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When a player comes home after a hard day at work, he / she just wants to visit the site of the virtual casino and start the game with a funny plot and generous payouts. But often the gameplay brings disappointment and even anger: the player found an online casino with fake video slots. Here, players only spend money because all such “casinos” only want access to their wallets. It is logical that such gaming machines do not work on an honest basis. They only take the money, but do not give any combinations or payments. This is a headache for all gamers. Everyone wants to play and  only in a safe and secure casino with licensed games . But unfortunately, the number of fake games is increasing. Do not panic, we know how to help you. In this article we will explain how to cheat fake slots and avoid problems!

1) First of all, you need to find a suitable game resource. We know that this is a difficult process. The problem is due to the large number of virtual casinos represented on the Internet today. Not every portal is licensed and you should pay attention to this. For example, Bonusland works under UKGC license. We want you to understand that most gambling halls, especially newbies, do not want to spend money on expensive licensed games, so they are looking for fake slots that take money from customers.

2) Any market has leaders and gambling industry is no exception. Not so long ago, Every Matrix published a list of the best manufacturers of slot machines at the moment. These brands are a sign of quality, confirming that you have chosen a safe product with a high RTP (at least 95%). Developers make a video slot and install its RTP by themselves, so casino operators cannot change the amount or amount of payments. They have access only to the statistics and adjustment of Free Spins in accordance with the shares/bonuses. Licensed online slots are products from popular brands with factory settings and no casino can change their performance.

3) Fake slots are always different from the original. Yes, you can find quality fakes that are identical to games of a popular brand, but experienced gamers always pay attention to details. As a rule, fake emulators are characterized by dark graphics and poor visual effects. Even if the slot has animations, they work poorly. In addition, there is another important detail:

If in online casino slots of different manufacturers are loaded from one server (with the same name), and this server is not official at least for one of the manufacturers, then leave this resource as soon as possible!

Each provider has its own server that displays in licensed games.

Where are the fake slots come from?

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Modern online gambling is strictly regulated, but why do victims of fake software appear again and again? As we have said, licensed software is expensive and new gaming rooms do not want to spend money. Of course, popular gaming rooms always care about customers and reputation, but fake resources don’t. Fake online casinos are looking for and buying fake video slots, which is why they are so popular, unfortunately. In addition, such slot machines are not tested by audit firms, so the owners of online casinos can change their performance as well as the level of RTP. Therefore, it is almost impossible to win in such games. Specialists can copy quality ALMOST all slot machines, but despite this, they are allowed errors. They are displayed as slot machines and their characteristics.

Another point: no one can copy the live games and this is their main advantage. This is a new generation of games that were created using modern technology. Now, players play against live dealers and real gamers. They are accompanied by a high level of security. In addition, no one can copy them.

How casinos with licensed software work

Licensed gaming halls have all the necessary licenses, certificates and awards. As a rule, they are displayed on the website of game halls and audit companies. In addition, they are regularly audited by audit firms. In addition, producers of gambling content always track the work of the game halls that use their game models. They also keep track of all checks and license numbers. As we have said, all licensed video slots are hosted on certain manufacturers’ servers.

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Virtual gambling is still a new phenomenon. It is constantly updated and today it offers hundreds of gaming portals and thousands of different entertainment. But at the same time, this is the main danger for gamers. Not everyone knows how to choose a reliable virtual casino with licensed gaming models. As you know, the number of fake gaming halls is rapidly increasing and everyone can fall into this trap. In this article we told how such gaming halls appear and what kind of entertainment they offer. It is impossible to win in fake video slots because online casino operators can change their characteristics at any time.

But fortunately, there are many ways to avoid fake entertainment. You only need to pay attention to the details and also check the license of the online casino where you are going to create an account. Gamers should also track the gaming machine server and find out its address. No one can provide you with 100% protection, so you must defend yourself. To enjoy original and generous games, you should only visit proven game rooms that care for their customers and reputation.

Please gamble responsibly.

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