The 2020 Breeders’ Cup is underway, highlighting a two-day event. It will happen on November 6 and 7, 2020, and finds a new home at Keeneland Racecourse, Lexington, Kentucky. As one of the richest horse racing tournaments in the United States, the Breeder’s Cup this year is featuring ten fixtures to look forward to.

Like the U.S. Triple Crown Series, the betting games are the main reason why fans celebrate the Breeders’ Cup every year. In fact, each fixture has multiple betting games to play, which will surely help you earn a considerable amount of money. Make sure to log in to your dedicated sportsbook to get guided with the latest Breeders’ Cup odds ranking.

Just as you think that betting in the upcoming Breeders’ Cup is easy, you should think again. Each fixture has different requirements for running distance, horse’s age, and tack type. These factors can ultimately affect the type of bets you picked. Hence, to make betting easier, let’s know the Breeder’s Cup successful betting trends you can surely apply.

Consider The Age Requirement

The Breeders’ Cup Challenge, including all its fixtures, highlights a Grade 1 to Grade 3 stakes race. These categories allow horses aging from two-year-old and up who are either a filly, mare, or colt. These horses would compete in the categories they are qualified with the type of track they need to hustle.

Looking into the Breeders’ Cup’s past ten winners, horses aging around four or five years old are mostly the titleholders. So, in the upcoming Breeders’ Cup, you must consider the horses in this age bracket. These racehorses have deep experience in the racing games and are most likely to succeed in all Breeders’ Cup racing fixtures.

Comprehend The Starting Odds

Like other types of horse racing tournaments, odds rankings are set by the bookie months before the competition begins. As the day goes by and weeks before the competition starts, you can observe that significant movements are happening in the ranking. It is either brought by factors like the horse backing out current achievements and other conditions.

When you look for a Breeders’ Cup racehorse to bet, look for the favorite or the second best. In the past Breeders Cup betting games, the huge favorites who had overwhelming odds as the season began usually came out as winners. Today, Maximum Security and Tiz The Law are the biggest favorites you might want to keep track of.

Know The Racehorses Form And Positioning

Another Breeders’ Cup betting trend that can help punters assess the right horse to bet on is knowing the form and the gate positioning. The horses’ order and placement at the starting gate will help bettors know the speed they might show in the beginning, in the middle, and when nearing the end of the race.

Apart from that, you should study the horse racing forms of every colt participating in the Breeders’ Cup Challenge. It’s your only way of knowing how well they have worked out in their past performances. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how they ended similar races they joined in and whether they can place in the race.

Find Horses Who Won Several Grade 1 Stakes Category

As mentioned, the Breeders’ Cup Challenge has racing events from Grade 1 to Grade 3 category. The grading system is the way that the horses are classified depending on their talents and ability. Grade 1 is the highest form of racing and features the best racehorses, while Grade 3 is for rookies.

Historically, the Breeders Cup winners are the ones who competed in the Grade 1 stakes category. If you are scouting for a colt or filly to win in different fixtures, make sure they are accomplishers in the Grade 1 stakes. Although there is a possibility that a non-Grade one might emerge as a winner, it’s a rare incident.

Look For Triple Crown Winners

Today, the Breeders’ Cup Classic is the most awaited fixture of the Breeders’ Cup Challenge, which is sometimes categorized as the fourth leg of the Triple Crown Series. Tagged as America’s legendary horse racing shows, the Triple Crown Series highlights the most prominent and strongest horses worldwide each year.

While the Triple Crown is still looking for its conclusion this October via Preakness Stakes, you should start looking for the Derby and Belmont winners as your next Breeders’ Cup bets. Some contenders for the Breeders’ Cup today are running for the Preakness Stakes, and if they win, they are excellent bets to consider.


Technically, there is no scientific explanation and formula you can apply to win when betting in the Breeders’ Cup consistently. As you learned in the past, horse race betting is a game of both luck and creating the most realistic strategy. Hence, if you wanted to put yourself on a favorable side of being successful when betting in the 2020 Breeders’ Cup, the trends above will greatly help.

Please gamble responsibly.