Many people think that massage is just one of the ways spas make money. However, doctors have long proven that a professionally performed massage can help restore vitality and health after injuries, illnesses, or hard training. Let’s look at the main reasons why you should go for a massage.

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Massage improves blood circulation

Thanks to massage, blood circulation improves, which, as a result, helps to supply tissues with oxygen and ensures its exchange between the external environment and the tissues of the human body. Choose between a restorative massage, a light relaxing massage, as well as a EUROPEAN MASSAGE.

Especially good massage affects the capillary system. But it is the capillaries that are responsible for the exchange of substances between the blood and the tissues around it. During the procedure, the temperature of the massaged area rises, which means that the capillaries open, and an intensive blood supply to the tissues begins – the redox process improves.

Those who have been to a massage probably remember that in the most problematic places, there is even a slight tingling sensation and the skin begins to itch. This just means that the doctor got to the most “clogged” places and “stirred up” the blood circulation in them.

Massage works your muscles

During physical activity (just in case: walking is also physical activity), we force our muscles to contract, thereby shortening them, and stretching. Then there is a feeling that they are stony from tension and it is no longer possible to relax or stretch them.

Believe it or not, just 10 minutes of massage after a workout is enough to not only restore muscle performance but also increase it so it will be easier for you to keep your body in shape. Competent study of tissues allows you to remove the tone from the “clogged” muscles – they become soft, or rather less tense, which significantly improves functionality. After all, it is not in vain that every professional athlete and any sports team has a massage therapist.

Massage affects the nervous system

Most people get nervous rather than relaxed during a sports massage, as sometimes the process can be quite painful. But in fact, this is not entirely true: it is clear that a relaxation massage helps to relax, switch from everyday hustle and bustle and transfer your thoughts somewhere to the white sands of Thailand. But massage affects the nervous system from a physical point of view.

In general, it is the nervous system that perceives the massage first, since there is a huge number of nerve endings on your skin. Changing the strength of the massage helps to reduce or increase nervous excitability, strengthen and revitalize lost reflexes, and improve the activity of internal organs. The doctor finds a painful point and accelerates the process of its regeneration, which, as a result, has a calming effect on the entire nervous system, reducing irritability. Have you noticed how easy it is to fall asleep when your feet, hands, or head are massaged? So, this is a direct confirmation of what we just talked about.

Massage boosts brain activity

This reason will inspire and motivate those who are used to working hard. Yes, it’s true: massage has a very beneficial effect on brain activity.

The reason is that by pressing on certain points and kneading your muscles, the doctor stimulates the corresponding areas in the brain. And this happens due to the active work of neurotransmitters (their main function is to transmit signals from nerve cells), a healthy balance of which is the key to brain health. But relaxing massage may be one of the ways to unwind after a hard working day.

Massage improves skin quality

This reason, it seems to us, is not a secret to anyone. With regular massage, your skin will look healthy, fresh, and toned. Plus, an intense massage will help to remove extra centimeters and make the body more toned.

Massage is a procedure that is both pleasant and very useful. With it, you can improve your health and just enjoy the pleasant sensations.