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College students are always changing the paradigm when it comes to romance. In the past, they were the ones who started the process of dating online back in the late 90s. That is why we should look at the way they carry out a relationship online, both what methods they use and which partners they pursue, to tell us about the trends in romance these days. One interesting finding is that people are dating online with several partners rather than sticking to just a single one. This is a concept known as polyamory, and it seems to be gaining steam. We’re going to take a closer look at this form of romance, see the impact that it is having on students today, and discuss the ramifications it holds for dating in general.

What Is Polyamory?

The basic definition of polyamory is when one person in a relationship, or both, is dating other people, but their partners are not dating any of the other partners involved. So, if a man is dating women, he could have several girlfriends, and those women can also be dating others. That’s the basic idea behind the practice; each relationship is a little different from one another.

Students More Polyamorous Now Than Before

Some indicators seem to show that polyamory has become more popular these days as young people continue to experiment and push the envelope with dating. Many college students looking to try out polyamory have searched to find a highly rated unicorn dating site where they can thrive, meet interesting people, and have some fun. The idea of a unicorn is when a single person goes and gets involved with a couple. Sometimes, a unicorn is looking to become a polyamorous partner for one of the individuals in the couple, dating them and loving one another. Other times, the term unicorn is used solely for people trying to meet a couple and sleep with them. They’re a rare type, but they are becoming more common. Now that people are getting more comfortable with finding love online, they realize that there is no time like the present to start seeking matches, even if they are going to end up dating multiple people. Younger people tend to play the field more than their older counterparts, so it’s only natural that the majority of younger people are the more polyamorous ones. Based on the information available, it seems that some people who were polyamorous in their youth do tend to become more monogamous as they get older. That does not mean they leave polyamory behind, only that they tend to settle with a partner and become enmeshed in their lives. As a result, they tend to become couples seeking unicorns in the future; they want the experience of being with other people, but they want the more stable elements of their lives to remain.

How Will This Impact Dating?

The million-dollar question is how the increased incidence of polyamorous relationships will impact the overall dating paradigm that is present these days. Based on the evidence that is out there today, it’s clear that although the number of polyamorous people is increasing, it’s not a significant enough margin to take away from the population of those dating normally. However, people looking to get involved with polyamorous dating find that online dating services are the most effective way to seek partners. Dating websites are discreet, fast, and bring together people from this small population into a single, concentrated area, thereby making it more possible to narrow down one’s selections in a fast and effective manner. The method in which people find dates will continue to evolve, utilizing technology to find better matches without as much of a hassle. The ease of these systems may yet attract more people for romance.

The realm of online dating is filled with diverse individuals. Some of them are looking to meet “the one,” while others are still trying to seek multiple partners. Using a website for dating online opens the possibilities even further, ultimately allowing people to look for smaller populations with more potential. Polyamorous individuals are among those who have benefitted from the increased trust in dating services and the growth of technology that guides them. They can confidently look for matches that live near them or live on the other side of the world and have meaningful interactions. Best of all, starting one of these relationships online is very helpful in terms of security and anonymity, giving site users the chance to develop relationships with one another away from prying eyes. This is very helpful for college students that simply want the chance to explore their romantic feelings, and that sole reason will buoy this sort of dating into the future.