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Technology has influenced and changed the landscape of many industries, and the online iGaming industry is no different. It can be argued that the pandemic has sped up some of these causes. However, it was always inevitable that we would see technology having an impact. Thanks to recent technological advancements, everything has become very convenient and easy for users around the world. It’s because of such advancements that the market has a variety of competitor. Despite this, you’re able to efficiently discover the perfect online casino CasinoRange proposes comprehensive online casino reviews.

1. Mobile Gaming

Back in 2007, when Steve Jobs announced what was deemed the birth of the ‘smart phone’, nobody could envisage the impact and success they would have on our daily lives. According to, in 2020, over 3.6 billion people own a smartphone across the globe, with that figure set to rise to 4.3 billion in 2023. Smartphone technology allows users to download applications of their choosing on-demand.

The online iGaming industry has tried to make the best use of this trend by producing scintillating mobile games. With the demand for mobile gaming outstripping desktop gaming, the convenience has swayed players to switch to mobile if they’ve not done so already. Having an ultra-fast connection to mobile internet and mobile processing power has also aided this. This has encouraged operators and software developers to make the mobile experience good, if not better, than desktop.

2. Cryptocurrencies

There are many different methods that people can now use to conduct their financial transactions and investments. One of these being enormously popular is cashless payments – employing third-party services for making transactions – Cryptocurrencies.

iGaming has adapted to this boom and spotted a gap in the market, with some of the sites accepting cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin for payments. Online casinos can now entice players to use these payment options. They also give lucrative online casino offers and bonuses to their customers.

3. Augmented & Virtual Reality

One for the future, perhaps? Augmented reality and virtual reality are the technological advancements on the cusp of taking the world by storm. Several industries are embracing this technology and becoming first movers, which has seen them reap the rewards. Now e-commerce & retail, fashion, real estate, education and tourism are all recognising the importance of this technology.

Online casino gaming is no exception to this, with the application of augmented reality and virtual reality also greatly benefiting them, or at least about to. VR and AR allows players to feel like they are playing in a real-world land-based casino. It provides players with the ultimate gaming experience. The technology has the potential to attract and retain customers and gaming enthusiasts.

4. Cybersecurity

With the shift to the digital world, it’s imperative that players are secure and the iGaming industry remains on top of any potential threats to security breaches. This is a monumental challenge as new technology is constantly shifting the landscape. The iGaming industry has to be proactive and use all of the tools at its disposal to avoid such things as:

  • DDoS and Ransomware Attacks
  • Scraping
  • SQL Injection
  • Account Takeovers
  • Identity Theft and Fraud
  • Money Laundering

These days, SSL encryption is an industry standard. This technology scrambles communications between the user and the site. Even if this is somehow intercepted this information, all they will get is a string of incomprehensible and unusable letters, digits, symbols, and other jargon. The key is finding a more effective technology and implementing it before the old one becomes ineffective. Most gambling jurisdictions ensure that the online gambling sites they issue licenses use the most modern security technology. A site that gets hacked is sure to face much scrutiny and can even have its license revoked by the UKGC, which oversee the UK gambling industry.

Please gamble responsibly.