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So, if you are looking to buy timber supplies, what are your options? Nowadays there are many online timber merchants near me that sell quality timber, but how do you choose from so many? This article will provide you with a brief guide on where to buy timber materials and what factors to consider when selecting a timber merchant near me.

Get in touch with your local timber merchant

The selection process is not an easy one, so what factors to consider?

I would suggest starting by reading companies’ reviews online – by doing this you will be able to get some insight about the company whether their customer is happy, what is the delivery like and some guidance on their pricing strategy.

After reading reviews, perhaps browsing their website, and getting familiar with the prices you can get in touch with your local timber merchant over the phone. We suggest calling suppliers before placing any orders online as the website price is normally not the final one and there is always room for negotiation.  Also bear in mind that there are timber merchants in London that only deal with trade whereas others also supply timber to local DIY customers.

So, when you contact the timber merchant make sure you provide a full list of products that you require so that you can benefit from a greater discount.

It is advisable to contact at least 3 local timber merchants and get at least three quotes – be prepared to get a very different quotation. Bear in mind all the factors when making your selection decision as one quote might be more appealing pricewise, but the timber merchant is charging extra for delivery and wise versa.

London based timber merchants near me MGN Builders Merchants can supply you with trade quality timber supplies without the need of opening a trading account, they create as many quotes as you request.

Some questions to clarify before placing an order:

• How the timber will be supplied? Random or fixed lengths, so make sure the quote specifies the length.

• Is the shipping cost included? Most websites do not disclose delivery information until you proceed to check out.

• Be sure in your selection, hardwood, or softwood treated timber or untreated this will depend on the purpose where you are looking to use the timber internally or externally.

• Depending on your construction project specifications it might be worth checking whether the timber must be ethically sourced?

• Make sure you buy all your timber at one please as the products might vary from supplier to supplier.

This was just brief guidance that hopefully explained what factors to consider when buying timber materials.