Photo: Andi Whiskey on Unsplash

As a man, you may have never thought that the haircut you choose affects how people view your facial features. The perfect hairstyle may not come as simple as going to the barber and saying ‘make it short’ it requires that you pay attention to certain things. A good barber will tell you what will work for you and what wouldn’t. Although, in most cases, the barber does what you need them to do because after all, the client is always right. For many men, they think a haircut is all about the length of the hair utterly ignorant of the fact that a good haircut is determined by numerous other factors. These should be considered before the length.

1. Lifestyle

When getting a haircut, one should consider their type of life. Are you too busy; are you always in the eye of the public and clients, what is your profession? These will determine what hairstyle one should get. A person who is too busy may not take the time required, as often as needed to shape a trendy hairstyle and may, therefore, end up looking unkempt and untidy. It is no longer weird to find lawyers with ponytails and bald-heads. However, it may not be appropriate for a financial analysis to have a Mohawk. They may not get the trust they would have otherwise obtained from the same clients if they had a different hairstyle. Therefore, it is good that in getting a haircut, you consider one that will not cost you your financial investments. Do not let your hair reflect negatively on your image. It is part of your first impression.

2. Your face shape

As women, it may be difficult to work some hairstyles because they are not made for the type of face you own. It is excellent that a person goes to a professional barber who will not only think that you are always right, they will also tell you which cuts can work for you and which ones cannot. In this line, some hairstyles may look horrible and bring out, from your face some feature that will not complement your look. This does not mean that there are hairstyles that are made for some faces as some that are made for others. It means the same haircut cut differently may suit you too. Maybe the haircut you desire can be cut with shorter or longer hair length. There are many face shapes: round faces, square faces, diamond faces all and a long face. A long nose may be concealed by a fuller hairstyle.

3. The hairline

If you have thinning hair or your hair line is way back, there are certain hairstyles that you cannot rock. For instance, if your hair is thinning around the middle of your head, a mowhawk is probably not a good idea. There are also hairstyles that would not work for men who have a large forehead. You have to look at your facial features to determine what you need in order to get a haircut that will suit your face and your life style. You also need to think about the volume of hair on your head. For instance, if you have fairly adequate volume, you can get away with most hair styles. However if your volume is not that great, you need to ensure that you tread carefully when you are looking for the perfect haircut. You also have to find the perfect designer silver jewelry to complement your look.


Choosing a haircut is definitely more than sitting and letting a person cut ii in a Mohawk design. It is all about looking at how a particular haircut will look on you and whether it will complement your looks and minimize or maximize some features on your face. In the long run, more than the clothes you wear, your hairstyle describe more of your personality and creates more on an impression on others.