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The 2020 NFL campaign is right around the corner, bringing another year of football greatness. On September 10, 2020, the Arrowhead Stadium will witness the opening game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans. It is a highly anticipated faceoff as the current champs will take their first stint in defending the title against the heightened AFC dogs, the Texans.

While it’s true that fans can see other impressive and surprising plays in today’s NFL season,  bettors are tickled to wager in the betting games it brings. For many years, the NFL matches have attracted thousands of fans and bettors not only because of the teams clashing but because of the high-paying betting games.

Whether you bet on the NFL game online or participate in the venue, there’s always the right category to play. Each of the betting varieties has distinct prizes you can win. Here are the most popular ones to guide you on the different NFL betting games to play.

Moneyline Betting

With the NFL as the most popular sports betting game in America, Moneyline is perhaps the easiest category to wager in football games. In the upcoming NFL season, you must be updated with the full schedule to know who has the easiest and the toughest road to the Super Bowl LV.

If you do this, you can have a clear vision on which team to bet in Moneyline. This category is simply about picking the right group that might win the match. The oddsmaker identifies the favorites and the underdogs. Regardless of their value, you must take a closer look at how their odds can look like during the match to pick the right bet.

Points Spread Betting

It is a bit tougher NFL betting game to play because you need a better understanding of the numbers. While Moneyline only requires you to pick a team that can win regardless of how they do it, Points Spread betting needs you to be accurate about how the scores look like at the end of the match.

The Points Spread betting works when the oddsmaker sets a value between the favorites and the underdogs. Usually, the favorites are listed with a negative sign before the value while the dogs are opposite. If you’re betting for the favorite, the team must score more than the Point Spread set. Meanwhile, if you wager for the dogs, they must settle within the spread set.

Totals (Over/Under Betting)

Game totals are a fun NFL betting game to play. Who doesn’t want to sit down and watch a team that can gather the most scores for the entire game? It’s why most bettors love to bet for the overs because, in various situations, they’re rooting for a team who can score better in their scheduled matches.

However, the game totals are not only based on the over bets. Remember that, in some instances, the total score might be below the value set by the oddsmaker. It’s why you should continuously study how each team will perform or get updated with the injury reports to know whether both teams can finish the game over or under the total value.

Teaser Bets

If you want to get fancier with your NFL bets, you can take part in teaser bets. It usually happens when you see two competing teams with closer odds. It means that they have similar strengths, making you doubtful about who can win the match. This can sometimes appear in the league playoffs where both favorites from the two conferences are competing.

When playing for teaser bets, you’re no longer picking the favorites or the underdogs. You tease the oddsmaker by adding value to their current betting lines. If you win outright because your teases are accurate, this can ultimately increase your earnings.

Prop Bets

The NFL prop bets are another betting category you can play in football that does not require too much analysis. You only have to become an expert in guessing games because you must provide the appropriate answer when gambling this game. The values are still set before the match begins to identify the amount you can win.

In prop bets, the oddsmaker sets a proposition before the match starts. Even the toss coin result is proposed, with bettors guessing whether it’ll come out as tail or head. Other prop bets can be about the players and teams who can score or make a goal first.


There is always an excellent opportunity to earn when playing the NFL betting games. Each year, fans don’t only hope to see the best or low-performing football teams. They also watch out for the betting games that offer massive prizes. If you are one of the NFL hoops who wants to earn substantially in the upcoming NFL season, don’t hesitate to leverage all the categories outlined above.

Please gamble responsibly.

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