Rugby is a bold game with strategic extremes and big score lines, and, you can win reasonable amounts. Just like football or ice hockey, there is an art to predicting winning margins. Unlike football, we believe that rugby offers good value to the prospective punter due to the potentially more volatile scorelines. With this tendency, it is perhaps easy to develop a betting strategy around a winning margin market. You can bet on the famous World Cup Rugby Union and earn money with your great betting strategies. Ruby, both Union and League – can offer some very lucrative returns.

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Winning Margin  

If you want a bet, try your luck with international competitions, such as the Super League, RBS Six Nations Championship, the Lions tour, the Rugby Union World Cup etc. For bigger odds, pay attention to the standard winning markets in each competition. In standard margin market, forecasts are possible in blocks of 5 points.

Five-Way Market

If you hope to win regularly, make sure to look at a five-way winning margin market too. In this market, players can often secure more favourable odds by betting across a few matches. However, you should not ignore the increased risk in these markets and to secure the best value from your gambling -make sure you keep yourself up to date on each teams’ form and statistics, this well help you make informed decisions each time.

Difference in Points Scored

For betting, pay attention to the point differential, such as total scored points minus total conceded. You can take this score from any team and divide it by the total number of played matches. From this calculation, you will be able to determine the average losing or winning margin. Make sure to pay attention to this comparison before the game to get an idea for the prospective performance of each team. Look out for low or high margins between each team.

In addition, you can get an additional idea of potential betting value between two or more sides by comparing points against and points for. Again consider Leeds and Wigan, the form indicated the potential of free scoring on both sides. The total points haul for Leeds was 326 from ten games and Wigan scored 306 from 9 games. Check their conceded amount, 82 & 160 respectively. This gave a clear indication of a fair-sized victory for Leeds.

Keep an eye out for the perils and pitfalls!

If you want to win big, you have to avoid some obvious pitfalls – and to do this, you have to pay close attention to each team’s form. Many punters may look at the current results of a team without evaluating the strength of their previous opponents. A string of strong or weak opponents can immediately skew apparent ‘form’. This is particularly applicable when attempting to predict score related outcomes in matches.

Before placing rugby bets, make sure to scour the entire statistical landscape available to you, then apply your research to identify value in pre-match odds on offer. 

Please gamble responsibly.