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When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, and rumours of a lockdown arose, I was completely at a loss. I used to be the type of person who is simply incapable of working at home: I got distracted, the couch was too strong an attraction, and I inevitably ended up gravitating towards the fridge.

Therefore, when I realized there was no escaping the self-isolation, I had to come up with methods to force myself to be productive and try to make the best of the time I spent at home.

After a few weeks of testing and trying, I am now confident in sharing my top tips to help you get the job done – from home.

1) Create a schedule

When you’re at home all day, it can be easy to try to go with the flow. On most days, I ended up getting out of bed at 12, lounging around all day and working until the late am, disrupting my circadian rhythms. So, I tried to give myself a to-do list and set an alarm every day during the working week, as if nothing had changed. Scratching things out of the to-do list gives immense satisfaction, and knowing when to do what truly helps achieve clarity and have a long-term vision of your goals and achievements.

2) Eat regular, nourishing meals

For me, this was a no-brainer: I’m Italian, and I moved back with my parents for the lockdown. For Italians, mealtimes are sacred. There is a specific timeframe devoted to lunch and dinner. If you’re home alone or are simply not used to devoting time for meals, this can be a great way to take a break from work and stop fueling your body with pre-made junk food and expensive delivered meals. Get immersed into something new: cooking can be fun and extremely relaxing, and you can also brag on the ‘Gram about your culinary achievements!

3) Improve your sleep quality

The anxiety connected with these uncertain times can seriously impact your sleep, and I’m sure there’s no need to point out the consequences of poor sleep.

I used to struggle from insomnia when I first moved out of my parents’ house, so I developed a whole routine: I take a shower, light a scented candle, try to get into bed at the same time every day. Personally, what has really made a difference, however, was when I started taking CBD oil: a few drops go a long way. The feeling of waking up in the morning recharged and ready for the day is unbeatable!

4) Don’t neglect the importance of “wasting time”

When your days seem all the same, it’s easy to lose focus and feel like you’re in a void. You start working, then get distracted, spend hours on your phone, get anxious because you haven’t been productive, start panicking and end up feeling completely demotivated and overwhelmed. Devote some time to unwind, without feeling guilty about it. Whether it be catching up on Netflix series, doing some art, playing videogames or watching YouTube, there’s nothing wrong with chilling, if you make it part of your daily routine.

5) Move your body!

This has probably been the biggest trend during quarantine, but the importance of physical activity cannot be stressed enough. It clears your mind, releases endorphins, and connects you with your inner self. As a fitness freak, I bear witness: this is all true, it really works. If you have a hard time working out the “traditional” way, simply going for a walk can be restorative, especially with the nice weather approaching. If you’re not used to working out but want to take advantage of the lockdown to start a fitness journey, try a few different styles and decide for yourself: between callisthenics, yoga, HIIT or pilates, there’s something for everyone.

6) “Spend” time with your loved ones

Seeing your family or friends through a screen is not even remotely comparable to real-life contact, but it can be truly important to avoid loneliness. When I’m home alone, I always have my meals on FaceTime with my family, so we feel like we’re actually sharing the meal together, and we catch up on our daily endeavours. Even just having a drink via Zoom with your best friends helps unwind and understand that we’re all in the same boat, without having sadness take the best of you.

So, there we go. These are some tips, all tested and tried. Hopefully, they can help you to feel less lonely in the everyday productivity struggle and provide some useful advice to implement in your daily routine.

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