year. At a time, the rules were leaked online but it’s nothing they couldn’t handle.

When asked what their reasons were for camping, the majority of them disclosed that they do so to get closer to the stage as possible when doors open and the show begins.

The Swifties there also complained of the different kinds of harassment they had to endure, especially from passersby. They said people called them lazy for sleeping in tents. And others, jobless, telling them to go and look for something to do.

“Swifties” have been one of the major fan bases in the world of entertainment. Their force is so strong that they have managed to lead successful campaigns against music critics, fashion brands, Taylor Swift’s former partners, and generally anyone who feels otherwise about their idol.

Luckily, their camping will soon be rewarded since the Eras Tourist, Taylor Swift is set to begin her concerts there come Thursday.

Billionaire Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has successfully placed herself on the list of potential billionaires in 2024 after organizing the biggest tour of her career.

Forbes reported that the 33-year-old American songwriter and singer is presently worth an estimated $1.1 billion with Eras Tour making a large part of her net worth and the tour isn’t even over yet.

Come to think of it, Taylor Swift is a business-minded person who organized a concert that crashed down the tickets master website when the tour began. “The Eras Tour Movie” also made a significant amount from ticket sales that were considerably sold, and her rights with the record label she currently is with also placed her at an advantage. It was only a matter of time before she made the list, which she had.

Taylor Swift who has headlined 5 tours with the Eras Tour being the 6th is no newbie to how concerts should be organized for the benefit of everyone. The pop star gathered experience from previous tours and poured it into the Eras Tour which is why the success recorded in the first leg of the Tour is a deserved one.

With just 56 shows done, out of 149, the Eras Tour has grossed $780 million with Taylor Swift earning $305 million. The second leg of the tour is set to commence soon and stretch out through next year and Forbes believes it to generate more than a billion $ by the time the tour ends in 2024.

Already, Taylor Swift has beaten Beyoncé to top the Forbes list of top-earning summer concert tours of 2023, alongside Ed-Sheeran and Coldplay. We believe by the time the tour ends in 2024, she will have earned more than everyone on the list combined.