The bedroom has always served as a sacred place. It’s where you feel safest and can be yourself. It’s where you can binge-watch Netflix series on your laptop with a bowl of popcorn (Or tissue, depending on what series you are watching) comfortably and in the privacy of your bedrooms.

One frequently overlooked aspect of our bedrooms is the quality of mattresses we use and how much impact those mattresses have on our overall health. This overlooked aspect of our lives can prove to have significant adverse effects on our bodies. Students are not an exception to this, with busy schedules, long-drawn-out classes, lengthy overnights and crazy deadlines. Picking the right mattress to get a good night’s rest can be the difference between feeling rejuvenated and tired in the morning.

Today, we present you with an affordable and in-demand solution – the Origin Hybrid mattress. While you have a plethora of opinions to choose from, Origin is a unique choice that offers a whole new sleeping experience. The company is highly innovative, and this creative drive has translated well into the production of its Origin Hybrid Mattress. (Even the official website feels tech-savvy. I couldn’t get enough of their explanation animations.)

Origin; Where Comfort meets Innovation.

Origin hybrid is not like your everyday mix of comfort foam and springs but a careful fusion of both. The German innovative six layered foam is reinventing the Hybrid mattress market. The Hybrid mattress comprises a Tencel layer for proper ventilation, a natural latex layer that provides firm support for the body. A memory foam infused with cooling gel that adapts to your sleeping position while keeping your body cool at night. An Edge Support that prevents the edge of the bed from sinking in. A reflex support layer for additional firmness to the mattress and a spring support system to adjust your weight as you move around while sleeping.

And the best part is – the creativity doesn’t stop here. The Tencel layer (called the Airflow Tencel by Origin) is also Anti-parasitic, which implies it is resistant to bed bugs and dust mites. Anti-microbial, it is resistant to bacteria, fungi and viruses, and Hypoallergenic, which means it reduces allergic reactions.

These features make the Origin Hybrid mattress a superb choice for long-term investment.

The Origin Hybrid mattress is truly the perfect blend of comfort and creativity. And at the heart of this creativity lies countless hours put in by the sleep experts into creating this beauty. The customer poll reviews and hundreds of trials and errors to ensure this masterpiece comes into existence.

The outstanding innovation has led to many awards. Some of these awards are the “#1 Mattress” by Product Nation Tech, “Best mattress award” by Bester Matratze Design Preis Contest, “Our favourite mattress” award by Drum it Loud, and the “most value for money” award by Wertvolles Design Contest.

In this article, we would highlight some key benefits the Origin Hybrid Mattress offers.


Comfort is the number one thing any person looks for when searching for a new bed. It entails sitting on the bed (In showrooms), rolling on it, and for some pastime snapping some nifty photos while at it. The comfort of a mattress is important because you want to know how well it cushions your body and the Origin hybrid is fantastic at this.

The Toughness of the mattress is 6.2 on the firmness scale (1 being very soft and 10 extremely hard). We consider this measurement the sweet spot in the Mattress industry. It has just the right mix of a soft sink-in bed and a firm one, making it also ideal for those that experience back pains and joint pains.

It possesses the right firmness because of the elements that make up the layers of the mattress. Origin Ergocoil Support Springs makes sure that your weight distribution around its individual springs gives you the seamless movement transition on your bed. Origin’s Cloud Cool Memory foam also allows for that perfect sink, so your body and especially your shoulders, hips and ankles maintain an optimal position to promote comfort and support your health.

Another Comfortable feature about the Origin hybrid mattress is the internally built temperature cooling feature. Regular memory foam mattresses absorb the body heat and keep that heat within the mattress, resulting in the foam feeling stuffy. The Origin brand Cloud Cool Memory foam helps to keep the bed cool. The Aero Flow natural latex also helps with dissipating heat, giving you all the comfort you need while sleeping.

We all have habits, and our sleeping habits are no exception. Origin got you covered here, too. Its memory foam and spring technology give you the best experience in any sleeping position. We do not want to sound all techy and so; we will provide a summary. The memory foam layer of the mattress remembers your best sleeping positions without forming a deep sink on the side of the bed you prefer. The spring system also makes your sleeping experience seamless – allowing you to move from one position to another without the uncomfortable feeling of rolling from one dipping side of the bed to another. 

The very last bit on our “comfort meter” scale of the Origin Hybrid mattress is the isolating movement feature. Gone are the days when a friend visiting or a partner sits on the edge of the bed, and you on the other side feel the movement. Origin Hybrid mattresses isolate movements giving you seamless, uninterrupted nights’ rest.


As a student and young adult, one crucial lesson taught at this stage of your life is making the right investment decision. “Invest in your future.” The slogan goes, and as far as investment goes, we have all kinds. The popular ones include; financial investments like shares and recently, cryptocurrency, a personal investment like learning a new skill, and mental health investment, which the recent pandemic exposed as a crucial part of our lives. An often overlooked topic in investing in your health is the mattresses you purchase.

Investing in your mattress is worthwhile because of the importance of sleep to the body. Not only does your brain perform its functions while sleeping, but the cells also repair 200themselves, and the body gets the much-needed rest to reduce fatigue. As discussed in this article, proper and sufficient sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

Origin Hybrid mattress gives a long-term solution for a healthy body and lifestyle as it has a ten-year guarantee of firmness of its foams. It is orthopaedic friendly, meaning it is excellent for your spine and joints. It is value for money once you look at how much you can benefit for so little.

All of this makes investing in the mattress worthwhile. 

Value for Money

The Origin Hybrid mattress offers one of the best values. Its price is not only affordable but provides a wide variety of options. Depending on your present and (for some of you with family plans) future needs, it comes in various sizes and price tags. The smallest size, U.K Single bed, goes for as low as £590 and the largest, the U.K. Super King goes for as high as £1029. Other mattress sizes include; the U.K Small double, the U.K double (Popular size option) and U.K king. All prices are competitive in the market and offer one of the best value investment-wise.

Aside from the Origin mattress being value for money because of all it offers, you also have the option of making payments in instalments – reducing the burden to pay all at once. Origin options allow you to choose to invest in your future health at an affordable price.

Consumer’s experience

Everyone loves a bargain, and Origin offers one of the best for its services. It provides a 200-night trial making it the best on the market, free delivery of mattress and return (If need be). Origin’s 15-year warranty is the best on the market. This offer speaks volumes of their confidence in the Hybrid Mattress.

For those worried about the interest rate piling up when paying in instalments, do not worry as Origin charges you zero interest rate. Making sure you pay the same amount you would have paid if you brought the mattress in a single purchase. Origin also has the next day delivery option and round-the-clock customer service as one of the customer-friendly mattress brands in the industry.

The packaging is easy to unpack. The bed itself doesn’t weigh as much, making it easy for two people to assemble.


Health is one of the significant advantages Origin hybrid mattress offers you. We stated the importance of this at various points in this article, but we cannot overemphasise this benefit. As a young adult, the body is still very agile. It can take hits and absorb them. Stay twisted in several uncomfortable positions with little repercussion but, these hits add up. At old age, you may cuss yourself for not investing more in the right mattress.

As stated before, the Origin Hybrid mattress firmness offers the optimal orthopaedic support, helping to keep that spine healthy and allowing for a restful night that leaves you feeling rejuvenated the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Origin?

Origin is an Up and Coming Mattress company. They found the company in 2018, and it has a global presence. They have offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan – with their design hub stationed in Germany.

The technologically driven company is reinventing the mattresses industry with its cutting edge innovation – the Hybrid mattress being one of its successful products on the market. Origin also sells Toppers, Weighted blankets and pillows catering to your overall mattress experience. Since using Innovation to solve customer problems is the primary driver of Origin, you can expect to see more groundbreaking innovations come from the heart of Germany.

What are the functions of the six layers in the Origin Hybrid Mattress often mentioned?

A typical and popular question (Reason the official went into details while explaining the layers) Origin 6 layer hybrid mattress is revolutionary and a one of its kind. The layers (from top to bottom) include:

  1. Airflow TencelTM: An Origin Original product (hence the Trademark sign), the Tencel purpose is to enhance airflow within the mattress. The airflow allows the mattress to remain at just the right temperature while lying on it. The Tencel surface also acts as a hypoallergenic.
  2. Aeroflex Natural LatexTM: Another Origin innovative piece, the Aeroflex Natural Latex provides firm and gentle support to the body while lying. The Aeroflex latex also helps with dispelling the heat from the form.
  3. Cloud Cool Memory FoamTM: The cloud memory form is another neat innovation from Origin. Fusing cooling gel with the memory foam doesn’t allow the memory foam to store heat like traditional foams do but allow the mattress to keep you cool throughout the night.
  4. Origin Innovative Edge Support System: The Edge support prevents the edges of the bed from sinking in when you rest or hit on them, giving you balance.
  5. Origin Reflex Support layer: The reflex support layer is the perfect blend of rebound open-cell foam and latex, giving you the extra support that creates a blissful sleeping experience.
  6. Ergocoil Support SpringsTM: The Ergo coil pocket springs adjust to the movements you make while asleep. The adjustments are seamless and without a hinge allowing you to experience a good nights’ rest without unnecessary noise or cracks usually made when moving on the bed. 

Conclusion and Verdict

The Origin Hybrid is one of the best mattresses currently in the market, and it is available for a relatively affordable price. It’s a worthwhile investment to make towards your future health. With Origin continually pushing its creative boundaries, it is easy to see them dominating and dedicating the mattress market in the future. 

The cons are few or non-existent as there aren’t too many options like this in the market. With their current pace and innovative minds, we expect more products like this from them.