Tulips are beautiful flowers that are known for their exclusive decorative features. These flowers appear in different shapes, colors, and sizes, depending on the variety. Their color can be either monochromatic or have different shades (red, yellow, white, pink, etc.) However, in addition to floriculture, they are also often used in cosmetology, cooking, and even medicine. Today, we will talk about these exclusive properties of tulips in the article.

Impressive Properties of Tulips

As mentioned earlier, tulips are used for different purposes. An impressive variety of flower bulbs from the Netherlands can be found on https://dutch-bulbs.com/ that also sells seeds online. Let’s take a closer look at the spheres where they can be used.

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1) Cooking

Nowadays, many ways to use tulips have already been invented in cooking. They are used not only for decoration but also as one of the ingredients. For example, French cooks make desserts from tulip petals. Flowers are used for making not only sweets but also main courses. Fish or meat is often cooked by adding various parts of the plant. Petals are used in salads, as well as in various liqueurs. You can make a fresh salad from tulip leaves, onions, and vinegar. You can also eat tulip bulbs baked or fried with petals.

Some parts of tulips are used to decorate dishes (cakes, pastries, meat, fish). However, not all tulip varieties can be used in food, but only those that do not have toxins and have not been treated with chemicals.

2) Cosmetology

Tulips are often used in cosmetology, where they are no less common than in cooking. In Japan, a lot of beauty products for the body and face are prepared from tulips: masks, tonics, creams, etc. Tulips contain active elements that have moisturizing, nourishing, and soothing effects on the skin. Tulip cosmetics also have an antioxidant effect, clean the skin, and help to get rid of wrinkles. Such products can remove oily shine and are recommended for everyone, regardless of skin type. Masks based on these flowers whiten the skin and help to remove freckles and age spots.

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3) Medicine

Tulips are not used in traditional medicine, but they are common in non-traditional medicine. Alcohol tulip tinctures are recommended for oral or nasopharynx diseases. In medicine, are used only those species that are considered “edible”, and those that have not been chemically treated.

Tulips are used for medicines that treat dermatitis and skin abscesses. In China, people recommend using tulip-based mixtures for gastrointestinal treatment, poisoning, or even diarrhea. Tulip medicines are used externally for burn, cut, and wound treatment. Also, traditional medicine recommends using tulips for problems with CVS, rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, various skin inflammations, etc.

In Conclusion

Tulips are impressive plants that proved to be helpful in many spheres of life. Even if you have not yet revealed their useful properties, these flowers will definitely surprise you. Good luck!