Image: Annie Srpratt on Unsplash

2020 has not been the year we’ve all expected. Looking back 10-15 years ago, 2020 seemed like a year of prosperity, and futuristic endeavours such as flying cars and space exploration. A time that looked a lot like a scene from Back to the Future. Is that our present-day? Far from it!

Instead, 2020 will go down in history books as the year we were hit with a global crisis so catastrophic that it has drawn comparisons to the Spanish flu, WWI, and the Great Depression. Some of the most sceptics wonder if “normal” will ever happen again. And, while we could go on and on about the less than stellar year we’ve been having, I think it’s best to focus on how adaptable humans are and the great strides we’re making to make things work during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

To continue making a profit and attracting customers, many industries that were forced to adapt to new methods of business. For example, sit-down restaurants have begun to offer clients take away meals, fitness trainers are conducting group wellness courses with a videoconferencing platform, and educators have adapted new methods to avoid close personal contact with students.

No matter what the threat is, people will always want to continue learning new academic concepts that are either necessary for personal growth or financial gain. So, to meet the need, educators have ditched meeting students in-person and have turned their attention to the worldwide web.

Online Lessons Are the Only Answer

Since the coronavirus is present everywhere, the education industry has been forced to make changes not only in the UK but across all six inhabited continents. So, what exactly could be done to keep tutors afloat? Gratefully, primarily due to the previous developments of technology pioneers, the solution to the COVID-19 problem in the tutoring industry was already existent: online tutoring.

Not only is online tutoring the safest way to receive information and essential knowledge during this pandemic, but it also ensures that tutors still make money and can keep their jobs to keep up with household bills. Since some might miss the close contact of one-on-one lessons, pupils must keep in mind that if they meet with their educator in-person, they are putting both parties at risk and not respecting the social distancing measures enforced. Therefore, the only option to continue receiving remedial help from your favourite teacher is through online courses.

The Rise of Online Tuition

Are virtual courses only a fad? Well, it’s important to state that embracing online tutoring is necessary for people who wish to continue seeking remedial help from an experienced instructors since virtual learning is not going anywhere and will only continue to grow. According to recent estimates, amidst the coronavirus, the global online tutoring industry has projections to grow at a rate of 7% per year with more and more students being convinced to take the learning experience online.

Online classes were part of the tapestry of large tutoring companies such as Superprof, Tutorhunt, and eTutorWorld; however, they rose in popularity because of COVID and completely replaced face-to-face lessons to become a multi-billion dollar industry. And, thankfully, most young students learning today at a University or secondary school level are brilliant when using technology, so finding a tutor on a reputable website is as easy as pie.

Nonetheless, opting for online lessons to continue your education requires much effort and dedication on the student’s since you are the one in charge of scheduling classes to receive academic support and no lectures or courses are previously planned by the National Education System. But, when pupils recognise the fact that virtual learning can mean waking up five minutes before class and taking lessons in your pyjamas, it’s a win-win that keeps everyone at home safe without the impending threat of the coronavirus that is heightened at places at schools and universities.

In short, to keep learning safe and to ensure that all individuals are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19, online tuition on a reputable platform such as Skype or Zoom with your favourite teacher is the only option to advance the learning process in this messed up world that sometimes feels like a Roland Emmerich disaster flick. Education is something that will always endure and the adaptability that humans have to keep that going is nothing short of remarkable.