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Indeed, we spend lots of money just on the flooring of the house because we know how important it is to have a floor that is scratch free and makes their space look wonderful. The cost of adding a sheet or carpet on the floor stacks up the total amount we spend on the flooring. When people have pets in their home, they want protect the floor from them. Most of the people don’t use carpet as it is not easy to clean the carpet while having a hound in the house. There are many ways we can protect the floor from damages our dogs may cause. Let us see how:

Use engineered wood flooring

Hardwood flooring looks amazing and is also in trends these days. The wooden floor can be either finished or unfinished. Stains produced by pets particularly dogs are sometimes easy to remove while sometimes they are stubborn. In order to avoid scratches, engineered wood flooringcan be used. This is generally resistant to scratches caused by nails of your pet and to know as to how you can use hardwood to prevent scratches.

Clip your dog’s nails:

Dogs with longer nails usually cause scratches on the floor. In order to protect the floor, clip their nails. Clipping can be done at home. However, it is better to visit a vet for this purpose because you might not know how to do it right and clip them too short that can be painful for your dog.

Potty train your dog:

Most of us avoid the fact that scratches can go but the damage caused by the dog’s poop will be long-lasting. The stains of the poop are so stubborn that causes a permanent damage to the finish of the floor. You will end up having a floor stained with the poop due to which, you will have to deal with many embarrassing situations. In addition to it, the original look of the floor will never be restored. Potty train your dog and get away with this situation

Use vinyl floors:

Vinyl floors are very soft and tend to cover the irregularities of the floor. These types of floors are being recommended to you because they are scratch free. If you have pets and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on carpets and rugs, it is a better idea to go with the flooring with the covering of vinyl. Furthermore, it prevents your dog from slipping also. This way, you can protect your dog also from slipping and now how Quick-step provides an affordable and a best option for those on a lookout for a floor that is easy to clean and affordable at the same time.

Use rugs:

If you can afford, you can go with carpet runners and rugs. Carpets don’t get scratches from pets and also remain in their proper shape. However, they are not as easy to clean as other flooring types.