Image: JJ Jordan on Unsplash.

I am a 29-year-old resident in Wales, United Kingdom. A few years back, I started a business of purchasing an old car and then modifying that car to resell. Cars surround my life all the time. To make a profit in the car business, I can change an old car for resale. It requires a skill to find such vehicles at immense prices. Focusing on skills, I earn my living through this business of used car can, aiming to be more successful. The most difficult and challenging part is, I have to provide valid warranties on the cars I sell. Also, it results in establishing trust within the customers, encourages word of mouth marketing with the clients. Giving a guarantee of 3-6 months usually does the work for me.

One thing that I realized in this business is the importance of number plates. Number plates play a crucial role in anyone’s life that has an acquisition of cars. Cars that have the right combination of numbers are easy to sell and purchase without any need to convince. Car owners are much conscious about their number plates and want to personalize it as per their choice. People want their cars to be an extension of their personality. For instance, they are combining the letters and numbers to form a word that has significance for them. The introduction of the recent format for vehicle registration number was in 2001. It consists of two letters (refer to the region in the country of the first registration of the vehicle), two numbers (referring to the date of issue) and three letters of a random choice.

On the left-hand side of the number plate, we can easily display any one of the following flags with its letters of identification, such as Union Flag, Cross of St George, Cross of St Andrew – also famous as the Saltire and the Red Dragon of Wales. The letters or national identifiers are UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom or the UK, which we are allowed to have on our number plates. It fulfills all the rules such as- size, spacing, margin requirements and font. So, it becomes a legal one.

Here in the U.K, according to the law, all cars must have two number plates – one at the front and the other at the rear. In front of the car, the registration number is fixed, which is always white with its characters in black. At the back end of the car, the colour must be yellow with black characters. This rule is mandatory and non-negotiable.

However, I can add a little colour to my number plates with the selection of a specific flag. It also displays on my registration. As per the DVLA, the number plates on every car in the UK are different in colour for a simple reason. For instance, if I have a yellow  private number plate at the rear and white plate at the front. It gives a clear idea to other drivers whether they are looking at the front or the back of a vehicle.

This informs them to understand the movement of the car, which is either coming towards them or away from them. The white number plates having black alphanumeric characters allows viewing and precise reading of the registration number due to its colour combination and contrast. The colour of the rear plate is yellow because, after white, it is the only most transparent colour for the human eye in which we can read black characters easily.

The contrast between the white and yellow plates on cars has nothing to do with the plates but to the point, where these are placed. Since the year of 1973, it is mandatory to fix white number plate with black characters to the front of the car, while the yellow one to the backside.

If I want to get a set of yellow and white number plates for my car, it is not a difficult task. As an identity proof, I will need to present photo identification, such as, driver’s licence or passport, and any of my residential proof, such as a bank statement or electricity bill, which is not older than six months. I also require the V5C registration document, familiar as a logbook, as an entitlement proof of the registration.

In my business, it is necessary to transfer the number to another person’s vehicle. In this case, both registered keepers must complete the application. However, the registration certificate and the transfer require a minimal fee. 

The good thing is that we can choose our number plate. I do not have to deal with insignificant numbers. As I pick my car number plate, it becomes easier for me to memorize it. Memorizing the number is vital because sometimes while filling up forms, we are asked to give the registration number of our cars. If we do not remember it, then we need to go and check the number plate of our cars. This becomes immensely hassling.

Another advantage is that the car that has a private number plate is easy to purchase. The private number plate is of three types.

Prefix Number Plate is the type of number plate, which has the year identifier first and then the letters. The prefix number plate is open to personalization.

Suffix Number Plate is the type of prefix number plate. It includes the year identifier. In this type, it is at the end of the registration number and not in the beginning. One can easily personalize these plates too in which they can form words according to their wishes. You can combine words and letters.

Dateless Number Plate is the type of number plate which allows if to disclude the year identifier from the number plate if we want. This is a personalized number plate where we have a choice from the various combinations of numbers and letters. We can make our combination and use it if it is available.