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What we know from movies or might have seen around Vegas is that high rollers are treated on a different level than regular players. The casino might send their limousine to pick them up after they have arrived with their private jet, they will get the penthouse suite of the casino hotel and they might enjoy a personalized meal with free-flowing liquor. 

Of course, high rollers are losing money and the casinos are merely giving them back some of their losses in glamorous ways, but if you have the means to become a big spender at casinos here are a few tips you can do to make sure you can enjoy that preferential treatment. Kate Richards, a British public relations professional in the casino business has shared her thoughts with us on high rollers. You can read more about Kate here

What makes someone a high roller?

Becoming a high roller depends on your betting habits and where you are playing. In a land-based casino where you most likely spend a night (or a couple of nights on a gambling holiday) your initial deposit and the bets you place will determine if you are a high roller or not. 

In an online casino, you will often find loyalty programs which lay out clear terms on how much you have to wager (or how many points you need to collect) before you are eligible for their VIP program. If you are a player from the United Kingdom and looking for casinos to play at you can check out our list of fast payout casinos.

In most brick and mortar casinos in Europe depositing $10.000 and making a $100 bet per hand on blackjack or wagering $25 on a spin will determine your high roller status. However, at high-end establishments in Vegas such as the Bellagio or the Wynn these figures can be easily ten times more. High rollers at these casinos might wager $100.000 in a hand of poker or blackjack.

In the UK the most glamorous casino that high rollers often favour is The Ritz Club in London. Set in a five-star hotel, a private members’ club membership at this casino will set you back £1,000 and will give you a very personalized service. 

What are the perks?

Regular high rollers who are known to the given casino can often negotiate their own terms. If you are new to a casino you might want to talk to the host so that you can set your requirements. Or you can simply turn up at the casino and make a large enough deposit and/or make large bets at game tables or visit the high roller slot room to raise the attention of the casino host. Some of the perks high rollers can expect are:

Luxury transfers

Casinos often have luxury vehicles that they happily send to pick up high rollers from the airport. Arriving in style and getting jealous looks from other casino visitors is a popular perk enjoyed by many high rollers. 

Room upgrades

If you are a high roller you certainly deserve a spacious hotel suite. Some prefer a specific view of the strip in Vegas while others want to be as high up as possible and stick to a penthouse suite. 

Loss rebates

Those who tend to lose a lot of money will be happy to get some of it back in cash. For example, if you have an agreement to get back 10% of all your losses and you lost $50.000 you will get back $5.000 as compensation. This works the exact same way in online casinos and they call it a cashback system. 

Free meals, drinks and show tickets

In Las Vegas, casino hotels offer so much more than just casino rooms. They organize first-class shows such as Cirque du Soleil performances and high rollers are often hooked up with front-row seats. You might get a free meal at a Michelin star restaurant or free-flowing drinks with your meal. 


Is it worth becoming a high roller? Well, it depends on you. If you can afford to lose large amounts of money and you are in control of your bankroll then why not enjoy this preferential treatment?

Please gamble responsibly.