Image: Christina Wocintech on Unsplash

2020 has made its adjustments to every direction of the business and human activity. Most of the structures that were initially adapted for remote control faced different problems. Even such giants of the business world as PM Tech had to face several difficulties to maintain and improve the work of the company.

According to the latest research, in the next year or two, one of the main factors in the growth of IT costs will be the updating of the information infrastructure and the introduction of new security systems. Such changes can be divided into three stages:

1. Complexity of IT solutions.

2. Protection against hacker attacks.

3. Introduction of new technologies into development.

How to build a reliable IT infrastructure

In Parimatch tech each of these stages implies a specific set of actions to enhance the quality of the final work.

The complexity of IT solutions

For an employee to enter the system from home to work and, at the same time, for everything to be safe, a comprehensive set of protection is needed:

  • customized software;
  • access through multifactor authentication (several levels of protection and these levels should be of different types);
  • tracking the activity of all employees from one server.

Thus, Parimatch managed to move from remote control to a single resource with controlled access. That means that each employee has access exclusively to the block of work that he performs, and doesn’t affect the main data center.

Protection against hacker attacks

When quarantine measures were introduced, not only developers began to be more actively engaged in their platforms, but hackers too. During the past year, the percentage of hacker attacks has increased dramatically and some systems have leaked client data.

Pm tech created their DDoS system to detect such attacks and neutralize them. Such a test system helped to work out the protection processes and calculate the time frame for preventing external intrusions into the system.

It is also popular in the hacker world to drain passwords to access the system. It is complicated to keep track of this, so password protection should be secured by another level of authentication.

Introduction of new technologies into development

The development of technology does not stop, therefore Parimatch is introducing new methods of increasing security every time.

To create a truly reliable, scalable, and high-performance IT infrastructure, the company needs a sufficient number of highly qualified IT professionals and to follow the updates of each division of the system. For example, if the product is being updated, where all the data of the company and customers is stored, then this update must be made on the company’s server.

It is also necessary to regularly update anti-virus protection and periodically change passwords and methods of identification.

An important nuance is the storage of all data on a reserve server. In situations with any attacks, it will be possible to automatically block the hacked server and transfer all work to the spare one.