Image: John Tuesday on Unsplash.

What’s the Need of Signal Booster?

The world has jumped from GSM to 2G, 3G and 4G LTE and a further heading towards the deployment of 5G, which is ten times more efficient than 4G service.

A remarkably high number of mobile phone subscribers report that they sometimes do not even get a connection from their own homes or offices. But still, many people can’t make a single phone call or send a message due to constant mobile signal problems.

When your phone is working smoothly, and you have strong signals, it seems comforting. But when you’re trying to get enough signs to make a quick call, it can be not very pleasant. For instance, when travelling between towns, it is understandable that the connection may be insufficient.

No wonder, from time to time, you’ve been playing hide and seek for signals. Sometimes you try to catch them either by standing on a chair or creeping under your bench, leaning out the doors, or even doing some yoga pose. Oh, God! Too annoying.

How About Creating a DIY Signal Amplifier?

To encounter the weak signal situation, people have now reached for cell phone signal boosters. You may be familiar with commercially available signal enhancers, but the costs are high.

Transformers, transponders, routers, and even microsatellites are also available; however, they are certainly not economical. Most of them are not portable, so they’re only useful when you are in your house.

Not to worry! You can now magically create a mobile phone signal amplifier yourself, using cheap products from your nearest hardware store or electronics retailer. There are several methods to create a DIY mobile phone signal module; which require just some necessary adjustments.

Let’s Create Yours

DIY wireless cell phone frequency enhancers are home-brewed boosters that use cheap household goods. They can improve the data connection of the mobile phone in your home, from 1 bar to full.

So let’s get started, but first, wear safety eyeglass protector and safety gloves. Two units, namely indoor and outdoor, are made, both of which are identical and easy to build by following a simple guide.  

Twist Tie Signal Amplifier

A quick and efficient way to improve your phone’s signal strength is to use twist strings.   This method fits with mobile phones that have an aerial nib which takes about half a minute. Are you ready with your mask, glasses and gloves?

OK, start from the lower end of the nib, twist the tie around it a few times. Keep an extra inch of length just above the end of the nib – this stretches the antenna which will enhance signal power and durability. To ensure the secure connection, tape the wrapped edge in its spot.

Mini External Antenna

It would be best if you had a thin metallic pipe, like a pen case or metal straw, to construct an external unit. Connect one end at the upper edge of the mobile phone and stretch the pipe up from the device. Insert a USB charger in the mobile phone and tie the cable around the metal tube. Lock the end of the coil with a metal buckle.

Internal Antenna

Slide the back of the phone and access the internal port of the adapter. Using a magnet

cable, trim roughly ½” of the coating from one end and gently insert the peeled end into the adapter port. Buckle the wire over the tape at the back of the device. Strap the wire to the top of the phone and stretch it as an antenna.

Thus, your DIY booster is ready to go!