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One cannot underestimate the importance of product reviews for Amazon sellers. Feedback can make or break a product, so collecting customer testimonials should become a crucial part of your business strategy. 

Keep in mind the following statistics:

  • About 95% of clients read reviews before buying a product.
  • Having just five reviews for an item raises the likelihood of purchase by nearly 200%.
  • If clients choose between two goods with the same ratings, they prefer to buy the item with more reviews.

So, how to get reviews on Amazon? Keep reading to learn customer feedback tips that will help boost your sales ranking and velocity.

7 Proven Tips to Get More Feedback 

Provide a high-quality customer experience. 

Most negative testimonials involve clients feeling misled about an item. Be honest about what you are selling and give as much precise and accurate information about your merchandise as possible to avoid false expectations or confusion.

Use follow-up emails following a purchase to ask for a review. 

The platform asks for client review after a purchase, but it is a generic message with nothing special. We recommend you send personalized emails with review requests. Try to send them right after clients have received your item, so its beauty is still fresh in their minds. 

Pro tip: use third-party platforms like SageMailer to automatically send customized review requests. Make it easy for shoppers to share their feedback by including a special link.

Request Amazon reviews via social media and newsletters. 

Chances are, shoppers subscribed to your newsletter, and your followers on Instagram already like you, so why not ask them for feedback? In addition, there is a true chance they have already purchased a product from you, so they may provide positive legitimate AMZ customer reviews.

Reach out to clients who reviewed similar goods. 

You may find shoppers who have shared reviews on goods similar to yours (even your competitor’s items) by checking your product listing, going to “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” and “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.” However, these are other sellers, and you might do well simply by visiting their pages and viewing their testimonials (paying attention to their benefits and downsides) or even looking through their websites.

There, just click the “client reviews” link and sort them by newest reviews. Then, click the shopper’s name for more details. You are lucky if there is contact info linked to their profile! Send them an email. Otherwise, if you can see only a name, try contacting them on another social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Leverage the top Amazon reviewers. 

AMZ compiles a list of its best reviewers – a collection of respected shoppers valued for their objective and insightful critiques. Most of such top AMZ reviewers also hold titles such as “Hall of Fame Reviewer” or Top 10 Reviewer,” which are shown alongside their testimonials, making their feedback ultra-valuable.

Include a product insert asking for feedback in the packaging.

When you pack your goods, add an appealing insert that asks shoppers to share reviews. Use visually compelling images and bright colors. Make them simple, and give your clients instructions on how to share a review on the marketplace.

Do not ask for a 5-star review; just ask for some feedback. AMZ prohibits inserts that invite clients for positive reviews and/or discourage negative feedback by telling customers to contact the company instead.

Submit your goods to Amazon Vine

There’s one exclusion to the “do not exchange free item for reviews” rule, and it is called Amazon Vine.

This solution is only open to merchants with fewer than 30 testimonials. Merchants submit 30 items delivered to specially picked Vine reviewers at no charge. Vine Voices do not have to pay for the goods or shipping.

The worth of this Amazon feedback program is that the platform selects reviewers based on the value of their other testimonials. Thus, you might better get more detailed feedback through this solution than through other media.

How NOT to Ask for Amazon Feedback? 

Now, let’s cover what NOT to do when collecting feedback from users. Amazon has zero-tolerance rules when it comes to misleading client reviews. So the platform might land you in hot water if you break their policies.

Among other things, you might lose all your existing testimonials, have the product pages suppressed, or forever lose your AMZ seller privileges. It is some scary stuff!

Luckily, the platform makes it easy for a merchant to play by the rules. For example, if you log into the Seller Account, you can check the Product Review rules. There, you will see the platform has delineated what is not allowed. In particular, the seller must not:

  • Add reviews for their items.
  • Offer products, discounts, and money in exchange for feedback. For any discount you offer, the client needs to be able to employ them without sharing the review.
  • Ask biased clients to leave you a testimonial, such as your employees, friends, or family.
  • “Trade” feedback with others. For instance, you will write a positive review for other sellers if they get one for you.
  • Obtain reviews before the client buys a product.
  • Only ask happy clients for reviews. This technique is known as “cherry-picking,” and the marketplace does not like it. You have to ask all our clients equally whether their shopping experience was negative, positive, or middle-of-the-road.
  • Purchase fake reviews.

Benefit from Your 5-Star Reviews!

Learning to get AMZ reviews for your goods and managing them is as essential as managing your listings, shipments, and inventory. Feedback can impact almost every part of a seller’s business, from ranking in the marketplace’s search results to customers’ shopping decisions.

The good news is you do not have to sit back and wait for customer reviews from your buyers. You can leverage different software to encourage clients who enjoyed your goods to share a review, and launch email campaigns to send your existing client base to grow reviews. It’s how many small brands can build up a positive rating that enhances the sales velocity.

We have done our best to give you the AMZ aptitude necessary to bring in 5-star Amazon feedback. Do you have other tips? Share them below in the comment section!